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Inciting Hatred against Hutus in Belgium will not erase the fact that Paul Kagame and his RPF are Responsible for the Deaths of more than 10 million Africans in the Great Lakes Region of Africa

By Darius Sunray Murinzi

September 8, 2018

Kalinga Drum (left) RPF atrocities against Hutus (right)
Tutsis are not Jews, Hutus are not Germans, and the Belgians are supposed to know this. In fact the Belgians know this. They took over Rwanda from the Germans after the First World War, and they kept in place the oppressive Tutsi Monarchy which they supervised for several decades treating Hutus as slaves whose sole purpose in life was to work for the enrichment of the Belgians and their Tutsis privileged servants. The Father of our Republic President Gregoire Kayibanda referred to this state of affairs as the double colonization.
When Hitler decided that his master race of Aryan super beings should take over the world and rid of it of all inferior races in his twisted mind, King Yuhi Musinga and his mother Kanjogera-a sociopath not unlike her grand-nephew Paul Kagame, who once gouged a man's eyes out for pointing her out to a white man, as she was masquerading as servant around the court so as not to be noticed by said white man for fear of being struck by that man's curse, supported the German monster's cause because they felt that their authority had been greatly reduced by the Belgians, and they hoped that a German victory in World War II would re-establish their control over the Kingdom so they can go on doing whatever they please with the Hutu masses and the less privileged Tutsis. This conflict resulted in King Musinga being exiled by the Belgians and replaced by his son Rudahigwa who had also converted to Christianity, and had started to listen to the grievances of some of the Hutus who had been educated by the Catholic Church, and were at the time demanding the right to participate in the political affairs of the country.
Hutu Servants Carrying a Tutsi King
Even though King Musinga had been exiled, his mother and most of Tutsi elite at the royal court were violently opposed to the Hutus' demands and asserted that Hutus were meant to serve Tutsi by virtue of the fact that their ancestors had been conquered and vanquished by Tutsi kings whose blood line was believed to be of a supernatural origin, making Tutsis superior and entitled to ruling over the Hutus as they please. This superiority complex is still the driving force behind Paul Kagame's RPF, and it is the only thing that explains why a minority group decides to take up arms and attempt to subjugate the majority by force of arms. One can only imagine what would happen of the African continent, if every minority group in any country were to pick up arms and attack the majority at the same time claiming to be victims of a genocide whenever the majority group tried to defend itself. This Tutsi supremacist view of the world has always been the tie that binds Tutsi demagogues and white bigots who prefer using minority groups on the African continent to control the larger populations like they did with Apartheid in South Africa where some Western Governments branded the ANC a terrorist organization and Nelson Mandela a terrorist ring leader, until the injustice of it all became so untenable that the Western powers were forced to reverse course and suddenly embraced Nelson Mandela as universal hero as if nothing had ever happened to put his heroism and patriotism into question.
The fact that the RPF Tutsi activists in the West along with their white supremacist supporting cast keep trying to manipulate the Jewish community into believing that the situation in Rwanda is a replica of what happened in Germany during the Second World War is a real travesty and it is a tragedy in itself. The idea of using genocide as a political weapon against Hutu started appearing in the Tutsi rhetoric in the late 1950's early 1960's after the voices of Hutus demanding freedom and equality in their country became too loud to ignore, and the claim by the Tutsis that they were a special group of people descendants of heavenly creatures endowed with the power to rule over Tutus by divine decree, became too ridiculous to repeat in public. Some genius amongst the Tutsi elite around the King came up with the idea that being a minority makes the Tutsis an endangered species and that unless they retained power by all means necessary they would become victims of genocide just like the Jews in Germany.
Yuhi V Musinga (left) and
his mother Nyirayuhi Kanjogera (right)
The Tutsi monarchy resisted the calls to share power with the Hutus, a fact that triggered the 1959 social revolution, which ended the Tutsi monarchy and led Rwanda to becoming a Republic. At the time the claims of genocide by the Tutsi monarchy were largely ignored by both the Belgian authorities and the UN as they knew full well that they were nothing but a political ploy by a racist tyrannical monarchy attempting to hang on to power by fooling the entire world that their fate was different from that of the other tyrannical regimes that were overthrown by popular revolutions in the 1960s, along with colonialism itself. However, the Tutsi elite, descendants of the Monarchy that fled the country in the 1960's did not let go off their intent to reconquer the power in Rwanda and the strategy to use genocide as a weapon against the Hutu majority was refined over a period of 30 years to be unleashed on the country by the RPF in the 1990s with devastating effect, the results of which are more than 10 million dead in Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and other parts of the Great Lakes of Africa.
Make no mistake about it! The core of the RPF's ideology stems from the old Tutsi monarchy Kalinga system, which was centered around governing by horror, extreme violence and manipulation as illustrated by the symbol of the kingdom's power, which was a drum adorned with human body parts (male genitals, female breasts, eye balls, etc.) commonly known as Kalinga, passed over from one king to the next, something if understood in modern times would only come up in police discovery of a serial killer's layer. Unfortunately this is our history, the Rwandan history, and this went on even at a time when the Belgians were around, presiding over the whole macabre horror show. And since this insanity could not be replicated at the turn of the last century when the RPF took power in Rwanda, the RPF went on with a more subtle form of horror show, which is the ignoble practice of not burying the remains of the dead, but instead exposing their bones into different locations around the country under the pretense that it is a way of preserving the memory. We are Africans, we bury our dead and anyone who lived through what happened in our country knows that there is nothing on heaven or earth that would make someone forget that we lost more than a million people in our country just so that the RPF can reclaim power and export death and devastation in the whole region. How twisted do the members of a government minds have to be, to come to the conclusion that leaving people's loved ones skeletal remains unburied for public display going as far as selling tickets for this insanity is nothing short of diabolical? But every single thing the RPF does has a purpose, and in this case, the purpose of this practice is to keep the people traumatized so that they never ever have to question what the ruler (Paul Kagame in this case) does.
Another practice by the RPF which draws directly from the Kalinga system is what is known as rooting out the vendetta (guca inzigo).  This one consists of killing every single person related to the conquered leader, so as not to have anyone asking for justice or even thinking about revenge. What is going on in Belgium right now with the open persecution of young Belgian nationals from Hutu parents is in line with this practice. After the RPF's victory in 1994, its soldiers proceeded to kill most of the educated Hutus in villages, large and small, hunting specifically for those they referred to as opinion leaders. Even though at some point the pace of the killing decreased but it never stopped. Having managed to put the whole country under some kind of lock and key, where a man or woman with an AK47 looks over every family to insure they behave accordingly, the only escapees from this onslaught were those Hutus who fled as far as possible from Rwanda, and we know that Belgium received the largest number of these Hutus that managed to reach the Western hemisphere.
It is worth noting that the RPF has drawn up a list of all individuals who held any kind of meaningful position under the Hutu regime and their descendants, and this includes the babies that were brought into Brussels in strollers, just a few hours after the plane carrying two heads of States and an army Chief of Staff was blown out of the sky in a the false flag operation by the RPF, which decapitated the Rwandan Government, thus precipitating the country into chaos and unleashing the blood bath that later on spread over the whole sub-region, leaving more than 10 million dead. Where the RPF could not kill or imprison the Hutus, it has tried to brand them as killers or descendants of killers, so as to make their lives as miserable as possible wherever they may be. It is imperative that Western politicians, or Jewish organizations that find themselves being lobbied by RPF activists to go after young Rwandans of Hutu origin think twice before engaging in an activity that history is going to judge harshly once the full RPF international deception is exposed much more to the dismay of those who supported their racist based campaign against the Great Lakes Region of Africa since 1990.
RPF dissidents.
From left to right: Gerald Gahima, Theogene Rudasingwa,
Kayumba Nyamwasa, and Jonathan Musonera
It would also be very wise for all of the Tutsis who have parted ways with the RPF to work diligently in exposing the hidden agenda behind the entire RPF expansionist project instead of pretending that the whole thing is Kagame's fault. No offense to the ever powerful stick man (Kagame), but we know that he has a lot of help from like-minded Tutsis who still believe that unless they run the region no one else can live in peace. By openly persecuting young Hutus who, by all indication, seem to be going about their business in the most mild fashion possible in exercising their right to free speech, the RPF has crossed a line where those who kept hoping that peace and reconciliation were possible are now realizing that the only way to face and contend with the RPF threat is to return the fear from where it came. The RPF is a neo- fascist group that must be confronted and dealt with as such. Anyone who allies themselves with it should do so knowing that the blood of 10 million souls in the Great Lakes region of Africa is calling for justice and that a day of reckoning will come soon or later.

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Rwanda: Gatimatare--Igice cya 71 kugeza ku cya 150

Bamboo picture- symbol for strength, resilience, luck and success
Inkuru ya Dr. Innocent Biruka
Strasbourg, France
Tariki ya 31 Werurwe 2017


Ijambo rya Gatimatare rikurikiwe n'irya Sasabugari. Nawe ashyigikiye igitekerezo cya Kirimumuziki ko abahungu bafata umwanya uhagije bakanononsora umushinga bafitiye igihugu. Arasanga iminsi munani gusa bamaranye ari igihe gito, kuko iyi mihigo yabazanye ihimbaje. Arakomeje ati : bahungu mwe, dufate indi minsi nk'iyo tumaze tugere ku ngingo, tuzatahe dufite umushinga uhamye. Nibwo babajije Padiri niba yabongerera iminsi y'icumbi, nawe ababera umubyeyi yishingira icumbi ryabo kugeza batashye.

Haba hahagurutse Tubane nawe ati : "Ntacyatunanira duhuje imihigo bagabo ba mama! Ubwo nta kibazo cy'icumbi tugifite rero, tumenyeshe ab'iwacu ko tutagitahutse uyu munsi, hanyuma twige uko ibintu byose bizagenda, dukore igenamigambi twihe n'ingengabihe nta kwirebera mu mazi, nidusanga tutabishoboye kandi tubishingukemo tutibeshye ngo tubeshye rubanda." Ni uko iryo joro Gatimatare, Songa na Roots biyemeza kurara batekereza ku ngingo zigomba kwigwa ngo begeranye ibitekerezo. Nibwo rero bukeye abahungu bakora akanama kemeza umurongo w'ibyigwa, hanyuma bakoranya intumwa za Yezu bajya mu mihigo. Erega ababili bajya inama baruta ijana rirasana.


Abahungu bamaze guterana, Roots afata ijambo bwa mbere aravuga ati: "twese twaraye twumvise igisobanuro cy'umushinga n'inyito yawo. Birakenewe cyane noneho ko tumenya abazawushyigikira abo ari bo, tukamenya neza imitwe n'amaboko tuzitabaza, tugashushanya gahunda yose tukamenya ibikenewe, buri kantu kose kagasobanuka. Twasanze rero dukwiye gukusanya ibibazo n'ibitekerezo byose dufite kugirango iyo Sibo igomba gutsinsura Agatsiko izitabirwe na rubanda rwose kandi izagire umulili udakomwa imbere koko. Nibwo rero abahungu bafashe ijambo umwe umwe.

Kirikiri agize ati: - abantu tuzarya akara ngo binjire muli iyo Sibo ni ba nde mbere na mbere? - Ese ninde uzakoma imbarutso ngo ISIBO-NDUMUNTU ikorerane koko nka serwakira ku mpeshyi? - Ese abo tuzaralikira iyo Sibo, tuzabageraho dute, tuzabagezwaho na nde? - Ese abongabo tuzabagezaho ubuhe butumwa? - Ese gahunda yo kubagezaho ubutumwa tuzayikora gute kugirango Agatsiko na ba mpemuke-ndamuke bagasagasiye batarabukwa bakaturimarima tutaranatera umutaru? - Ese Abarayarwanda ko bakomeje kutuba hafi twakwizera dute ko umushinga bazawibonamo bakadushyigikira aho kutubona nk'abiyahuzi cyangwa abashinyaguzi...?


Nibwo Tam-tam agize ati: "Abanjye mwe, ibyo twakora byose, iyi mihigo yacu ntacyo izageraho tudashoboye guhagurutsa abanyarwanda bababaye. Ikihutirwa rero gisumba ibindi, ni ugukangura rubanda rusinziriye, rubanda rwarangije guheba no kwiheba, bakamenya ko bakigira uburenganzira ntayegayezwa nk'abanyarwanda kandi nk'ibiremwa by'Imana. Tugomba rero gutekereza ku butumwa bwiza abanyarwanda bose bashegeshwe baziyumvamo. Ibi biradusaba kumenya neza uko abanyarwanda babayeho n'ibicumuro by'indengakamere byakorewe abahutu, abatutsi n'abatwa hirya no hino mu gihugu."

Arakomeza ati : "Ese twakebura dute ingabo zirinze agatsiko n'abo bose birahira umunyagitugu wabubatse akabakamira, kugirango umunsi wo kwibohora nugera aho gutambamira rubanda bazashyigikire urugamba rw'impinduka ? Kuva ubu kugeza kuli uwo munsi w'amahindura se, ni ibihe bikorwa byatuma abato b'i Rwanda, cyane cyane abanyeshuli, batwegera bagacyera imihigo yo gusesa agatsiko ? Mbese twakora iki, twakwifata dute, cyangwa abadushyigikiye twabasaba gukora iki, agatsiko karamutse gatanze amabwiriza yo kudusukaho umuliro ? Ese haba hari ukuntu twatsinda urugamba rw'impinduka tugahanagura amalira abanyarwanda tutagombye kwitegeza imikaka y'intare ?"


Nguyu rero Padiri Rutura niwe ufashe ijambo. Ashimiye byimazeyo intumwa za Yezu zatanze ibibazo n'ibitekerezo, abihanangirije ko ntawe ugomba kuzaniganwa ijambo, ko gutanga igitekerezo no kujya impaka mu bwisanzure ari umuco mwiza bagomba kuzakomeraho igihe cyose bakawutoza n'abanyarwanda bose, kuko ari ipfundo ryo kumenya bikaba kandi intambwe y'ibikorwa bizima n'intsinzi. Arasanga ibibazo byabajijwe byose bifite ishingiro bikaba bigomba gutekerezwaho bikagibwaho impaka zubaka ku buryo bose babyumva kimwe.

Hejuru y'ibyabajijwe aliko, Rutuku Rutura nawe afite icyo yongeraho. Niko kugira ati : "Ese ye, bibaye mahire rubanda ikabumva igahaguruka, n'ingabo zikitandukanya n'uriya munyagitugu, ibiriho mwabisimbuza iki ? Muramenye muramenye, u Rwanda ruraye nze byaba bibi cyane ! Mukwiye rero kuralika impuguke z'u Rwanda n'impirimbanyi z'amahoro na demokarasi, nibo muzafatanya guhigura u Rwanda. Mukababwira rero bakicara bavuguta umuti uzaca burundu ubwibone n'urugomo, umuti uzomora ibikomere abanyarwanda batewe n'agatsiko, ku buryo umunsi umunyagitugu yatsikiye agahirimana n'abidishyi be, bazamulikira rubanda umushinga ubereye u Rwanda."

Arahagurutse rero Gatimatare-agatara-kanyenyeretsa-mu-mwijima...


Ati: "Bavandimwe, basangirangendo, ndababonye ndabamenya muli amasonga adasumbwa, muragahora mwunze ubumwe nk'ifu iseye! Kuko nidushyira hamwe nta kizatunanira, nta n'uzatuvogera: rubanda izatwibonamo n'umuntu mu ndorerwamo, naho Imana izaduhagarara hagati itugende imbere. Iyi mihigo yacu iteye ubwuzu, n'Abakurambere aho bicaye barizihiwe rwose. Icy'ibanze cyavuzwe: ni ugukangura abanyarwanda bakamenya neza ko ibya rubanda rw'umwami ari impitagihe, bakazirikana ahubwo ko ubu ari rubanda rw'Imana rufite uburenganzira butirengagizwa kandi butayegayezwa.

