Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The genesis of the grenade attacks on our land

By Noble Marara
Inyenyeri News
April 3, 2012 
Kagame’s history of sabotage and creating conflict to resolve it in the end and call himself a heroe

His excellence Paul Kagame worked as a senior Intelligence Officer in the Uganda’s (National Resistance Army) prior to the 1990 invasion of Rwanda.
It is in this force that he devised a rather disturbing system of causing un-reasonable conflicts not only among his fellow officers and the entire Army but the whole country and then resolve the same conflicts in order to achieve trust to his superior commanders.

After the liberation of Uganda by the NRA the establishing of the new government in 1986, Kagame did not feel at peace with the population that they had fought against or else any opposition parties to the new NRM.

Being a trusted Director of Military Intelligence (DMI) “BASIMA HOUSE”, Major Paul Kagame tortured numerous innocent citizens mostly from the rich Buganda Tribe and anyone who he considered an enemy of the Movement, hence acquiring his Notorious Nick name Pilate (Pilato) the Biblical Roman ruler of Judea who supervised the killing of Jesus Christ.

Maj. Kagame in his Basima house office formed a non-existing rebel group and called it a silly name (FOBA) Force Obote Back Again. The name itself was very silly, reason being that not any sober mind rebel group could say that it was forcing the ousted president back again.
Obote on the other side is said to have been a much learnt person who could not have come up with such a pre-emptive name FOBA.
It is this FOBA that Kagame used to suppress most of the individuals that he was suspicious of. He used the guise of this group to kill not only the supporters of the top political parties such as UPC and DP but also people that had fought Obote on different fronts such as FEDEMU and UFM.
After forming FOBA he ordered the arrests of these innocent individuals, took them to Basiima house just behind Lubiri Barracks where they were tortured and killed.

They were all questioned about FOBA activities which they never knew about while he himself knew exactly what he was doing. Maj. Kagame was a stubborn character in the NRA, he chose who to report his activities to and most of the time he disregarded all his senior commanders and went straight to President Museveni. “No wonder he got him out America and forced him onto us RPA struggle”.

By 1993 when our the RPF political wing was working tirelessly towards the Arusha peace agreement that meant stopping all military activities and get our cause heard without any more bloodshed, Commander Paul Kagame was busy creating a team of clandestine commandos to destabilise Kigali.
The aim of these well trained commandos was to back up the 600 troops we had sent to the capital to look after our dignitaries in CND, and sabotage the Rwandan government seemed reluctant for the planned peace agreement. It is hence important to mention that Kagame similar to the then ruling party hardliners MRND were not prepared for the Arusha Peace Accord.

These commandos guised as “Technicians” to have a UN pass to Kigali were briefed by Kagame to inflict as much terror to Habyarimana’s government as they could. Their primary task was to kill different political figures of mostly parties opposed to the current government. It worth mentioning again that these parties were fighting the same cause Kagame was supposedly fighting.

High profile people like Lando Ndasingwa and others were killed by our own Commandos or technicians just because he was a Tutsi and Kagame wanted to show that Habyalimana had killed him instead.

Sometimes I just scratch my head when I see Louise Mushikiwabo a sister to Lando Ndasingwa defending the President Paul Kagame’s atrocities, without knowing even why she was appointed to that position.

After taking over the government President Paul Kagame briefed Major Silas Udahemuka the Intelligence Officer of his Presidential Protection Unit to form a clandestine surveillance regiment which was trained by the Korean Commandos to patrol the city of Kigali and other areas of Rwanda. These surveillance commandos attacked and interrupted the meeting of Liberal Party (PL) before Joseph Sebarenzi Kabuye was forced out of the country.

This was followed by surveillance continuing to harass politicians to the extent of throwing stones to the ex-president Pasteur Bizimungu in 2001 in a Kicukiro garage which belonged to a Ugandan man Kamagara. It was the same commandos who attacked Asier Kabera and killed him. This specific group was made of Lt Balinda Joseph who holds the rank of Major at the moment, Lt Mupenzi, S/Sgt Melchior Hakizimana whom we called Ndadaye.

These commandos continued to operate in the Kigali city dressed in civilian clothes armed with hand guns and carrying their walkie-talkies. These operations still goes on with the hand of many different security agencies, which are all under NSS only that surveillance is under the Republican guard unit which seems to be commanded by his excellence Paul Kagame himself.

The police force under the leadership of Emmanuel Gasana (Rurayi) an illiterate former Division Intelligence officer is rather useless and cannot stop any operation carried out by the Kagame’s Presidential Protection Unit (PPU) special commandos.

They operate on different mandate and they are un-touchable, share no information with any intelligence organ apart from reporting to the sole man who made then Kagame Commander in Chief.

Analysis on the Grenade attacks in Rwanda

Rwanda as a country formed a police force with very strong capabilities though not given the right chance to utilise these potentials. The force is mad of former RPA officers and men most of whom are highly motivated and disciplined.

This Police force has indicated its capacities when it supported, trained and helped much vulnerable countries such as Haiti, Liberia and Sudan mostly the Darfur region and the Present day South Sudan.

I am therefore left to wonder how such a force with this kind of might fails to protect its own citizens from hand grenade attacks in the middle of the capital city. We have seen grenade attacks for quite a number of times, with a number of causalities and some death.
The police reaction to this has always been either: “we arrested two, four or none.. But the investigations are ongoing”.

In the beginning we were informed by the government and police spokes persons that these grenades were being thrown by the FDLR, later the blame was shifted to Victoire Ingabire, and later Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa and Col Patrick Karegeya.

It seems at the moment that they have no one to point the finger at, surprisingly the government has no concrete plans to end these grenade attacks and no clear information of what is behind them.

There is no information to advise the citizens on how to maintain their own safety. It has been reported that some of the suspects of these attacks have been sentenced to life imprisonment and others to many years in jail.

Normally the law suggests that before sentencing any suspect the judges require concrete incriminating evidences. This is the job of the prosecution and police to produce. If the police ever managed to obtain these evidences rather than forces or corroded testimonies, they should know exactly where these attackers come from and their motives.

The rest of us the public have not had any chance of knowing exactly who these so called criminals or terrorist are and which prisons they have been locked at which it is in itself fishy.
Some years ago staged criminal like these used to be sentenced to life imprisonment only to be seen the next day on Kigali streets. WHAT A PITTY!!

Given the history of President Kagame’s creation and resolution of different ill conflicts, it could be fair that the Rwandan citizens be given actual explanations as to who is responsible to the killings and maiming our children, mothers and the entire population indiscriminately in markets and other public place where we ought to enjoy freely.

The victims of greenade attacks being nursed in CHK or Kigali central hospital.


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