Nimukataze muli iyo mihigo rero, nimukomeze ibyiza byo bigira umuzi, naho ibibi birabora bikayoyokana na bene byo. Ntimukangwe n'amabi y'uriya munyagitugu, nawe ni igitonyanga cy'intanga : serwakira y'amateka izamuhuha atumuke nk'akababi ko ku mpeshyi. Ahubwo iyo rubanda aharanira kugira umukumbi w'intama izasasa inzobe ijore ibyo yakoze kandi imukanire urumukwiye. Nibakomeze ikinyoma n'iyozabwonko, twe dukataze urugamba rw'ukuli, ubujijuke n'ubukangurambaga. Nibasagasire bahishahisha irondakoko n'ubuhonyozi byabaye amahame-remezo y'ingoma yabo, twe ntituzahwema kugomera abagome, gushishira abeza, gusakaza umuco w'ubudahangarwa bwa muntu no gushishikariza rubanda ubuntu bwa Kanyarwanda ka Gihanga." Amashyi ngo kaci kaci...


Nibwo rero abagereye ku mushinga nyirizina. Agakwerere-ka-Mararo yishimiye byimazeyo ibyitegererezo bahawe na Padiri Rutura: igitabo cya Gene Sharp na sinema zombi iya Gandhi n'iya Mandela. Arasanga ibyo byitegererezo birimo ubukungu buhanitse, ko bigomba kubafasha gutyaza ubwonko bakunguka inama n'uburyo bashobora kwesa imihigo bihaye. Agize ati: "Bagaragu n'Imana, ubwo twiyemeje kumarana indi minsi aha hantu hatagatifu, kandi uyu mubyeyi Rutura akaba abaye umwe muli twe, nimureke twegere aya mafunguro ya roho aduhaye, tuyavomemo inama n'ubuhinga bushya buza bwunganira imyumvire n'ijabo dusanganywe. Munyemerere aliko kuli ibi byitegererezo nongereho ikigira kane: Bibiliya." Abahungu bashimye cyane iyo nama yo kwiga.

Erega n'ubundi ngo utazi ubwenge ashima ubwe! Nibwo rero Gatimatare asabye bagenzi be kwigabanyamo amatsinda ane: itsinda limwe ry'abantu bane ligomba kureba inshuro nyinshi zishoboka sinema ya Gandhi, irindi tsinda ry'abantu bane rigomba kureba inshuro nyinshi zishoboka sinema ya Mandela, itsinda ry'abantu babili rigomba gusoma Bibiliya n'itsinda ry'abantu babili aribo Gatimatare ubwe na Padiri Rutura rigomba gusoma igitabo cya Gene Sharp. Basezeranye ko iminsi ibili ya nyuma mbere yo gutandukana bazashyira hamwe ibitekerezo bishya bungutse muli iryo shuli rishya bagiyemo.


Ngaba rero abahungu bazima basakiranye n'umukoro wo gucengera amateka, imyumvire n'imigenzo bya Gandhi na Mandela, reka reka si ijoro si umutaga, no kuvugana ntibavugana ahubwo. Bafite ikayi n'ikalamu, buri wese arandika igitekerezo gishya. Gatimatare nawe reka ni ibicika yifungiranye mu cyumba, ari mu gitabo cy'impuguke Gene Sharp, aratora amira nk'inkoko inywa amazi !

Aliko akabuye-gatyaza-ubwenge afite umugenzo utangaje yita "kugenderera Abakurambere" : kare kare buri gitondo arabyuka agasohoka bucece, akamara umwanya munini agenda, nta n'umwe uzi iyo yerekeje, nyuma bakabona agarutse yishimye. Akabwira abandi ngo "Abakurambere barabatashya bahungu mwe !", ni uko bakamuha urw'amenyo ! Bamubaza akavuga ko iyo agenda mu gitondo aba aganira n'Abakurambere, ko uwo mwitozo ari nko gusoma igitabo cyiza.

Icyumweru abana biyongeye ga nacyo kirarangiye, hasigaye gusa ya minsi ibili bagomba guhuriza hamwe ibitekerezo bishya. Ngaba rero barakoranye, barashyikiranye, kandi muli iyi minsi y'ityaza-bwonko bungutse byinshi !


Arahagurutse rero Sasabugari, niwe muvugizi w'itsinda ryakoze kuli Bibiliya. Abanje kwihanangiriza bagenzi be ati : "Bahungu mwe, mumenye neza kandi muzabwire abandi ko ibyigwa byose, ubuhanga bwa cyera n'ubw'ubu, igisubizo ku bibazo byose twibaza, igisobanuro ku mayobera azwi n'atamenywe, impamvu y'ibyiza n'ibyago biranga iyi si, ibyo byose biri muli Bibiliya-igitabo-cy'ibitabo...

Ubabaye rero ugeze ku buce nk'imbagwa nasome cyangwa asomerwe Bibiliya, igisobanuro cy'akababaro ke azagisangamo kandi yo yonyine izamuhoza niba arira aririshe ijisho rimwe irindi ryihagarareho, niba ari upfa kandi arwakire neza yigendere butore. Azamenya inkuru ya Yobu wahanutse mu gacu k'ubutunzi n'umunezero akagwa mu nyenga y'ibigeragezo byo hanyuma, kandi ubukana bwa nyamunsi ntibumutandukanye n'Imana ye.

Uwishimye wageze i Gorora nawe naturure ashyire ubwenge ku gihe. Nasome cyangwa asomerwe Bibiliya, igisobanuro cy'ibyishimo nyakuri azagisangamo, kandi yo yonyine izamuhwitura niba aseka asekeshe iryinyo rimwe irindi abe arihishe. Azamenya amateka y'umwami Salomoni watatswe ibirezi agahabwa ubutunzi, ubutegetsi n'ubuhanga aliko ikuzo ntirimubuze gutinya Imana no kwubaha abantu...

Hahagurutse rero Songa, niwe muvugizi w'abarebye sinema ya Mandela...


Dore ahagurukije abandi ati: "Bahungu mwe, duceceke umwanya twunamire Madiba-isata-yasumbye-amahanga." Ni uko abatekerereza amabyiruka n'ibigwi by'iyi ndashyikirwa winjiye kare mu mutwe ANC kandi akayoborana ubwenge n'ubwemarare urugamba rwo kwibohora. Nibwo Gashakabuhake ahiye ubwoba ahagurukira Rubimburirangabo, kugeza ubwo amukatiye burundu amujugunya muli ya mpimba-yo-mu-nyanja Robeni Ayilandi.
Aliko icyo gifungo cy'agahomamunwa Mandela yakibyaje akamaro! Yakomeje imihigo, yandika buri munsi amateka ye kuva muli 1984, none igitabo yadusigiye "Inzira ndende y'ukwibohora" cyakiriwe n'isi yose nk'umurage uzagenderwaho n'abazakulikira ingoma ibihumbi. Songa yabatekerereje ukuntu Mandela amaze gutsinda, aho kwihorera yakoranyije inama-ngobokagihugu ngo Abera n'Abirabura babwizanye ukuli, bikure amahwa mu nda. Nguko ukwiyunga muli Afurika y'Epfo! N'igihe cyo kwambikwa ikamba mpuzamahanga Nobeli y'amahoro, Mandela yatangaje ko ataryemera batarimusangije n'uwo bahanganye imyaka Ferederiko Dekererike.
Haje rero Roots, azanye inkuru ya Gandhi...


Nguyu abwiye abandi uburyo iyi sinema yamwubatse koko. Yitegereje urusobe rw'amoko n'imico by'Abahinde, abona neza ko bitari byoroshye kubabumbira hamwe mu mushinga wo kwibohora ingoyi y'abakoloni bakabana mu mahoro, ubumwe n'ubwumvikane. Kuba byaragezweho, ngo sinema yerekana uruhare rw'akagabo k'agashyimbo wanakubitira ubuntu rwose, igihangange Gandhi. Biteye ubwuzu ukuntu iyi ntwali, akoresheje intwaro y'ibitekerezo no gusiba kurya, yashoboye kugamburuza Abongereza.
Roots-umuzi-w'ibyiza rero abwiye abahungu ko Gandhi yari umunyamahoro koko, umuntu udashobora kurakara, utarya akaboga ngo kuko muntu nta burenganzira afite bwo kwica inyamaswa, umuntu kandi udashobora kunanirwa no gucogora. Ubuntu n'ukwicisha bugufi bye bidasanzwe nibyo byacogoje abakoloni kandi bihashya ubukana by'Abahinde benshi bifuzaga kwihorera. Igitangaje ni ukuntu nta bintu Gandhi yigeze atunga, nta byubahiro, nta mwanya mu buyobozi : yayoboye urugamba rw'Abahinde mu kwibohora ari umukene mu bandi bakene. Ukuli n'ukwicisha bugufi byasumbye amahanga, ibikomangoma n'ibihangange. Gandhi kandi yabaye mutarambirwa, kuko urugamba rwe rwamaze imyaka isaga mirongo itanu.


Reka rero abahungu bumve Padiri Rutura, burya irya mukuru riturwa ishashi. Nguyu rero akereye kubanyuriramo ku gitabo cy'impuguke Gene Sharp "Kwibohora igitugu ukagera kuli demokarasi". Ababwiye ko iki gitabo cyasemuwe mu ndimi nyinshi mu mpande zose z'isi, kikaba gisomwa mu bihugu birimo igitugu n'impirimbanyi za demokarasi. Avuze ko inama ziri muli iki gitabo zagendeweho cyane n'abateguye imyivumbagatanyo n'amahindura mu bihugu by'Abarabu, cyane cyane mu Misiri.

Muli iki gitabo Gene Sharp atanga uburyo 198 bwo kwigobotora ingoyi y'igitugu utagombye gufata intwaro, ugahambiriza rukarabankaba wowe utagombye kwiyanduza ibiganza. Ashingiye ku ngero nyinshi n'isesengura yihariye, Gene Sharp aremeza ko nta kamaro gukoresha uburyo umwanzi akurusha, nk'ibirwanisho kandi uzi neza ko umunyagitugu yabirunze. Arahamya kandi ko ntawatsinsura umunyagitugu igihe ingabo zikimwumva n'abidishyi be bamukomeyeho. Ni ngombwa rero kwiga amayeri n'uburyo bwatuma ingabo zitandukanya n'umunyagitugu abaturage nabo bakamutinyuka bakamwigumuraho, nibwo yakwisanga yambaye ubusa ahubwo n'isi ikamubana nto...


Yabateze amatwi rero Gatimatare-agaca-gaciye-bugufi, none dore niwe ufashe ijambo. Yafatanyije na Rutura gusoma igitabo cy'impuguke Gene Sharp, wasanga agiye kumwunganira. Agize ati: "Bahungu mwe, numvise amateka ya Gandhi na Mandela numva kandi n'inyigisho za Gene Sharp... Intambwe twateye n'imihigo ihanitse twesheje iwacu byabaye mu buhanga, ubwitonzi n'ubutwari. Ubwo bwenge buruta intwaro, ukwo kwicisha bugufi kwasumbye ibikomangoma, izo ngabo rwambikanye zikegamira abaturage nk'urwiru n'inzuki, ibyo byagaragaye muli revolisiyo nyarwanda yo muli 1959.

Nkulikije uko umukambwe Nzungize yabimbwiye, cyami na gihake byari bimaze imyaka amagana byarinjiye mu mitwe n'imico y'abanyarwanda ku buryo bumvaga igihugu kitashobora kubaho kidafite umwami. Desikuru y'impirimbanyi ngo ingoma y'Abanyiginya niveho, rwose ku muzo wa mbere rubanda bumvaga ari inzozi! Ntibwakeye se igahirima kandi nta ntambara ibaye usibye imyivumbagatanyo isanzwe! Abavuga rero ngo muli 1959 habaye jenoside ni ukwigiza nkana biyibagiza kandi ko barimo bahembera indi miliro.


Nibwo yunzemo ati: "abayoboye revolusiyo nyarwanda nta ntwaro bagiraga, nta mali, nta n'ubuhanga mu bya gisilikare. Gusa bari bashagawe n'imbaga nyamwinshi yarenganye imyaka n'imyaniko, kandi ukuli kuri ku ruhande rwabo. Dukwiye rero kwiga uburyo bwo kumvisha abanyarwanda ko n'ubu impinduka ishoboka kandi nta yindi miborogo ibaye kwa Kanyarwanda. Kuko amaraso yamenetse ahagije. Ingoma y'uriya irimo rushorera ikabamo na ka kamasa kazaca inka, ku buryo dushobora kumutembagaza tutagombye gutakaza abandi bana b'i Rwanda.

Nguyu rero Rutuku Rutura agezwe ahantu n'amagambo ya Gatimatare none amwunganiye agira ati: "erega no mu Burundi, uburyo Sahwanya-Frodebu ya Ndadaye yatsinze mpyina Uprona ya Buyoya ni amashuli! Muzi ko usibye mitingi nkeya zo mu minsi ya nyuma, ubundi nta biganiro byimbitse n'ugupiganwa mu kwiyamamaza byabaye? Umuturage yikoreraga akabindi k'inzoga, akagenda avuga ko agiye kuyagira umuvandimwe uri aha n'aha, naho afite ubutumwa bwo kwibohora amushyiriye. Ubwo butumwa bwagiye buhererekanwa urugo ku rundi kugeza ubwo rubanda rwose rumenye neza uwo rugomba kuzatora. Hagati aho amatohoza, amagereranya n'amajanisha byose byahaga Uprona na Buyoya intsinzi idasubirwamo. Ku munsi w'itora nibwo Buyoya n'abambari be bumiwe. Erega haguma ubwenge!


Nyuma y'aya masomo, abahungu bagiye impaka nziza, izi zubaka koko. Babili barashidikanya bavuga ko impinduka itamennye amaraso yashobotse mu Buhinde n'iyo mu Barabu kubera impamvu eshatu z'ibanze iwacu tutujuje: 1. abaturage b'ibyo bihugu bari bajijukiwe n'uburenganzira bwabo basamira hejuru umushinga wo kwibohora n'urusoro ruje aho gukwirwa imishwaro bakataza imbumbe bagana intsinzi 2. ingabo zumvaga neza inshingano zarahiriye ku buryo bigeze mu mahina zarekuye umunyagitugu zitiza umulindi amahindura 3. abanyagitugu b'iyo ntibari inyamaswa.

Ngaba rero abahungu bakomeje gushyikirana, Gatimatare-akabuye-gatyaza-ubwenge afashe umwanya uhagije yereka abashidikanya ko Imana yirirwa ahandi igataha i Rwanda, ko icya ngombwa ari ugutegura neza ubutumwa bazageza ku nzego ndwi zikulikira: rubanda rwa giseseka, urubyiruko, ingabo z'igihugu, impuguke z'u Rwanda, amadini n'imiryango yigenga, abarayarwanda, umunyagitugu ubwe. Barashizwe rero babyumva kimwe bose. Mama we! Dore ahubwo bihaye igihe cy'umwaka umwe bakaba bamaze gucengeza ubwo butumwa mu mitwe y'abanyarwanda. Erega uwiga aruta uwanga !


Ngabo rero abahungu bemeje gukoresha ubufindo bakibonamo barindwi bazategura ubutumwa buzagezwa ku ngeri zemejwe z’abanyarwanda. Bemeje ko kuli batanu basaguka haziyongeraho Padiri Rutura na Gatimatare, iryo tsinda rindi ry'abantu barindwi rigaharirwa kujora no guhamya burundu ubutumwa n'uburyo bwatanzwe bwo kubugeza ku rwego rw'abanyarwanda bugenewe. Nibwo abahungu bacecetse isaha yose, barangije bishyira hamwe barasenga barangije babona gukora ubufindo. Barindwi bazandika ubutumwa bamaze kuboneka bakora ubufindo bwa kabili buri wese abona urwego azategulira ubutumwa akanavuga uburyo bwiza bwo kubusohoza.

Intumwa za Yezu zemeje kandi uburyo zigomba kuyoborana : Gatimatare niwe uzayobora umushinga wose, igihe cyose akaba yakwifashisha uwo ari we wese muli cumi na babili, akaba yakora itsinda rigizwe n'abantu aba n'aba bitewe n'imihigo igezweho. Bemeje y'uko mu minsi cumi n'itanu ikulikira ubutumwa bwose buzaba bwageze ku itsinda rizabwemeza. Dore rero haje umwanya ugoye wo gusezeranaho bakikubura bakajya umwe iwabo undi iwabo. Bafite ikiniga cyinshi, cyane cyane ko batazasubira guhulira mu ishuli limwe. Ntacyo aliko, icyogajuru kirahari...

Ngaba rero bateye agasengesho ko kwikomeza, bavuguruye igihango, bakiriye umugisha wa Padiri, barahagurutse.


Nguyu rero Agakwerere-ka-Mararo yururutse rutobisi n'uruhago rwe, akataje agana iwabo. Igitima kiradiha aliko, yewe ga yeee ! Yego rwose yishimiye kongera kubona nyina na murumuna we, aliko aranahangayitse ukuntu, aribaza niba ba bakarabankaba bahora bamwigimba noneho bazamuha agahenge muli iyi minsi isigaye y'ibiruhuko. Ni uko agwana mu nda n'umubyeyi we, aliko amuroye neza asanga atari Gatalina k'impumbya n'inseko nziza. "Mawe ko noneho mbona undeba amanyurane ni ibiki ?"

Ni uko nyina amubwira ko hari urwandiko ruherutse kuva mu buyobozi rukaba rumutegereje. Agati-kabonda-ntigatembe aba afunguye ibaruwa ga ye, asanga hateganyijwe itorero ry'abanyeshuli bose baje mu biruhuko mu ntara y'Amajyepfo ku mataliki ya 15-30 Ugushyingo. Iyi baruwa iratanga itegeko kuli buri munyeshuli kwitabira iryo torero, aliko isaha bazahagurukira n'aho rizabera biracyagizwe ibanga. Ngo ahubwo buri wese yicare afite ibikenewe byose yiteguye guhaguruka, Mbega lisiti y'ibigomba kujyanwa mu itorero eh eh ! Irasumba iy'ibishyingiranwa by'umugeni wo mu bakomeye pe ! Umuhungu muzima arahaguruka, arirenga ararahira ati : "Nibakomeze banjwe, mwene Kanyarwanda itorero ryanjye ndivuyemo iri ryo ntirindeba".


Nibwo nyina Gatalina umutima umusimbutse yambaza iz'iwabo. Ni uko yegera Gatimatare agerageza kumuhana kibyeyi : "mwana wa Kanyarwanda, mwana wanjye, ko ari bwo ugishinga ino ry'ikirenge mu bawe, ukaba wibuka ibya mfura mbi badukoreye ejobundi, uragirango noneho baze bahorahoze ? Aliko se urareba ugasanga kwita mu rwasaya rw'intare ari ko kwizihira so na sokuru ? Narakubyaye nguyu umweko, ndaguhannye : fasha hasi ibyo biruru, rekera aho kunyica dore uyu mugongo wanjye bawugize... " Gatimatare araceceka araca ntiyacira ntiyamira. Ni uko arya atariye, aryama ataryamye... Ijoro riba rirerire aliko ntiribuza izuba kurasa !

Dore burakeye, kandi bucyanye ayandi. Gatimatare afashe Bibiliya ajya muli Zabuli arasoma aracurura, arashengerera, arambaza, asaba ubwenge, uburyo n'ubutwari... Niko kwegura Cyogajuru-igitega-cy'umuzungu avugana azimiza cyane na Roots, Songa, Havredepaix, Tam-tam, Mucyo, Sasabugari, Kirikiri na Kirimumuziki, bose bamutangarije ko nabo basanze itegeko rihamagaza urukozasoni rw'itorero ry'abanyeshuli ryarasohotse, ko kandi italiki ari imwe mu gihugu hose. Ubwo ga buri wese arahiriye abandi ko aho kujya kwozwa ubwonko yapfa akavaho. Ni uko, kuko iki gitega cy'umuzungu ari inzimuzi, Gatimatare abahamagarira guhulira hamwe byihutirwa bagashyikirana mu mbonankubone, bagahuza imihigo, bagatera indi ntambwe badategereje ukundi...


Ikibazo ni uko Gatimatare agenzuwe bikomeye akaba adashobora kubatumira mu Mararo, dore ko nta n'aho yabakirira nyabusa... Nibwo Kirimumuziki abaralikiye guhulira iwabo i Bweramana mu minsi ibili ikulikira, bakazamarana umwanya uhagije aliko bakarara buli wese atahutse. Dore rero burakeye abahungu bazindutse batega, bahuriye ahantu mu rwangamazimwe... Ngaba rero bagiye mu mihigo, Gatimatare ati : "Uyu niwo mwanya mwiza wo gutangiza umushinga wacu wo kujegeza umunyagitugu, kandi ndabarahiye muzasanga nta mukino uryoshye nk'uyu. Icyo abanyarwanda bategereje ni imbarutso gusa...

Nibwo abumvishije ko bitagoye rwose kuburizamo gahunda y'Itorero ry'abanyeshuli, ko kandi iki gikorwa kizababera icyitegererezo. Agize ati : "Erega bahungu haguma ubwenge, dufite umutwe tukagira kandi intwaro ikomeye cyane yitwa ikaramu." Ni uko intumwa za Yezu baraseka batangazwa n'ukuntu ikaramu ibaye intwaro yabo ikomeye. Nibwo Gatimatare aberetse ukuntu n'uburyo, batangazwa cyane n'ukuntu nta gushidikanya na guke afite. Ati : "Mu turere twose tw'igihugu uko ari 30, abanyeshuli babonye ibaruwa ibahamagarira Itorero. Dushake byihutirwa kopi y'iyo baruwa muli buli karere, maze mbereke uko intama yambarwa."


Biri amahire, intumwa za Yezu uko ari cumi n'ebyiri zikwirakwiye mu turere dutandukanye tw'igihugu. Mu minsi ibili gusa, bose biyemeje kugeza kuli Gatimatare kopi z'amabaruwa ahamagaza mu Itorero abanyeshuli muli buli karere. Aliko se gati-kabisi Gatimatare ayo mabaruwa arayashakira iki ? Icyo akeneye kuli ayo mabaruwa agihishuriye bagenzi be : ni urupapuro rwa Leta rugaragaraho nyine ikidanago, ibirangantego, amakashe, amazina n'umukono w'abayobozi muli buli karere.

Dore rero ababwiye igikwiye : "Bahungu mwe, iki gihugu kirimo abambaye batarimbye, abashinyitse badasetse, abatamira banigwa, abalilimba barira, abasenga ari ubuhungiro, abatora amategeko batemera bakigisha ivanjili ya shitani babizi neza, abakaraba inkaba ku gahato, abayobozi b'ibikange, abagabo b'amagaji... Abo bose bari mu manyurane, ntibakimenya iyo biva n'iyo bijya, bucya batazi ko bwira bukira batazi ko bucya. Bose bifuza uwababwira ijambo ryo kwibohora n'ubwo yaba yirarira... Nimuze twitabire umulimo uhimbaje wo gucanga no kujegeza Agatsiko, niyo ntandaro ko rubanda yibonera neza ko Agatsiko ari baringa. Yego hagati aho azaba ikihebe burundu nk'imfizi itikuwe imbugita, azakaza ingoyi yogeze amahano, aliko ubwo nabwo azagaragaza ko yarangiye. "


Reka rero abibahe neza ibyo "gucanga Agatsiko". Abarondoreye ibikorwa bitagoranye byata hanze umunyagitugu akisanga yambaye ubusa nk'intungwa itamuruweho urusato. Arabarahiye kandi rutayoberana, byose bazabigeraho batagombye kwita mu nzara z'impaca. Nta maboko adasanzwe akenewe, nta rugamba rweruye, nta nduru, nta nteguza, nta ntuneka. Kuba nyamwinshi sibyo kamara : agapfunsi k'amavubi karuta uruboho rw'amasazi. Intege, amanyama n'ubukozi bifitemo ubwabyo birahagije, dore ko n'ubundi ikibatsi cyinshi kibaragaza imbwija.

Abahungu barebeye hamwe ikibazo cy'ibikoresho n'umutekano kugira ngo babone neza ko igikorwa icyo ari cyo cyose gishobora kuzakomeza kugeza igihe rubanda rwose rutinyutse rugahaguruka. Gatimatare arabihanangirije ati : ibikorwa byacu byose bigomba kuba bifite inyungu za politike, niyo mpamvu tutagomba na rimwe guhutaza umuturage, ibyo dukora byose bigomba kwototera Agatsiko n'abambari bako. Abaturage bazatwegera batubere ibyitso nibamara kubona neza ko urugamba rwacu ari urwabo. Icyo gihe rero bazakoranaho bahagurukire rimwe, kandi inkubili yabo ntizakomwa imbere. Amabunda, amapingo, amanyundo n'amadrone by'umunyagitugu bizaba ubusa. Gusa tugomba kuba mu baturage rwagati nk'ifi mu mazi. " Dore imihigo rero...


Abahungu basanze umusingi w'imihigo ari ukuburizamo inkubili y'Itorero ry'abanyeshuli mu gihugu hose kuko icyo rigamije ari ukwoza ubwonko u Rwanda rw'ejo. Akoresheje Cyogajuru-igitega-cy'umuzungu, Gatimatare afotoye buli baruwa, umukono na kashe bya buri karere. Ayo mafoto ayoherereje amacuti ye b'inzobere mu kwigana ibidanago, amakashe n'imikono y'abategetsi. Umurabyo uratinda ! Gatimatare aba abonye ibya ngombwa yifuzaga... Nk'aho mvugiye aha, umuhungu muzima yandika ibaruwa, noneho aliko si Gatimatare ahubwo ni Meya wa buli karere yewe ! Ubwenge bwari bwiza butaramenywa n'abandi !

Iyo baruwa iragira iti : "Bwana Gitifu w'akagari ka... Mbisabwe byihutirwa n'Umuyobozi mukuru w'Itorero mu gihugu, mbitegetswe kandi na Minisitiri w'ubutegetsi bw'igihugu hamwe na Minisitiri w'Uburezi, ngutegetse kumenyesha imiryango yose bireba guhagarika imyiteguro yo kohereza abanyeshuli mu Itorero ryari riteganyijwe mu mpera z'uku kwezi. Koko rero, kubera impamvu z'umutekano, iryo torero ryimuriwe ku italiki itazwi. Wowe ubwawe usabwe kwita ku ishyirwa mu bikorwa ry'iki cyemezo, ntihazagire umunyeshuli n'umwe utirimuka iwabo, kandi ufatanije n'inama y'umutekano muzakumire uwo ari we wese uzaza mu kagari ababwira ko aje kujyana abanyeshuli mu Itorero kuko ibyaryo byabaye bihagaritswe."


Abahungu bashimye ibaruwa, bahuje umugambi. Bigiye hamwe uburyo bwiza bwo kuyigeza mu mpande zose z’igihugu badakengesheje, ku buryo batungura agatsiko. Ikindi, Gatimatare na bagenzi be bibajije cyane uburyo bakoresha ngo badahita bamenyekana nk’abayanditse. Bazi neza ko kuburizamo iri torero ry’abanyeshuli ubwabyo bidahagije, niyo mpamvu bibajije ukuntu iki gikorwa cyababera umusingi utajegajega mu mihigo biyemeje. Abahungu batyaje ubwenge. Bazirikanye neza ko guhingutsa iyi baruwa ari ugushoza urugamba rw’injyanamuntu, bagombe barutsinde rero...

Arahagurutse Songa : “Abanjye mwe, muli iki gihe tugezemo nta by’iposita ! Kuva ibaruwa yanditseho abo igenewe, bose bakaba bafite murandasi, dushake za derese-imeli na nimero za mombayiro nyinshi zishoboka z’ibinyamakuru, amadini, abadiporomate, imiryango idakorana na Leta, imiryango mpuzamahanga, ibigo by’amashuli. Tuzakoresha murandasi abo bose tubagezeho ibaruwa byitwa ko ba Gitifu bo yabagezeho inyuze mu nzira y’iposita.” Ibyo kutamenyekana nk’abakije uyu muliro, Roots arasanga icy’ingenzi ari ukudashyirwa mu majwi rugikubita, nyuma ho ni ngombwa ko rubanda rwose babamenya nk’intumwa za Yezu, aliko kazaba karabaye bazaba ahubwo barabonye n’ubudahangarwa.
Gatimatare n’abasangirangendo bazirikanye neza ko ari mombayiro, ari mudasobwa byose bishobora kwerekana aho umuntu aherereye byoroshye cyane. Niyo mpamvu biyemeje gushaka buri wese icyogajuru gishya na nimero nshya, bakazabijugunya bakimara kwohereza hose iyi baruwa, bakabona bakagaruka kuli nimero na mombayiro basanganywe. Na mudasobwa biyemeje gushaka indi bakazayizibukira bamaze kuyinyuzaho ubutumwa. Ku cyifuzo cy’uko iki gikorwa cyo kuburizamo itorero kibabera umusingi w’imihigo, Gatimatare arasanga isohoka ry’ibaruwa rigomba guherekezwa n’ibikorwa bimwe na bimwe byoroheje aliko byongera urujijo n’impagarara mu gihugu. Agize ati : “Bahungu mwe, nk’abakirisitu kandi nk’intumwa za Yezu, ntitwahagurukijwe n’ibikorwa by’ubwiyahuzi… Aliko ntitwatinya gukora icyo aricyo cyose cyatuma agatsiko gatsikira kagata amababa muli rubanda, nk’umutekano bahora babeshya ko bazaniye abanyarwanda bikagaragara neza ko ari baringa. Ibyo dukora byose aliko tukabiherekeresha ubutumwa bwumvikana neza bwo kwibohora.”


Iryo jambo ko ibaruwa ikwiye guherekezwa n'ibikorwa bidurumbanya rubanda bigatitiza agatsiko riteye abahungu amakenga, dore bacecekeye limwe. Na Gatimatare-katikanga-amageza ubwe akantu kamwirimyemo, bose bose ngo cwe ! Urupfu rubanyuzemo ga ye ! Niko kwinyara mu isunzu agahungu gasembuye akebura bagenzi be : "Bahungu mwe, ni igitekerezo si ihame, aho gukonja nimutyaze ubwenge. Jye nibwira ko imitego izalimbura agatsiko kayifitiye mu nda, ku buryo twebwe kuzaba gutoneka gusa. Niba mubibona ukundi aliko, nimucyo tubivugire aha nicyo cyatuzanye. Igikwiye ni uguhaguruka twizeye intsinzi kandi bitari ukwirebera mu mazi."

Nibwo Kirikiri agize ati : "Iyo uvuga ko twihagije kandi ko n'agatsiko ari baringa, rwose jyewe ibyishimo biransaaba. Aliko rero dukwiye kuzirikana bihagije kamere y'umubisha duhanganye ngo ataduca mu rihumye : ni rukarabankaba akaba rutukuzambuga ku gahuru twe tukaba intumwa za Yezu, ntitwigeze tuba abarwanyi. Ibikorwa nk'ibyo uvuze rero, dukwiye kubishakira andi maboko. Yego ubwenge turabufite n'iyo kalamu turayifite, aliko iyi mihigo yacu ni injyanamuntu ga mugabo wa mama ! Dushake abantu, kandi barahari ga ye ! Jye nzi nka babili bazinutswe agatsiko kandi bashoboye. Batwemereye badufasha. Hari n'undi nzi, ise yahoze ari afande none baramunyaze burundu baramujujubya, ku buryo uwo muhungu we yicara avuga ko abonye urwaho yakora akantu muli iki gihugu." Ni uko abahungu bariruhutsa Kirikiri-kitijima-mu-maso bamuha amashyi y'urufaya...


Ni uko Agakwerere-ka-Mararo aravuga ati : "Bahungu mwe, ubwo ari uko bibaye rero, nimureke twihe iminsi itanu buri wese ashake abantu nibura babili bashoboye, tuzabateranyirize hamwe tubagezaho imihigo yacu, tubizeze intsinzi aliko tubasabe ubufasha. Jye nzashaka n'umuntu uzaduhugura ku buryo buri wese amenya icyo ategerejweho." Ubwo ga inama ibaye iyo, abahungu batandukana bemeranijwe ko buri wese agiye gushaka abantu badacana uwaka n'ubuyobozi kandi b'abatekinisiye bashobora gutiza umulindi intumwa za Yezu...

Hahagurutse rero Tamtam ugize uti : "Ese bahungu, turashaka abatekinisiye ngo bakore iki ko nta bikoresho nta n'urwara rwo kwishima dufite ? Yego bashobora wenda kutwerekera tukajya twikorera udukoresho tumwe na tumwe, aliko rwose hakenewe uburyo bwabugenewe bw'ifatizo." Icyo ga ni ikindi kibazo, hejuru y'uko buri wese agomba gushaka indi mombayiro. Abahungu baritonze barabara, basanze iyi mihigo yabo idahenze cyane yego, aliko ibasaba amikoro badafite... Niko gutuma Gatimatare kugeza ikibazo kuli Padiri Rutura n'abarayarwanda. Dore ga akambari-k'intwali araye kuli Cyogajuru avugishije birambuye abarayarwanda, bamwumvise bwangu kandi bemeye gukorana ho bagakubita inzu ibipfunsi. Padiri Rutura we basezeranye ko azinduka amusanga mu Cyanzu bakavugana imbonankubone, aramubwiye ati : "tebuka ahubwo hari n'undi muhungu wanjye ntumaho mukazabonana mukajya mu byanyu, nzi ko murware indwara imwe !"
Dore burakeye rero, izuba rirarashe...


Arakataje Gatimatare asimbutse imisozi, ageze mu Cyanzu ku misiyoni. "Gahorane Imana Padi!" Undi ati: "Urayihorane nawe mfura y'i Rwanda." Ni uko agahwa-gahanda-abahizi amumulikira ibyemejwe ejo hashize. Ati: "Padiri huhamo intumwa za Yezu zikore akantu dore isaha yageze." Ni uko inararibonye ati: "banza umire amazi amanuke, uturure ushire impumu." Ubwo Padiri afata igitega ati allo! Haciye akanya aba arinjiye Biraguma-bya-Nkingiye, araremereje igikwerere cy'ubukombe. Padiri ati: "Nguyu wa muntu nakubwiye, nimushyikirane jye mbaye ngiye mu twanjye." Ni uko aho ahugukiye agarutse, Gatimatare ati: "Padiri wibare cyane umpuje n'ingenzi, kandi sindi intagondwa y'akananiramana !"
Ni uko Padiri Rutura aranezerwa ati: "Nyiringomazose habwa icyubahiro! Nanjye ndagushimiye mwana wanjye: guhindura umuvuno si ubugwari si ubuswa, kuko umubyinnyi mwiza ari umenya guhindura umudiho! Nk'intumwa za Yezu, nimugaruke ku murongo wanyu uko wawumbwiye. Mwirinde ikintu cyose cyaha urwaho agatsiko kakabwira abanyarwanda ko batewe n'abiyahuzi... Uyu Biraguma mwivuganiye azi ikintu cyitwa urugamba, kandi koko dore afite inkovu z'imiringa. Yakubwira rero: amazi niyo azimya umuliro! Bakoreshe iyozabwonko mutyaze ubwenge, bogagize iterabwoba mwamamaze ubudahangarwa bwa muntu, bakoreshe akandoya n'amasasu mukoreshe umutwe n'ikalamu, bace mu bicu muce hasi...". Nibwo bavuguruye igihango, Biraguma-bya-Nkingiye nawe kandi abaye indi ntumwa ya Yezu. Gatimatare arashimye, yakiriye umugisha, arasezeye...


Nguyu rero arateraguje umuhungu muzima atashye mu Mararo. Arananiwe kandi nta mugayo, yatabaye mu rwanaga none atabarutse mu rutaha rw'inka. Arakonje aranaremerewe, kuko agomba kwerurira bagenzi be ko ibyo bari bemeje bihindutse kandi. Niko gufata Cyogajuru abavugisha umwe umwe. Bose ababwiye ko Padiri Rutura n'umuhizi w'imena Biraguma-bya-Nkingiye bamuhannye : ibikorwa bindi byagenewe guherekeza ibaruwa nibirorere bitabasiga icyasha bikabata mu makuba nta n'icyo byajyaga kubagezaho kuko ariwo mukino w'umubisha bahanganye. Nibwo ababwiye ati : "Makombe mwe, nimumpe rugari mbabimbulire, nyuma tuzicara turebe icyo tugezeho." Abahungu ntibatangajwe n'uko kwigerezaho kwa Gatimatare kuko ari ko yamye. Ni uko bati: "Ngaho ba urwimeshemo wenyine turebe sha!" Ngiyi imihigo rero we!

Aryamye ataryamye rero agateme-gatambutsa-abatabazi dore araye ashushanya. Aho bukereye yiriza umunsi akora amaliste ya za derese-imeli na nimero za mombayiro ari ko anitegura. Ubwo ga hasigaye iminsi itanu ngo rya torero ry'abanyeshuli arwanya ribe. Gatimatare yiyemeje kunyuza ibaruwa muli za siberikafe. Asanze mu ntangiliro ubwo buryo bwo gukora wenyine ari nta makemwa. Arabyiyumvishije biramucengeye biramunejeje, ku buryo mu ijoro yanagiye atera akamo k'ibyishimo nyina Gatalina agashigukira hejuru. Byose yabiteguye biri ku murongo, ku buryo muli siberikafe azajya yicara ahita yohereza, gusa aho asanze hatarimo watsapu abanze ayishyiremo, umurabyo uratinda ! Dore rero wa munsi urageze, Gatimatare arasimbutse n'i Nyarugenge, yinjiye muli siberikafe ya baruwa ihagarika itorero ry'abanyeshuli ayoherereza ba Gitifu bose b'utugari twose mu turere twa Burera, Gakenke, Gicumbi, Musanze na Rulindo mu ntara y'Amajyaruguru, iyo baruwa iri ku rupapuro rwabugenewe kandi ruriho umukono wa Meya ayohereje ahantu henshi cyane mu binyamakuru n' ahandi ! Rwaremye rero, utazi akaraye i Fumbwe araza ifu!


Akirangiza umulimo wo kohereza hose ibaruwa ihagarika itorero, Gatimatare yihutiye gusohoka aliko agiye yivugisha : "Ndagutikuye intahanabatatu ndi umugaba kandi ndi umugabo ! Iri tumanaho agatsiko kicara gaca igikuba ngo ni igitangaza kagejeje ku banyarwanda, nkaho murandasi ubwayo ari imbehe y'ibirunge, reka nkereke jyewe ubwanjye ko iri tumanaho ubwaryo rizakaviramo umutego, kuva ridaherekejwe n'ingamba zihamye zisagasira umuco-runtu n'uburinganire mu banyarwanda. Niba ikibaye cyangwa igihwihwiswa gihita kimenywa na bose kandi muli uru Rwanda ukuli kukaba atari icyagaragaye ahubwo ari ikivugwa na bose, iyi murandasi igombe impe icyuho ncishamo urukero rukegeta ingoma-ngome-y'agatsiko. Dore ko abantu bafite mombayiro batayifasha hasi : abakuru, abato, abakomeye, aboroshye, abarebare, abagufi, uwo ari we wese yaba umuhinzi yaba umushumba. Uru Rwanda hambere rutaraba Sengapuru, umubyeyi wamubwirwaga n'uko aganiriza umwana akamuguyaguya, akamusekera akamuvugiriza ubuhuha. Aho hari cyera, ubu umubyeyi ari muli simatifone. Umukobwa w'inkumi wamubwirwaga n'amasoni ukamubwirwa no kwifata, ubu umukobwa w'inkumi afite ibyuma n'imigozi mu matwi, aragenda atazi iyo ajya, ari muli simatifone. Umushumba wamubwirwaga n'inkoni, inkuyo, isaho, isinde n'umwirongi, akaganira, akaguterera umushali akagusetsa n'ubwo waba waburaye, akavugiriza agakoronga reka n'ibikobwakobwa rugeretse, akizihira amatungo akayahamagara mu mazina. Aha aliko hari cyera hataraduka inkubili ya vijoni twenti-twenti ngo ituzanire igitega cy'umuzungu n'iryo tumanaho rigezweho. Ikibazo si ukwihangishaho ikoranabuhanga utagira n'amashanyarazi kuko mu Rwanda abona umugabo agasiba undi, ikibazo ni n'uko iryo tumanaho rigezweho ryakajije ubusumbane mu bantu, rikaba kandi ryarimuye umuco ugakendera ugacika : ubu umushumba aracekinga, aracatinga, aratelesharijinga, araforuwadinga aratwitinga, iby'umwirongi n'amazina y'inka byabaye impitagihe. Reka reka nta n'umwanya wo kuzicyamura, uburyo babonye bwo kuzibuza kwonera rubanda ni ukuzipfuka iminwa nk'imbwa ziryana zo mu bazungu ! Ararushoje rero agato-katigaya-imihigo kandi na siberikafe akoreyemo si ibonetse yose ! Yihinnye ahantu rero mu ruliro rw'abatagire, yikoze ku itako asohoye igiceli nawe atumije icyo atamira, atumije n'igikoka aragitumura ashubije ubwenge ku gihe ! Reka rero yicagize mbere yo kohereza ya baruwa mu zindi ntara z'igihugu, reka abanze yitegereze neza uko bigenda mu turere tw'amajyaruguru y'igihugu, arebe n'uburyo abambari n'agatsiko bifata.


Hashize isaha imwe gusa nyuma y'aho Gatimatare yoherereje Amajyaruguru n'isi yose ya baruwa y'akenge igira iti : "... Itorero ry'abanyeshuli ryari riteganyijwe mu turere tw'iwanyu ribaye rihagaritswe...", amakuru yatangiye gucicikana kuli murandasi na za meshaje muli mombayiro. Baakunda igihuha, baakunda igihuha bene Kanyarwanda, yewe ga yeeeee ! Have se sigaho wivuga ngo "igihuha", uyobewe se ko mu muco wacu mwiza nk'abanyarwanda, ikivuga bose kitaba kikiri igihuha ahubwo kiba cyabaye ukuli nyakuli, impamo y'Imana nshobora no kurahiriraho imbere y'umuryamanza ! Karabaye rero inkuru ibaye kimomo ko mu majyarugu y'iyo giheera nta torero ry'abanyeshuli rikibaye !
Abanyamakuru bamwe ahubwo baritaye mu gutwi reka reka baratanguranwa gusakaza hose iyo nkuru, dore ko baba banyotewe agashya nk'uko abamanyuramazi bicara banyotewe urwa bitoki. Reka ahubwo byose mu kanya bikorerane, turabatahura tubote n'uwendeye nyina mu nyenga yaramenyekanye. Ngibyo iby'utuzi twagombaga guhabwa abana bacu mu cyayi, abicanyi bari biteguye kumugaza abana bacu, abacengezi bari biteguye kwinyegeza mu banyeshuli bakabaha intwaro bakamanuka n'ibindi n'ibindi... Abari babirose, ababihimbiye ahongaho, ababeshya, abaraguza umutwe, abaryoshya inkuru gusa gusa, buri wese abonye urwaho...

Naho bakame, Gatimatare-agaca-gaceceba-bucece we, azi neza ko kuva ashoje uru rugamba adashobora no guhumbya...


Igitangaje kandi gihimbaje agahwa-gahanda-abahizi, ni ukubona bigeze ku gicamunsi nta ngamba zashyizweho ngo zinyomoze ibaruwa kandi zihatire imiryango kohereza abanyeshuli mu Itorero. Nta n'ikintu cyakozwe mu rwego rwo kwibaza no gushakisha undi waba yanditse iriya baruwa, ibyo abaturage ntibanabyibaza rwose : urwandiko ni urwandiko ! Koko rero, muli aya masaha hafi atanu ashize nta yindi nkuru ivugwa atari iburizwamo ry'itorero ry'abanyeshuli mu Majyaruguru, icyamenyekanye kikanasetsa benshi ni amaganya, imijinya no guhungetwa gukabije kwa ba Meya bafite amazina n'umukono ku ibaruwa.

Erega nabo baragowe ba Meya, dore muli iki gihugu umuyobozi ari hagati nk'urulimi : hejuru Kigali imuriho n'imbugita ku gakanu ngo byanze bikunze niyese imihigo yarahiriye atayumva, atayemera nta n'uburyo bayimuhereye. Hasi naho kandi, abaturage baramuvuma kubera ikiboko agomba gukoresha arangiza ibyemezo bitabafitiye akamaro. Nyamara Abakurambere baraduhanura : ingoma ituje ntibura ituro. Mu gihe bigezweho kweguza abayobozi, gukombora Meya na Gitifu bikaba ari nk'umukino w'ubufindo w'umwami Kagame, amaganya ya Meya rwose nta n'umwe ashishikaje. Buri Meya rero yagerageje kwihakana ibaruwa no kwishinganisha, aliko baba abaturage, yaba Kigali, nta n'umwe umwumva. Dore rero murabeshya ntimuzi kwugalira, mureke Gatimatare abatamaze kandi abanyagire nk'imvura y'amahindu !


Ahereye ku cyitegererezo cy'ibaruwa yohereje mu Majyaruguru, Gatimatare ateguye amalisiti y'abo mu zindi ntara uko ari enye : Amajyepfo, Uburengerazuba, Uburasirazuba n'umujyi wa Kigali. Atumye muli buli ntara umwe mu ntumwa za Yezu ajya kohereza ya baruwa ihagarika itorero ry'abanyeshuli, akoresheje siberikafe na mombayiro nshya. Erega ikibazo cyari cyihariwe n'Amajyaruguru kibaye ikibazo cy'igihugu cyose ! Intasi z'agatsiko zatangiye kujagajaga imijyi no kudurumbanya abaturage babashakamo ibanga ry'iyo baruwa ay'ubusa !

Nta mwanya rero Gatimatare agishoboye guta : ahamagaye bagenzi be umwe umwe, buli wese amuhaye umukoro wo gukoresha amayeri ya murandasi akandika nk'umuvugizi : ibaruwa y'ishyirahamwe ry'abanyeshuli muli buli karere, ishimira Leta y'u Rwanda ko ibakuriyeho rya torero ry'urukozasoni, ibaruwa y'ishyirahamwe ry'ababyeyi bashimiye Meya na Leta kuba yarumvise amaganya yabo ikabakuliraho itorero ry'abanyeshuli kuko kubabonera ibya ngombwa muli iki gihe cya nzaramba bishobora abifite, ibaruwa y'ishyirahamwe ry'abarezi bo mu ntara rishimira Leta ko yashishoje igafata icyemezo cyiza cyo guhagarika burundu itorero ry'abanyeshuli kuko kwoza ubwonko abana b'u Rwanda ari icyaha kibi. Ngako agatsiko rero gafashwe na muzunga...


Arahagurutse Minisitiri w'Ubutegetsi bw'igihugu, arahuruye arahutera reka reka yitwaje n'ingufu za Leta, feri ya mbere ayifatiye mu Ruhengeri-rw'Umulera, aho ikibazo cy'ibaruwa ibulizamo itorero ry'abanyeshuli cyatangiriye. Mu nama irinzwe cyane yamuhuje na ba Meya, ba Gitifu, abakuriye amashuli, ibigo bya Leta n'abayobozi b'inzego z'umutekano, yatangaje ko "igihugu gifite ubuyobozi butajegajega", ko "Leta itazihanganira uwo ari we wese uzagerageza kuyitobera." Ni uko avuga ko yatangije ku mugaragaro "igikorwa cy'itohoza ryimbitse rigomba kugaragaza inyangabirama zirimo zishora igihugu mu icuraburindi n'amakuba akomeye".

Erega mu mwanya wakulikiye ba Kagenza baba barangije kubona mudasobwa yohererejweho ibaruwa mu ntara y'Amajyarurugu. Bifashishije ikoranabuhanga rya jewolokalizasiyo, barirukanse jugujugu no muli ya siberikafe mu mujyi wa Kigali rwagati. Erega bahise bafunga imiryango bata no muli yombi abantu basanze kuli mudasobwa bose. Dore ahubwo n'umugore nyir'iyi siberikafe, igishongore cy'ijigija uzwi cyane mu mujyi hose ku kazina k'ubutwari ka Cleopatra, nawe atawe muli yombi. Nibwo babatambikanye bose amaguru adakora hasi, kandi babaraza rwa ntambi babahata ibibazo n'iterabwoba ahubwo rugeretse ! Cya gishongore cy'umugore rero ngo ni Cleopatra, bapfuye kumugeraho ahita abatangariza ko atabumbura umunwa bataramutabariza umujenerali umwe ndatinyutse kuvuga izina... Ba uretse rero, akarusha imbwa kwota karashya...!


Mu Rwanda inkuru iragenda igasiga umwambi ! Nk'aho mvugiye aha, nyamujenerali aba amaze kubwirwa ko wa mwana akunda ari mu mazi abira. Nta kurya nta kuryama, reka reka na ka waragi ntagasoma ngo kamanuke... Akimenya rero ko isimbi-ryo-ku-nyanja bamutaye muli yombi akaba ahubwo araye mu nzara za mburamatare nk'abajenosayida ba giseseka, bimwanze mu nda yihutisha imisega ye kuza gukora ibishoboka byose bakamubohoza.
Abahungu rero beguye za kalashinikovu zabo no kuli komisariya. Basanze abafite Clewopatra bariye umwanda. Ni mu gihe kandi, bahawe amabwiriza aremereye aturutse ibukuru ko bitondera ikibazo, kuko inkuru y'iburizwamo ry'itorero ry'abanyeshuli isa nimaze kuba ihame, dore ko mu turere twose tw'igihugu abaturage barangije kwishimira cyane ubutumwa bukubiye muli ya baruwa yaciye ibintu mu gihugu, kandi iya mbere byagaragaye ko yandikiwe kwa Clewopatra. Ubwo imisega ya wa mujenerali ntako itagize, ay'ubusa ! Yemwe, bagerageje no gukangisha umuheto wa Leta abafite Clewopatra babatangariza ko badashobora guhara akazi kabo, ko nibiba ngombwa bakozanyaho. Hagati aho, Clewopatra ntabwo aramenya neza icyo yagirizwa.

Nibwo kubera amalira ye n'ibitutsi bamwemereye kuvugisha wa mujenerali we kuli mombayiro, amubwira atya : "Switi ! Switi liseni tumi... Ntumbaze icyo nzira ni wowe wenyine wakimenya. Wamvanye iwacu Mbarara umbwira ko n'isazi itazankoraho none... Urarara utambohoje ndamenya rwose ko ari wowe untanze..." Amategeko aragwira, iri ryo riremereye kurusha amategeko ya Kagame. Igitsina cyaratsinze !
Sibwo se nyamujenerali aturumbutse mu ndili ye ! Dore aje nk'iya Gatera, nyakijoro, no kuli Komisariya ngo ba ! Nyamara habambye ingwe : umwirondoro w'abakiriya bafatiwe muli siberikafe hamwe na nyirayo Clewopatra wafatishije abantu babili b'abagande bari bamaze iminsi bashakishwa mu rwego rw'ibyaha by'ubwicanyi na magendo mu icuruzwa rya kolotani. Ikindi kandi, inkuru y'ifatwa rya Clewopatra yatashye mu rugo kwa jenerali. Ka maritini kararyoha, aliko nta kiryoha nko kwumva mukeba wawe bamutambikanye.
Jenerali agisohoka iwe, umufasha we ahise afata igitega yakura inkoramutima ze :

"Muramenye muramenye umwanya ni uyu, iriya nzoka Clewopatra ni umunyamabanga w'aba bakoloni b'Abasajya." Erega jenerali adafite. Bagenzi muramenye : cyera umugabo yafatwaga hejuru akazira ijambo ryamucitse, aliko aho hari cyera, kuli ubu umugabo afatwa hasi. Kandi ufatiwe epfo iyo, muli icyo gihugu cyatubyaye, yewe, uwo aba agiye akagirire !


Amatanangabo yibikiye uriya mujenerali ni akabango gatoya rwose ku mabi n'amabihe umwami Kagame n'akazu yiyubakiye bakururiye iki gihugu biyita ko ari bo bakibohoye. Gatimatare-akanyamanza-k'amanyama yicara yibaza niba uru Rwanda rutaba rwaratewe n'intagororwa z'abazimu b'abagwagasi. Byose kandi byarahanuwe kuva cyera, ni uko gusa bitahanwe. Ngicyo igiteye inkeke, nguwo umuzi w'ibyago byokamye abanyarwanda, n'akataraza ahubwo kaba kari mu nzira.

Dore nk'ubu iwacu hagombaga kuba isiganwa-mpuzamahanga ry'amagare ryiswe "Umutambagiro w'Imisozi Igihumbi". Uretse abanyarwanda kabuhariwe mu kunyonga igare, iryo piganwa ryari ryitabiriwe n'abegukanye ikamba mu bihugu cumi na bibili birimo n'iby'ibihangange nk'Amerika, Ubwongereza, Canada, Ubudage n'Ubuyapani. Nakubwira kandi ko iyi gahunda yari yaraharaniwe imyaka na Leta y'Agatsiko kashakaga kwihesha ikuzo n'ubwo abana benshi b'i Rwanda barara batikoze ku munwa. Ubu rero inkuru ibaye kimomo ko iryo siganwa rimaze kuburizwamo, ko n'ibihugu byose bimaze guhamagaza ikitaraganya intumwa n'abakinnyi byari byohereje kubihagararira. Ukibaza uti byagenze bite rero ?

Mu gihe iryo siganwa ryagombaga kuzenguruka igihugu rihagurukiye mu ntara y'Amajyepfo ahitwa mu Butansinda bwa Kigoma, Gatimatare-agato-katigaya-imihigo yakoze ku ntumwa za Yezu bategura mu ndimi nyinshi za taragite zivuga amabi y'Agatsiko zikanihanangiriza ibihugu bikomeza gushyashyariza Kagame kandi ari we mutware mubi ubaho kuko yishe abaturage be benshi kurusha abandi bicanyi bose ku isi muli iki gihe. Izo taragite rero intumwa za Yezu zazikwirakwije hose zikoresheje murandasi, zinazijugunyanga ku mayeri ahantu hose no mu muhanda isiganwa rizanyuramo.

Hejuru y'icyo gikorwa kandi, Gatimatare-agahwa-gahanda-abahizi yakoze akandi gatendo k'ubwenge : yarakunyarukiye, nta mugenzi we n'umwe abwiye, agura ibiro bibili by'imigera twa twuma mu rufaransa bita pineze bamanikisha impapuro ku kibaho, maze kugirango tudashashagirana tukagaragara vuba kuli kaburimbo adushyira mu mazi yashyizemo irangi ry'umukara. Ni uko umuhungu muzima ahengera hasigaye umwanya muto ngo isiganwa ritangire, akodesha ipikipiki i Gitarama ageze mu makoni amanuka yo ku Kivumu ahanyanyagiza ya migera. Nibwo rero itsinda ryo ku isonga ririmo abazungu cumi n'icyenda rihageze bose baratobokesha bamwe ahubwo baranagwirirana barasenuka. Mu kanya rero byahise byemezwa ko umuhanda urimo imitego ubwo isiganwa-mpuzamahanga rihita rihagarikwa. Kuli ubu rero Leta y'Agatsiko yataye umutwe, yabuze icyo ibeshya amahanga... Nguwo wa mutekano birirwa bogagiza ga ye...!


Arabacanga Gatimatare dore ko yabize akabamenya : icyocyere, ubwibone n'ubugome byabo ntibitsimbura ubuswa bwabo ! Yego igikorwa cy'uyu munsi kirakaje bidasanzwe Agatsiko ku buryo hari benshi baza kwitwa yuzerese bakubikirwa imbehe, aliko ni ibitwenge muli rubanda rwa giseseka kuko n'ubundi nta nyungu bafite muli iyi myidagaduro kimwe n'ibikorwa byinshi bya Leta y'Agatsiko. Icyo intumwa za Yezu zirakizi neza.

Ahubwo Songa ufite mushiki we muli Kaminuza i Butare, abisabwe na Gatimatare, yinyujijeyo n'itangazo bateguriye hamwe ryiyitirira "Ishyirahamwe ry'abanyeshuli b'Abacikacumu" arikwirakwiza hose anyujije muli mudasobwa ya Kaminuza. Iryo tangazo riragira riti : "Twebwe, Abanyeshuli b'Abacikacumu, turakajwe cyane n'ukuntu Leta ihora icuruza akangaratete twe n'abacu twasizwemo n'itsembabwoko. Iki gikorwa cyo kuburizamo isiganwa ry'amagare ni icyitonderwa duhaye Leta n'abambari bayo. Kuva ubu, tugiye guhaguruka turwanye ubushinyaguzi butugirirwa. Nk'u Rwanda rw'ejo kandi, ntituzongera kwihanganira iyozabwonko ry'urubyiruko mu byitwa Itorero. Ntituzongera kandi kwihanganira akarengane gakunze kugirirwa abatishoboye cyane cyane abanyarwanda b'abahutu, kuko gashobora kudukururira irindi tsembabwoko."

Ngaho rero, byacikaga bigana Clewopatra n'umujenerali we, none na Kaminuza irarariwe !


Koko rero, bigeze iwa Ndabaga ibya Clewopatra n'abakiriya be bombi muli ya siberikafe mu mujyi wa Kigali rwagati. Wa mujenerali ntavuze yageze kuli polisi ahasanga ingwe y'ingore, afande Kankwanzi !

Agerageza gukoresha igitsure cye nka Jenerali aliko biba iby'ubusa : "Afande-mkuu, rwose si ukubashira isoni kuko ntarezwe nabi... Aliko nimwe mutanga amategeko, kandi ayangezeho ahangaha arambuza akomeje kurekura umuntu wanyu kuko ngo yaba ari ipfundo ry'ikibazo cyabaye imenamutwe mu gihugu hose. Ndamutse rero mbiciyeho nkamubaha, ubwo nakwirukanwa ku kazi kandi sinzi iyo nakwerekeza. Cyereka rero niba mwanyitwarira kandi dore sindi ihogoza nka Clewopatra !" Ni uko ibyo gutontoma Jenerali abivamo asigara atakamba, gusa gutakambira Kankwanzi ni nko kwugumbira urupfu rwaje !
Byaranze rero Jenerali arikubura asiga Clewopatra yarohamye mu malira n'imiborogo.

Itohoza ryakulikiyeho ntiryerekanye uwanditse ya baruwa iburizamo itorero ry'abanyeshuli, ashwi ! Icyagaragaye, ni ibyaha ndenga-kamere by'Abasajya bari mu nda y'ingoma, bifashishije Clewopatra...


Amanyanga y'Abasajya amenya bene yo akamenya kandi umwami Pahulo wabatoye. Umva ntibize, bari binjiye igisilikare cya Museveni bashaka igaburo. Nyuma kuko kwica ariwo mukino mpuzamahanga wabo, barashimwe baragabirwa, ahubwo bicazwa ijabiro n'umwami Pahulo arabizera. Akabororera ko badatekereza, niwe Nyagasani iryo avuze ni ivanjili ntagatifu. Umwami Pahulo rero yamariye ku icumu injijuke zamurasaniye ngo zitazatekereza kandi zikigomba imyanya, niko kwimakaza izo njiji z'Abasajya ngo bamubere intozo koko. Ni uko ntibazuyaza kumara abanyarwanda, yemwe n'abagihagaze kandi ni ibikange bitakigira ihumure. Hagati aho aliko, Abasajya ntibahembwa barihemba bakiyongereraho n'akarusho.

Si ngabo se bikwije ibikingi mu gihe umunyarwanda yambuwe n'akalima k'umwihariko yasigiwe n'Ababyeyi, bakaba barashyize inshoreke zabo mu bushorishori bw'ibigo bikomeye ngo bigabagabanye igiceli cya Leta ! Dore ahubwo byageze n'aho umwami Pahulo abaha rugali ati "nimwihangire imilimo". Ni uko ab'inkwakuzi bashinga urunana rw'ubwicanyi n'ubusahuzi ruva mu Rwanda rukanyura mu Bugande rukinjira muli Kongo rugahindukira rusuka za miliyari mu mitiba yabo n'umwami Pahulo. Aliko rubanda irarora kandi amaraso y'inzirakarengane arabacanga. Kuko ingwize yishe Mutamu, kandi inkoko zisezerana mu matora mu mataha zikarwana...


Biryoha biryana, Clewopatra ni amakoma agiye kwisasira amakombe ! Si ngaho amatohoza agaragaje ibikonyozi by'Abasajya birigisa uducye tw'Abanyarwanda bikanahotora abafatanyacyaha ngo bihutane ibanga mu mva. Si ngaho se kandi uruherekane rw'ibyaha rurazamuka rukagera no ku mwami Pahulo ubwe ! Yego kuli iyi saha arakangisha ubudahangarwa, aliko ni agateganyo, kuko igihe kirageze ngo rubanda ibisubiremo.

Abadubayi n'Abasopecya basigaye inyuma basamiye hejuru urwaho rwo kwihimura no kwihorera ku buhonyozi bagiriwe iyi myaka yose : dore barakora hagashimwa Umusajya akaba ahubwo ari nawe uhembwa. Umunsi ni uyu rero.

Reka si ugukusanya amakuru, kuyasakaza hose no gukangulira abatangabuhamya kwicara biteguye. Mudasobwa za Clewopatra rero zashyize ahagaragara amanyanga yose atari kuzapfa atahuwe, kandi kuva byamaze kwasaswa hose mu binyamakuru, n'umwami Pahulo ntawe agishoboye gukingira ikibaba, dore ko n'ubundi bariya bose ari udukingirizo twe akaba rero atazuyaza kubatanga ngo we asugire. Aho bucyera rero baramarana, dore ko n'umwami Pahulo yabinjije idini ryo kwangana gitindi : iyo Umusajya akwanze si "have mpajye" ahubwo ni "pfa uveho umve mu zuba"! Hagati aho ingamba za Gatimatare zirakomeje, agatambwe ku kandi...


Itorero ry'abanyeshuli ryarapfubye, ahubwo ntirikinavugwa, dore n'italiki yaryo yararenze.
Aliko hari bamwe mu ba Meya, kubera ubwoba, inda ndende no kwibonekeza ku mwami Pahulo, basabye Leta indi gahunda y'itorero mu byumweru bitatu biri imbere. Utwo turere ni Gisagara mu ntara y'Amajyepfo, Karongi mu ntara y'Iburengerazuba, Gasabo mu ntara ya Kigali, Nyagatare mu ntara y'Iburasirazuba na Rulindo mu ntara y'Amajyaruguru. Aho hose Leta y'Agatsiko irahateganya itorero ry'abanyeshuli rigamije ngo "kwereka inyangabirama ko abanyarwanda bazi icyo bashaka bakaba bakomeye ku matwara y'intore-ibarusha-intambwe Kagame". Ngo kandi "bakomeye cyane kuli gahunda y'itorero ritagize Ikindi rigamije atari ukubakundisha igihugu no kubongeramo umwuka wo kukitangira." Agatsiko rero kateganyije ingabo z'akataraboneka zo kohereza muli utwo turere ngo hatazagira uhirahira yongera kugerageza kuburizamo itorero.

Hagati aho, Gatimatare-agahungu-gahanda arabacamo ntibamuce iryera n'aho bamutegeye ntibahamubonere. Baramuhiga atabahunze, bamuhigira akanga akabahiga kandi bamwirukaho akabereka ibihandure...


Mana-nyiringoma-zose uzahamagaza ryari mu rukiko rwawe uyu mwami utetse ko yanze agaheza inguni mu guhonyora no gusuzugura Abanyarwanda ? Dore n'amageza y'inkulikirane aherutse ntamuvanye ku izima pe ! Pahulo-bakonje-riva abaye rwose akananiramana, niwe Katabirora-ka-Ntibashishwa umwami w'i Bwidishyi. Uyu mwakagara wigize kagarara yararahiye ngo icyo ashaka kidakozwe uko yakirose hagombe hicwe bene muntu. Ese ko amaraso atari amazi anyobwa, nka buriya iyo ageze mu rwiherero abasha kwireba bahungu mwe ? Asanga se azakizwa n'iki amaraso ya Habyarimana, Karegeya, Rwigara, Rwisereka, Cyiza n'ay'imbaga y'inyabutatu yatikije kubera gusa inyota y'ubutegetsi budasangiwe ?

Ubu se aka gahomamunwa k'itorero gahatse iki ? Kuzika mu ngarani imvuluwe zacu, kwambika ababikira simoko inuka amaraso, gukurura mu makoro intiti z'inararibonye, kugarika ugakubita ikiboko umugore utakoye, ibi byose birimo bumanzi ki ? None se gusiba mu mitwe y'abana n'abanyeshuli amateka yabo n'imiryango yabo ukabapakiramo ivanjili wandikishije inkota, ibi byose birategulira iki kizima u Rwanda ? Gatimatare-kadateba-ku-itabaro aratekereje agerwayo cyane, bimwanze mu nda. Asanze rwose atazihanganira ko umunyagitugu n'agatsiko ke bakomeza kugaraguza agati Abanyarwanda. Afite ibitekerezo by'urusobe, aliko umugabo umwe ni inyama y'ibisiga. Niko kuvunyisha mu Cyanzu kwa Padiri Rutura ngo amusabe umugisha kandi amusabe inama abone kunoza umugambi na bagenzi be...


Padiri Rutura amwakiranye ubwuzu : "kaze neza Gatimatare ka Kanyarwanda !" Aramuroye amusangana umunaniro mwinshi ndetse n'uburakali. Niko kumuhana kandi agerageza kumukomeza : "Ibyo umaze iminsi ukora na bagenzi bawe ndabikulikira nkabishima. Uri intwali mu z'imbere, iyaba iki gihugu cyagiraga abandi bake gusa nkawe. Ntutezuke rero, bidapfa bidapfusha vuba aha Abanyarwanda bazibona mu mihigo yawe, kandi umunsi bahagurutse intsinzi izaba ibonetse." Gatimatare yamuteze amatwi aliko aho kugira icyo amusubiza yubitse amaso nk'uwibereye kure ! Ni uko bombi baraceceka na Padiri agwa mu kantu.

Haciye akanya Gatimatare yubura amaso aratobora : " Gahorane Imana Padiri Rutura ! Ibinshobokeye ndabikora, aliko uyu mwami Pahulo si Kigeri cya Yuhi : ntazavanwaho n'amagambo, impapuro, amafilimbi n'amabuye. Azagamburuzwa n'ubushake bujya mu bikorwa bwa benshi, yishyizeho ku murya azakurwaho n'umurya wa rubanda. Cyakora na none ibikorwa mvuga si intambara yamaranya Abanyarwanda, dore umunyagitugu yivugiye ubwe ko nakorwa mu nkokora azasiga umwanda ku misozi y'i Rwanda. Igikwiye rero, ni ibikorwa bifatika byibasiye Agatsiko, nibyo bizahagurutsa Abanyarwanda, ni ibikorwa bibereka neza ko Agatsiko ari baringa, ko biriya bitwaro birunze ntaho byakora ishema n'ishyaka rya rubanda, ko benshi muli ziriya ngabo z'Agatsiko bashyigikiye impinduka bakaba bategereje imbarutso gusa." Nibwo Padiri ahamagaye Sasabugari na Biraguma-bya-Nkingiye...

Barateranye rero kandi ahari abagabo ntiharibwa akabisi. Amaze kubaha amafunguro meza arabasetsa Padiri Rutura ati : "Bagaragu b'Imana ntimukangwe na bariya bene wanyu, ingoma y'Agatsiko ni nk'inzovu irwaye myambi !" Gatimatare abajije igisobanuro cy'iryo jambo. Nibwo Biraguma-bya-Nkingiye yunze mu rya Padiri Rutura ati : "bariya bose bakambije agahanga kandi barashanyaraje cyane. Aliko mu by'ukuli barahungetwa kuko bazi neza ko ibyabo ari nk'ikigori kiryoheye ijisho kandi kirimo nkongwa ikimungira imbere ! Ni uko abahungu birabasetsa.

Nibwo bose bemeranijwe ko icy'ibanze cyihutirwa ari ukumenya neza imiterere, imikorere n'intege nyakuri z'Agatsiko. Nyuma yo kwungurana ibitekerezo bemeranijwe ko Agatsiko gasagasiwe n'inkingi enye : Inkingi ya mbere ni ikiboko gifitwe n'abantu batarenze umunani muli buli murenge kandi abenshi ntibacana uwaka n'abaturage, inkingi ya kabili ni igisilikare cyiganjemo abantu batemera ivanjili ya Pahulo kuko bakoreshwa amarorerwa abandi bakaba barajyanywe mu ntambara zitari izabo nko muli Kongo, inkingi ya gatatu ni inzego nkuru za Leta nazo za baringa kuko abazicayemo bazi neza ko atari ubumanzi bundi bwahabashyize bakaba ahubwo ari za kadahumeka zishinzwe gutekinika gusa, bariya bose uwabakanga gusa bayabangira ingata, inkingi ya kane ni ikinyoma mu baturage no mu mahanga, uwabona uburyo bwiza bwo kunyomoza Agatsiko inzu yagahiraho bidatinze...


Intumwa za Yezu zisanze guhangana bya nyabyo n'inkingi ya mbere y'Agatsiko, ariyo ikiboko cyogeye, bisaba uburyo bwiza kandi bubangutse bwatuma uburakari bwimura ubwoba muli rubanda. Bishimiye ko Gatimatare yakoze ibishimishije aliko basanze bagomba kwongera umurego.

Bibajije rero ubuhanga bakoresha ngo batinyure Abanyarwanda batakinywa n'amazi ngo amanuke kubera igishyika, batagihinga icyo bashaka mu kalima kabo, bambuwe ubutaka barazwe n'Ababyeyi, bacitse umugongo bahingiriza mu makoperative atabagabulira, barunzwe mu midugudu kugirango Agatsiko kabahozeho ijisho n'uwarariye bucye agomba kwisobanura, basigaye bifuza impeke n'akagwa, baranduriwe imyaka ngandurarugo bagahingishwa indabo zigemurirwa abazungu zikuzuza imitiba y'abakomeye, batanga imisoro n'amahooro batanabonye icyo bagaburira abana, bafite ababo baboreye mu magereza, biciwe bakaba batemerewe kwibuka ababo, bategetswe gusaba imbabazi ku byaha byakozwe bataravuka, batinya kwaka akazi kandi barize gusa kugirango batagomba gutanga umwirondoro wabo, batinya kujya mu mujyi kuko batizeye gutahuka amahoro, bahoze mu milimo ya Leta bakeguzwa, bakubitwa bagakubwa mu byondo mu matorero yoza ubwonko...

Intumwa za Yezu ziyumvishije neza ko umunsi ubwoba bwimukiye mu bambari b'Agatsiko, uwo munsi amahindura azaba yabonetse, ko aho kugirango abantu umunani gusa baheze abaturage b'umurenge wose ku kiboko bakwicazwa, ku neza cyangwa ku nabi.


Nyarusaza Padiri Rutura arababwiye ati : “Bana banjye kandi nshuti z’Imana, impinduka muharanira yaratangiye rwose byararangiye mu gihugu cyose… Gatimatare uzahorane Imana kuko wacanye uruti ukiri umutavu ! Dore byinjiye mu mitwe y’Abanyarwanda batari bacye, abakirisitu banjye bicara bambwira ko aka karengane atari umuvumo ko kagiye kuvaho. Abanyarwanda ni benshi rwose bategereje ko mukoma imbarutso gusa ubundi agahu kagahura n'umunyutsi. Kandi ubutwari mufite ntawe uzabukoma imbere.”

Nibwo sekombata Biraguma-bya-Nkingiye ahagurutse ati : “Rutikanga-aho-rukomeye naruhiye Agatsiko nkarira inkuna, uko mumbona uku nanyuze mu byuma n'ubwo ntacyo nituwe atari ukunkombora bakanta mu gihome ! None dore ndangiye ntagira n’ikizandamira ejo hazaza. Gatimatare-kavukanye-umuheto wakoze ibikomeye, reka rero tubikulikize ibindi byimbitse bitarasubira ibubisi. Iyi ngoma ifiye urugomo, agasuzuguro n’ukwirara bikabije ku buryo intwali z’u Rwanda ari twe dukwiye kubaca kubeshya tukabereka ko na nyina w’undi abyara umuhungu”. Ati : “Mfite abasore mu ngabo z'Agatsiko, b’abahutu n’abatutsi kandi, bakeneye gusa akantu gato k’agahimbazamuskyi bagatanga icyezi…”

Nibwo Padiri Rutura abarahiye ati : “Bana banjye, uburyo bwo si ikibazo ibintu ni ibishakwa... impamba y'ifatizo numvise idakanganye ndayibashakira, ahubwo nzitabaza n'abandi nabo babafashe...Sibwo nanjye mbonye icyo namarira iki gihugu cyabaye icyanjye nanjye !”


Igisilikare cy'umwami Pahulo rero, aricyo nkingi ya kabili Agatsiko kishingikirije, nacyo kigira amabanga, waba utayazi ukaba rwose ntacyo wagabanyaho akangaratete k'Abanyarwanda.

Kiriya gisilikare kibamo inzego kikabamo akazu. Hari abatoni bizewe cyane, nibo bari mu mabanga y'ubutegetsi nyakuri, bakagira mu ntoki zabo agafunguzo k'isanduku ya Leta n'amagara y'abandi banyarwanda. Abo bahire uwo bakunze aba umugomoke agatunga agatunganirwa, uwo banze kandi abaho atariho n'itabi ntaritera ngo rimere ! Ako kazu ni indobanure y'Abasajya bakorana bya hafi n'akazu ka Museveni. Hakuno y'abatoni rero, hari ibipinga binyunya amazuru bigahora ku nkeke byisobanura, bikicara aho byeretswe kandi bikabeshwaho no guhara amavi. Hakaza rero n'abitwa abanzi, ku buryo rwose bafite buri wese inshingano yo kugenza abandi akicara abataranga, agakosa kose kakaba impamvu ihagije yo gukomborwa cyangwa kunyongwa. Iki gisilikare kandi kirimo indwara zose z'injyanamuntu : irondakoko, ironda-karere, urwicyekwe ku mitungo, imungu y'igitsina n'ibindi. Ba uretse dosiye ya Clewopatra na mudasobwa ze, ubwayo izahishura byinshi.
Iki gisilikare rero Biraguma-bya-Nkingiye yakibayemo imyaka, kandi n'aho avarukaniye nacyo yagikulikije amaso n'amatwi. Agisobanuriye intumwa za Yezu bose basanga ari inkingi mu by'ukuli ijegajega. Dore rero biri amahire Gatimatare akibonyemo amaboko...


Umwitozo wo gusesengura inkingi zubatse ingoma y'Agatsiko urakomeje kandi urahimbaje, ahubwo uvuyemo n'urwenya ! Abahungu bageze ku nkingi ya gatatu ari yo "ikinyoma gitagatifu" cyabaye umusemburo w'imibereho y'iyi ngoma, Padiri Rutura mu buhanga bwo gutebya yihariye abwira Gatimatare na bagenzi be ati : "Bagaragu b'Imana, uyu mwami Pahulo abeshya nk'uko ahumeka, akaba umuhanga wo kunangira ku buryo ahakana n'ibigaragara, akigarika ibyo yigambye ! Abazungu bo arababeshya bakamunyomoza kuko batagira akenge, Padiri Alegisi Kagame niwe wigeze kunyongorera ngo" umuzungu icyo atavuga ni icyo atazi n'icyo yibagiwe."

Abanyarwanda rero bo, hejuru y'ubwenge, Imana yabongereyeho akenge : umwami Pahulo arababeshya bakamubeshya ko batazi ko ababeshya. Aliko nawe si umuswa : afite akenge gatyaye kurusha ubumara bw'impili. Abanyarwanda bamubeshya ko batazi ko ababeshya, akababeshya ko atazi ko bazi ko ababeshya, nabo bakamubeshya ko batazi ko azi ko bamubeshya... Muli uru Rwanda, imbaga y'abantu ikoma mu mashyi buri wese afite impamvu ayakomye akenshi idafite aho ihuriye n'iy'abandi, itanafite kandi aho ihuriye no gushima uwo ayakomeye. Icya ngombwa muli uwo mukino w'akenge, ni uko n'uhawe amashyi aba azi neza ko ari ikinyoma, gusa nawe akayishimira byo guhisha ko azi neza ko ari amashyi amuhema...!"

Mu gihe abandi barambaraye n'ibitwenge, Gatimatare arabacyaha ati : "Iyi ntwaro y'ikinyoma tuyihindukize idufashe gusesa Agatsiko." Ni uko bamuha amashyi, aya ya nyayo...


Hahetuye rero inkingi ya kane isagasiye Agatsiko : inzego z'ikirenga zitora kandi zigashyira mu bikorwa amategeko n'ubutegetsi. Sasabugari ati : "ntimukangwe n'izo ngirwa nzego nkuru, ni baringa yo gukinga mu maso abanyarwanda n'amahanga. Yaba Inteko, yaba Sena, zaba inkiko z'ikirenga, izo nzego abazigize bose ni abantu batoranyijwe n'umwami Pahulo mu rwego rwo gutanaga akazu ke, abaha imbehe atari uko bafite ubushobozi bundi. Kandi si uguhembwa barakuka, mu gihe magorwa mwalimu ahonda impanga ahembwa ubuhendabana.

Intumwa za Yezu rero zigereranyije izi nzego zubatse ubutegetsi bw'umwami Pahulo n'inzego zayoboraga Ubuhinde na Afrika y'Epfo mu gihe barwanaga inkundura yo kwibohora. Basanze ubutegetsi bw'Agatsiko ari ubw'umuntu umwe, akaba gusa yariyegereje abagererwa b'ibikange batagira n'ubushobozi, bakagira gusa inshingano yo kwubahiriza ibyo ababwiye no gutekereza rwose ntibatekereze. Gatimatare n'abasangirangendo biyumvishije neza ko ubuyobozi bukuru budafashe nk'ubu kubujegeza bitagoye. Abahungu basubiye mu mihigo, bavuguruye igihango, bakiriye umugisha wa Padiri Rutura, barahagurutse...


Gatimatare-gaca-mu-bicika na bagenzi be basezeranye gukora akantu mu murwa mukuru Kigali, dore ko Agatsiko kanze kuva ku izima kakaba ahubwo kemeje ko akarere ka Gasabo ari ko kabimburira twa turere dutanu tugomba kuberamo itorero-gahinyuza ry'abanyeshuli. Intumwa za Yezu zose zizatanga umuganda muli icyo gikorwa, kandi nibatangira ntibazahagarara bategukanye intsinzi. Biraguma-bya-Nkingiye akoze kuli ba bantu afite mu ngabo arabahagurukije, ababajije inkunga bakeneye n'icyo bifuza, bicaye biteguye.

Abahungu basanze ubutumwa ku basilikare, abaturage, abanyeshuli n'urubyiruko bwarateguwe aliko biyemeje kwongera impapuro no kunoza uburyo zizakwirakwizwa, ahangaha kandi na Padiri Rutura yiyemeje kubafasha. Bamenyereye ko igihe cyose Agatsiko gahisha italiki, isaha, n'aho itorero rizabera. Biyemeje gukulikira bose bakazamenyera limwe ayo makuru n'uko gahunda iteye mu mujyi wa Kigali. Bemeje ko Gatimatare, Sasabugari, Songa na Kirikiri bafatanya na Biraguma-bya-Nkingiye bakagena ibikorwa bazibandaho : ibikorwa bizitira kandi bikayobya uburari ingabo, ibikorwa byimura ubwoba muli rubanda, ibikorwa by'impuruza y'urubyiruko, ibikorwa bitamaza Agatsiko. Bamenyesheje gahunda Abarayarwanda ngo nabo bazahuhemo umunsi w'itabaro. Agatsiko karigenje, aliko iyo Gahima ahuye na Gahimano...


Icya mbere cy'ibanze, ubutumwa kuli bose bushyizwe mu nyandiko imwe rukumbi kandi ngufi. Dore uko iteye :
1."Rubyiruko rw'u Rwanda, mufite amateka musangiye n'abababyaye. Ayo mateka nimutayamenya cyangwa mukayirengagiza ntimuzaba mukibaye abantu buzuye. Gahunda z'Itorero na Ndi Umunyarwanda nta kindi zigamije atari ukuboza ubwonko. Nimuhagurukire limwe mushyigikire iyi nkundura yo gusesa Agatsiko." 2."Ngabo z'u Rwanda, mwarahiriye igihugu kukirasanira, kukirengera, si umuntu mugaragiye... Muramenye muramenye ! Umusilikare mu baturage ni nk'ifi mu mazi : iyo ifi itandukanye n'amazi ntiba ikibayeho ukundi, n'umusilikare utari kumwe n'abaturage ntaba akibayeho ukundi. Nimwitandukanye n'Agatsiko mwegame ku baturage n'imiryango yanyu."

3. "Bakozi bakuru b'u Rwanda, ntiti z'u Rwanda, mwagiye mu ishuli ngo ubwo bumenyi mubwongere ku bwenge mwabyirukanye n'ubwitonzi mwatojwe n'ababyeyi banyu. Nimwitandukanye n'umwami Pahulo ukataje kubasuzugura akabapyinagaza n'imiryango yanyu."

4. "Turashaka ko hatazagira umwana w'i Rwanda wongera kubazwa ibyakozwe ataravuka ! Turashaka uburinganire mu bana b'u Rwanda, uburinganire mu ngabo, uburinganire mu bakozi ba Leta. Turashaka ko Mwalimu yubahwa agahembwa nk'uko bikwiye. Turashaka ko ikiremwa-muntu cyubahwa naho ikiboko kigacika burundu mu Rwanda. Turashaka ukwishyira-ukizana nyakuri mu Rwa-Gasabo. Turashaka ubutabera, ukuli n'ubwiyunge nyakuri mu banyarwanda."



Iminsi ibili mbere y'uko itorero ritangira, Padiri Rutura yabajije inshuti y'umuyobozi uri i Kigali amakuru y'itorero ry'abanyeshuli muli Gasabo, uwo muntu ntiyamwishisha abimurondorera byose. Nibwo rero Gatimatare na bagenzi be bamenye akantu ku kandi gahunda yose uko iteye : aho abanyeshuli bazacumbika, ibibuga bazakoreraho akarasisi n'imyitozo, inzira abantu bazanyuramo, imitwe ya polisi na gisilikare izabungabunga umutekano, imihanda imodoka zizanyuramo, n'aho zizahagarikwa, amazina y'abayobozi b'imena b'itorero, byose byose.

Mu gihe intumwa za Yezu zikwirakwiza hose bwa butumwa buli ku rupapuro, bajugunyanga amabaruwa muli za misiyoni, insengero, amashuli na za rutobisi, bakoresheje murandasi boherereza abantu benshi cyane no muli za mombayiro zose zo mu gihugu. Bananditse amagambo amwe n'amwe akomeye hasi mu mihanda, ku biti no ku nkuta. Hagati aho, Biraguma-bya-Nkingiye n'ingeli ze mu ngabo nabo bari mu myiteguro mu ibanga : baregeranya intambi na za masotera, injuguto, imbunda n'ibindi. Aliko Gatimatare-kazira-ubwiko-n'ubwironde abwiye Biraguma-bya-Nkingiye ati : "Ibyo twakora byose, tubitegure ku buryo bitahitana inzira-karengane." Nibwo bibanze cyane cyane ku bikorwa byamurura abantu bikanazitira ingabo.


Gatimatare-kadaterwa-umususu-n'ibisambo arakariye kuburizamo iri torero-gahinyuza ry'abanyeshuli akagamburuza Agatsiko. We na bagenzi be bazi neza ko aribwo buryo bwahumura amaso urubyiruko rw'iki gihugu. Iki gikorwa kandi kizanatinyura rubanda : umwana wese azatahana inkuru ayishyikirize urungano, abavandimwe n'abaturanyi. Rubimburirangabo abwiye inkoramutima ze uko igikorwa giteye n'umusanzu wa buri wese : "Bahungu mwe, kugirango iki gikorwa gisembure imihigo yacu koko, ntituzamena amaraso cyeretse nyir'ibyago.

Ntidukeneye ibikoresho bihambaye : kuli masotera ijana, eshanu gusa ni nyazo, cumi n'eshanu ni incurano, naho mirongo inani ni baringa !" Ni uko abahungu baratangara. Nibwo akomeje ati : "Izo masotera za baringa, ntabwo kuzicura byagoranye : ni amatafari ahiye asize irangi ry'umukara napfunyitse mu rupapuro aluminiumu ngashyiramo n'ubutumwa... Ari masotera za nyazo, ari iz'incurano ari n'iza baringa, zose zipfunyitse kimwe, ku jisho zirasa neza neza. Ntimuyobewe ibinogo biri mu mihanda yacu n'aho bahagarika amamodoka... Nihamara gutulika imwe gusa, uzabona agapfunyika ako ari ko kose cyangwa ahantu hasa n'ahatabye ikintu azajya ahita atabaza. Ubwo kandi twateguye n'amatangazo avuga ko hose hatabye kabutindi."


Nguwo Gatimatare-kadatatira-abatabazi ! Uramenye ntuzamwitiranye n'abandi ni Rutayoberana. Dore uko ateye kandi niko yabaye : nta gisubizo kamara, nta kuli ntayegayezwa, nta kirazira ibaho ! Yicara abaza kandi yibaza, agaculika agacurukura, akazunguza, agashora agashungura, agasesa icyari ihame. Hari n'ubwo Intumwa za Yezu bagenzi be bamwinginga bati "ubu se iki nacyo uzavaho ugihindura koko ?"

Ni uko akicecekera Agakwerere-ka-Mararo aliko bwacya akababwira ati : "bagabo ba mama nimushyire ubwenge ku gihe dore ikizima..." ubwo ibyari nk'ivanjili akaba abikuye mu nzira bakumirwa, cyera kabaye bakazasanga bakame yari yarebye kure, bakamumenya ko ari umugaba mwiza, bakamuvuga imyato. Nguko rero uko azanye agashya : "Bagaragu b'Imana, kugirango igikorwa cyacu kibe koko umukino uhimbaje kandi kizabe akarorero ku buvivi n'ubuvivure, birasaba ko dukoresha ka kenge twarazwe n'Abakurambere : aho guhagarara hakurya intozo za Pahulo zihagaze hakuno tugahangana, aho kugirango bikange badakanzwe babe banisubirira inyuma bakagaruka baturimbura, aho kugirango tubakengeshe bokicwa na nzaramba, nimureke ahubwo tubogane inyanja byo ! Tubareke rwose baze ahubwo tubacengere, turibira mu mbaga y'abanyeshuli nk'ifi mu mazi, nibyo ibyari inama tubihindura isoko ahubwo ivu rikabura agatebo, kandi ahubwo tugasigara ari twe duha abanyeshuli ubutumwa byacu bwo kwibohora...


Amasonga-adasumbwa basuzumiye hamwe iyo nama ya Gatimatare, basanze ari ntamakemwa. Aliko kuko iryabonye ritinda gushima Biraguma-bya-Nkingiye aramwunganiye : "tugomba gukorera imbere n'inyuma ga ye !" Abahungu bati : "turakwumva, turakwumva !" Yungamo ati : "nshimye cyane igitekerezo cyo gucengera itorero mukarivuruga murihereye imbere, aliko hakwiye n'abantu hirya no hino inyuma y'ikigo, ku buryo igikorwa gitangiye nabo baza gukora igikwiye, bityo iza Pahulo zahurura zigasanga amayira yabaye ay'Intumwa za Yezu gusa. Ibikoresho byacu nabyo ga nibwo byagira akamaro."

Ngabo bumvikanye ikiza gukorwa bitewe n'uburyo abayobozi b'itorero n'abashinzwe umutekano bifashe, basuzumye neza uko baza kwifata biramutse bigenze gutya cyangwa kuriya. By'umwihariko, bunguranye ibitekerezo ku cyakorwa kugirango biyegereze iyi mbaga y'abanyeshuli, ngo aho gukwirwa imishwaro bahame hamwe ahubwo bumve ubutumwa b'intumwa za Yezu nabo bitabire guhambiriza umunyagitugu Pahulo. Batekereje ubutumwa bageza ku bashinzwe umutekano urugamba rumaze kurema, kugirango aho kubasukaho umuliro bababungabungire umutekano. Gatimatare na bagenzi be bafite impapuro z'abanyeshuli birwaje basiba itorero, barinjirira ku mazina yabo...


Burakeye rero, umunsi intumwa za Yezu zategereje ubutarambirwa nguyu urageze, umunsi wo kugamburuza Agatsiko ikibyimbye kikameneka. Abanyeshuli barisutse ibihumbi n'ibihumbi ntibabarika, sitade Amahoro ahubwo iraniha. Muli iyo sibo, Gatimatare-agahungu- gahanda yinjiranye na bagenzi be Songa, Gagarine, Tam-tam, Havredepaix na Mucyo hamwe n'abasore batanu muli za ngwe ndende za Biraguma-bya-Nkingiye ari bo Delta, Eko, Golf, Papa na Tango. Ubwo buri wese afashe umwambaro w'itorero, agapira k'amabara y'ibendera ry'igihugu.

Ni uko abayobozi b'itorero bahamagarira abanyeshuli gufata umwanya muli sitade. Gatimatare aba ariye akara bagenzi be uko ari icumi ngo bicare batatanye bakwire mu mpande zose. Abanyeshuli bamaze kwicara haba hinjiye itsinda ry'ubuyobozi bukuru bwa Leta rirangajwe imbere na Minisitiri w'ubutegetsi bw'igihugu. Ngiyo indirimbo yubahiriza igihugu ikulikiwe n'akarasisi k'itorero nako gaherekejwe n'umwiyereko n'abasilikare bazagira uruhare muli iri torero rizamara iminsi icumi. Hateganyijwe ko nyuma y'aya madisikuru abanyeshuli bagabagabanywa mu bigo bazatorezwamo bakazagaruka kuli iyi sitade ku munsi wa nyuma wo gusoza iri torero-gahinyuza ry'abanyeshuli.

Kugeza ubwo Gatimatare na bagenzi be aho bicaye intatane nta n'umwe uzi aho abandi baherereye muli iyo nyanja ngari y'abasore n'inkumi. Hatayeho rero umwanya wa za disikuru z'abategetsi. Nibwo bakuranywe bavuga, nguwo Meya wa Gasabo ahaye ikaze abashyitsi n'abanyeshuli. Nguwo Minisitiri w'ubutegetsi bw'igihugu ashimagije cyane Leta y'Agatsiko. Akurikiwe na Minisitiri w'Uburezi bw'igihugu ari nawe ugomba guheruka.

Uyunguyu akomoje ku ijambo ngo : "icyo tubatezeho ni uguhindura imyumvire igamije kwumva kimwe icyerekezo igihugu cyacu kiyemeje... Muzatozwa indangagaciro na za kirazira. Muzatozwa gukunda igihugu..." Gatimatare aba ahagurukanye ibakwe ashikuza megafone iri hafi aho arangurura Ijwi ati : "Twanze iyozabwonko ! Turi u Rwanda rw'ejo ! Twanze iyozabwonko ! Agatsiko hasi ! Agatsiko hasi ! Agatsiko hasi...!" Erega ijambo rya Minisitiri ryahagaze burundu ! Kandi abasilikare babuze uburyo bafata Gatimatare uri mu kivunge cy'abanyeshuli. Ni uko mu gutera Gatimatare abanza kwikirizwa na ba bagenzi be bikwirakwije muli iyo mbaga, nyuma abanyeshuli bose bose buzuye sitade Amahoro bamwikiriza icya limwe, urwamo rwabo rurirangira : "Twanze iyozabwonko ! Turi u Rwanda rw'ejo ! Agatsiko hasi ! Agatsiko hasi...!"


Serwakira y'amateka rero ngiyo iravuza ubuhuha ! Intozo ziherekeje ibikomerezwa by'abambari n'umwami Pahulo ntako zitagize rwose ngo zihoshe ubukana bw'iyi mbaga y'urubyiruko : mu gihe Minisitiri w'Ubutegetsi bw'Igihugu atontoma muli mikoro nta n'umwumva, abasilikare nabo bagerageje gutunga imbunda hirya no hino muli sitade bigeza n'aho bamwe muli bo barasa mu kirere. Byose aliko byabaye iby'ubusa, ahubwo kwabaye nko gukoza agati mu ntozi !

Gatimatare-agateme-gatambutsa-abatabazi araremereje na megafone mu ntoki, aravuze kandi asubiramo ati : "Minisitiri bwira ingabo zawe zifashe intwaro hasi amazi atararenga inkombe !" Ni uko Minisitiri w'Ubutegetsi bw'Igihugu yibonera neza ko umusindi yarenze akarwa, niko gutegeka abasilikare bose bamanura imbunda zabo. Nibwo Gatimatare abwiye imbaga ati : "Rubyiruko rw'u Rwanda, nitwe Rwanda rw'ejo, nitwe rubanda ! Ubutegetsi ni ubwa rubanda ! Nimucyo dutere intambwe dusubize ijambo rubanda dutere intero nshya !" Ni uko aramanuka rutayoberana, akorera n'abandi ikimenyetso ngo nabo bagane imbere ahahagaze abategetsi. Umurabyo uratinda ! Nk'aho mvugiye aha imbere haba hageze uruvunganzoka, ba bategetsi n'intozo zibakikije batagishoboye no kwinyagambura...

Nibwo agahwa-gahanda-abahizi asingiriye mikoro yari ifitwe na Minisitiri...


Afashe ijambo rero agaca-gahindira-mu-gacu ati : "Nimusigeho ! Ntawe duhutaza turabarindira umutekano, bapfa gusa guhama hamwe bakumva icyo tubabwira..." Ikigoye Gatimatare muli aka kanya ni uguhosha inkubili y'iyi mbaga y'abasore n'inkumi, kuko hari benshi bashaka rwose kwivuna no kwivugana aba bategetsi n'abasilikare bari kumwe. Babambuye intwaro, babaryamishije hasi, hari n'abatangiye gukubita... Aliko ibyo guhonyora Gatimatare ntabikozwa : "Ntabwo imigirire y'ingoma y'Agatsiko ariyo igomba kuba iyacu... N'ubwo bo umukino wabo ari ugukubita, gufunga, kwica no kuzimiza abanyarwanda, ubu se natwe tujye muli ibyo ? Twaba se tubarushije iki, twaba duhinduye iki muli uru Rwanda ?"

Ni uko ayo magambo yo kuzimya umuliro abenshi abakora ku mutima baratuza babuza n'abandi kugirira nabi ba Minisitiri n'intozo zabo. Nibwo Tango ashyizeho itsinda ribafata kandi rikabarinda. Gatimatare ategetse ko bicazwa neza ntabyo kubaboha amaboko rwose. Abanyeshuli bose rero barashyize baratuza, basubiye mu myanya yabo muli sitade, kuli podiyumu imbere hasigaye gusa Gatimatare, Songa, Tam-tam n'abakobwa babili. Gatimatare ateye indirimbo yubahiriza igihugu, iherekejwe n'amashyi y'urufaya. Ni uko icyuma cy'inyundo ati : "Karabaye bavandimwe ! Nimutangaze hose ibibereye hano, kandi nsabye ko buri wese uri hano atabaza ababyeyi n'abavandimwe bakaza hano ikitaraganya...!"


Ab'inkwakuzi mu banyeshuli rero bahamagaye ababyeyi n'abavandimwe babo, nabo bahita bakwiragiza hose ko byakomeye kuli sitade Amahoro. Havredepaix we ahise yihutira kumenyesha Padiri Rutura n'izindi ntumwa za Yezu atibagiwe n'Abarayarwanda. Nk'aho mvugiye aha, isi yose imenye ko abanyeshuli bakoze intare mu jisho ! Nguyu rero umuyaga w'ibyiringiro bivanze n'ubwoba ukwiriye u Rwanda rwose ! Rubanda baratinya cyane ko mwene Ntibashishwa usanzwe arakara umuranduranzuzi noneho ahita yohereza ibisumizi bye n'ikibatsi kidasanzwe mu banyeshuli ibyari itorero bigahinduka ibagiro.

Nta no guhumbya, Padiri Rutura abwiye Igisonga cya Papa mu Rwanda abwira n'Inama y'Apeskopi n'Abadiporomate bari i Kigali ngo bose babe maso ni biba ngombwa baze gukomakoma kuko Leta nibyitwaramo nabi igihugu gishobora kugera kure kubi. Mu gihe umuvugizi w'Agatsiko amaze kubeshya rubanda ko i Kigali hateye umutwe w'abateroriste bibasiye abanyeshuli, mu gihe za burende na kajugujugu zitegura guhaguruka, amajwi menshi mu Rwanda no mu mahanga atereye hejuru limwe ngo acubye igitekerezo cy'umwami Pahulo. Gatimatare nawe wamenye ko sitade igiye guterwa agize ati : "Tuli abanyeshuli ibihumbi 15, ni ukuvuga imiryango y'i Rwanda ibihumbi 15 y'ingeri zose. Tuli rubanda rwuzuye, nta rwego na rumwe rudahagarariwe muli twe uko tuli aha. Umwami Pahulo nace bugufi dushyikirane....

Intagamburuzwa-ya-Rutagambwa aliko iby'imishyikirano ntabikozwa. Niko yabaye kandi ntazahinduka, uwamuroze ntiyakarabye ! Nguyu rero atumije inama shishi itabona, akoranyije abayobozi bakuru b'icyama n'igisilikare ngo bemeze uko bagiye kurwana iyi ntambara, dore ko nta kindi kimubungamo atari intambara no kumena amaraso ! Arirenze ararahira rero ati : "Ntegetse ko mubanza mukanshakira ako kajyinga k'igikenya bita Gatimatare, kandi ntihagire umuramburiraho akaboko, ndamushaka ari mutaraga ngo mbanze mwibarize icyo ahatse n'ikimuhatse...! Ntabwo iki gihugu cyabuze ubuyobozi n'amaboko yo kwivuna umwanzi uko yaza kose."

Abambari n'Agatsiko aliko baramureba badahumbya, ntibacira ntibamira, igitima kiradiha ! Uti kuki ? He ! Uyu mwami Pahulo arakeka ko ikibazo cyoroshye ga ye ! Mu mujinya we wamucuritse roho, yibagiwe ko benshi mu bo arimo atuma gutwika sitade nabo bayifitemo abana babo ! We kuko yikoreramo, kandi agapinga amashuli y'i Rwanda, abe bari za Burayi n'Amerika, aliko benshi mu byegera bye abana babo bari ino. Benshi rero bitabiriye itorero bari muli sitade nta n'ugishoboye gusohoka. Abongabo rero nabo bafite ibibondo muli sitade ngo nibashyigikire ko isukwaho umuliro ! N'iyo Imana zaba eshanu ! Hagati aho kandi ga ikibazo kibaye porobureme : Gatimatare yahagurukije ba Minisitiri bombi bagejeje ubutumwa bukomeye ku banyarwanda...


Ubwoba bwimutse ga ye! Dore Agakwerere-ka-Mararo ahagurukije mbere Minisitiri w'Ubutegetsi bw'igihugu utangarije abanyarwanda ibi bikulikira: "... Mbabajwe no kubona ikinyoma gikomeje guhabwa intebe mu Rwanda. Nta biyahuzi bari kuli sitade Amahoro, nta n'abiyahuzi bari mu mujyi wa Kigali. Jye n'abandi bayobozi bakuru tuli mu biganiro n'abanyeshuli, ibiganiro bishakira u Rwanda ahazaza heza..." Mu kanya ijambo rihabwa Minisitiri w'Uburezi atsindagira ko kuli sitade Amahoro ari amahoro masa, yongeraho ati: "... Ndemeranya namwe ko gahunda za Ndi Umunyarwanda n'itorero bihatse irondakoko no gusumbanisha abantu, ku buryo bikwiye gucibwa burundu, cyane cyane ko byoza ubwonko abana bacu ari mwe Rwanda rw'ejo."

Sogokuru niwe wavugaga ngo "umwanzi arakamenya inshuti." Umwami Pahulo yakomeje kwivovota aliko yaje gusanga ari we wenyine ushaka intambara muli sitade. Dore umunsi uciye ikibu kandi uko amasaha yagiye ashira Gatimatare na bagenzi be, bafatanyije na ba bategetsi bafashe bugwate, bagejeje ubutumwa bukomeye ku banyarwanda, kandi bishinganishije bihagije mu binyamakuru no mu mahanga. Reka rero mu mugoroba hatangire utuntu tw'utunama rwihishwa mu bayobozi bakuru b'igisilikare, bamwe bakeka abandi ko baba bari inyuma y'isibo y'abasore kuli sitade Amahoro. Urwikekwe rwanutse dore ko n'ubusanzwe mu nda y'Agatsiko buli wese aneka undi...


Amakuru y'ibibera kuli sitade Amahoro na bomboribombori itangiye mu bushorishori bw'Agatsiko, yose Clewopatra arayakulikirana n'ubwo afunzwe bwose. Nibwo rero atumyeho wa mujenerali we ngo amugereho ubwe atamutumyeho undi muntu. Ni uko nyamujenerali ashaka akanya aramanuka, baramumumuha, baganira mu muhezo.
Clewopatra aramwongorera ati: "Gira bwangu umvane muli uyu mwobo, ibihe nk'ibi bishobora kutuviramo urwaho rwo kwibohoza ahubwo no kwihimura abatwigimba. Iyi ngoma nta kindi ishigaje atari ugusunduka kandi nuntererana sinzapfa ngo wowe usigare imusozi..." Ayo magambo akoze Jenerali ahantu, atashye yahungeswe! Nibwo aryamye aribaza, burya ijoro ni umujyanama.

Yiyemeje gutiza umulindi abanyeshuli kuko asanze ibyitwaga ubukubaganyi bw'abana byabaye ahubwo umutego wa kirimbuzi ku ngoma y'Agatsiko. Icyo utari wamenye rero, ni uko uwo mujenerali ari igisonga cy'umugaba mukuru w'igipolisi. Inama ya Clewopatra rero yaje gusanga ari ntamakemwa, aricaye ashushanya neza igikwiye. Aritonze arashishoje, azi neza ko yibeshye gato ari ukunyongwa...


Uwaguhitishamo hagati ya Rwabujindiri na Clewopatra harya wowe wahitamo nde ukareka nde ! Sigaho ! Sigaho uba unyambuye ! Jenerali yifitaniye amabanga aremereye cyane na Clewopatra, amwe muli yo ahubwo ashobora no kumucisha umutwe ! Yabisuzumye rero asanga agomba kumubohoza, kandi yiyemeje kutamucikisha igihugu ngo amujugunye ishyanga, kuko ari ihogoza kandi akamenya byinshi ku mabi y'abanyakazu b'Abasajya. Amakuru afite akwiye ahubwo kuyajyana kuli sitade Amahoro akayageza kuli rubanda rwose. Clewopatra ni Clewopatra ! Yagize uruhare runini mu mateka y'isi none wasanga agize akamaro n'iwacu ga ye !

Jenerali asanze ahubwo umufasha we w'isezerano ari we agomba guhungisha n'abana, akaberekeza by'agateganyo mu majyepfo y'Afrika. Ngaho rero ! Umujenerali udafite ingabo ntabaho, uwo arutwa n'imbwebwe y'incike. Niyo mpamvu rero uyu wacu na Clewopatra yihutiye kurema umutwe w'ingabo uzamufasha mu mihigo. Dore arobanuye ibisumuzi by'ingenzi ahereye ku bo azi neza ko bamukomeyeho kurusha abandi. Mu buryo bunoze bwerekana ko arakajwe kurusha abandi n'imyivumbagatanyo y'abanyeshuli, atoranyije abasilikare magana atanu bamwemera abaha n'ibikoresho yizeye. Ni uko yiyemeza ngo "gukubura sitade Amahoro ikongera ikaba kimwe mu birezi bya Kigali." Nta n'umwe urabutswe icyo ashaka gukora mu by'ukuli...


Kunyerera kw'umufasha we n'urubyaro rwe byo rwose ni nk'aho mvugiye aha, dore ko nta ruhushya rwo kwinjira umunyarwanda akeneye mu bihugu bimwe na bimwe byo mu majyepfo y'Afrika. Nyamujenerali wacu rero yongoreye umufasha we ati : "wagombye kuba wikuriyemo akawe karenge iby'umwami Pahulo bigiye kuba nk'ibya Mwungeli wa Nyakaka !", biba nko kworosora uwabyukaga. Mu masaha mirongo ine n'umunani yakurikiye we n'abana bari bamaze kwakirwa ahitwa Winduk muli Namibiya.

Gahunda yo kwarura Clewopatra n'abo bafatanywe niyo igomba kwitonderwa cyane, aliko kuva inyenyeri zishengura intugu n'ifaranga risendereye amabanki, nta gishobora kugorana, dore ko mu Rwanda basigaye barisha igitiyo iby'ikiyiko hari cyera. Sibwo Jenerali ateye akantu gatubutse Umushinjacyaha uyu nawe agahamagaza ikitaraganya Clewopatra na ba basore bafunganywe uko ari bane ! Babaye rero bakigera ku biro by'Umushinjacyaha ahita abanyuza mu cyanzu, ubwo hakaba hari imodoka ya gisilikare ibategereje no guhita binagamo, n'Umushinjacyaha aribyo barajyanye ! Bagejejwe rero ahantu hatekanye mu gihe isibo yerekeza kuli sitade Amahoro ikinononsorwa...


Umunsi ni uyu rero Jenerali atuyemo kamufule, yambariye urugamba araca ibiti n'amabuye ! Za mombayiro, bya bitega by'abasilikare, amabwiriza atangisha umunwa, reka birashyushye wagirango ni Rwabugili uteye i Bunyabungo ! Intarumikwa z'abasore ayoboye abazi ku mitwe y'intoki, yemwe na ba rugara bose bafitanye akantu k'igihango, ntawamenya buriya ni we binjiye mu gisilikare bakulikiye cyangwa yababereye umubyeyi ukuntu. Nta cyiza rero nko gutabarana n'inkoramutima ! Jenerali wacu niwe wenyine kugeza kuli uyu munota uzi neza icyo agiye gukora kuli sitade Amahoro. Ni nawe kandi wenyine uvugana n'umwami Pahulo ntawe agombye kunyuraho, n'ubwo atari agitonnye kuva aho ihogoza rye Clewopatra afatiwe kandi akavugishwa menshi. Uyu munsi rero, umwami Pahulo yizeye ko Jenerali wacu agiye kumurwanirira kuli sitade yivuye inyuma, agacubya icyo cyihebe Gatimatare na bagenzi be.

Nguyu rero Jenerali wacu atanze amabwiriza ya nyuma, ize arazirongooye yerekeje kuli sitade Amahoro. Yafashe umwanya muli imwe muli burende zo ku isonga, byo kugirango aze kujya atanga amabwiriza abona neza uko uko imbere byifashe. Urugendo rwerekeza kuli sitade Amahoro aliko ruragoye cyane, kuko hari abaturage benshi, biganjemo ababyeyi b'abanyeshuli bari imbere muli sitade Amahoro, bagenda bitambika imbere ya za burende basaba imbabazi, aliko hari n'abatera ibishyoshyo n'amabuye. Jenerali aho kurakara arabahumuliza akoresheje icyuma-ndangururamajwi ati : "Nimuhumure simpagurukijwe no kwica abana banyu ari bo banjye, ibyo Imana n'Abakurambere bazabirinde u Rwanda". Wasanga atabeshya kandi nyakugira ubugingo...


Iminsi ibili ishize yabyajwe akamaro : kuva ba bategetsi bafashwe bugwate batanze ubuhamya buremereye bagakangulira Abanyarwanda imihigo yo guhambiriza Agatsiko, Agakwerere-ka-Mararo yasabye bagenzi be kubaha ubuhuru ngo batize umulindi urugamba rw'impinduka. Hari inkuru rero ije kandi iciye igikuba mu mbaga y'abanyeshuli : intozo z'umwami Pahulo zateye amatako ku muryango wa sitade, reka si ibitwaro si icyokere ! Gusa ikizima ni uko benshi mu babyeyi b'abanyeshuli bateraniye imbere ya sitade bakaba biyemeje kudatererana abana babo. Aliko se mama umwami Pahulo ntiyaba yohereje intozo ze guhonyora ngo hadasigara n'uwo kubara inkuru ?

Mu gihe Biraguma-bya-Nkingiye yibaza icyakorwa dore ko atanabonye uburyo ataba ya mitego bateguye, Gatimatare-kadaterwa-umususu-n'ibisambo yegereye Minisitiri w'Ubutegetsi bw'igihugu bajya inama. Bemeje ko Minisitiri ahamagara uyu Jenerali uremereje ku muryango wa sitade akamumuha bakavugana. Ni uko Minisitiri aba arahamagaye ahereza mombayiro Gatimatare. Nibwo uyu abwiye Jenerali ati : "Gahorane Imana ga Jenerali ! Urabe ugenzwa n'amahoro ga ye, hano nta mwanzi uhari. Uramenye rero ntukore ikibi." Arahagurutse rero agato-kadatubya-imihigo, abwiye imbaga ati : "Nimuze dukore urugendo mu mutuzo tujye kugira icyo twibariza umwami Pahulo... Erega yorosoye uwabyukaga, dore ko kuli sitade abanyeshuli bari bamaze kuhahaga...


Ararengereje rero muli megafone Gatimatare-kabimburira-ingabo, ijwi rye rirasimbuka ibikoombe rikarenga impinga. Umva ! Umva ye ! Ahamagariye imbaga y'urungano gusohoka berekeza ku mbuga irambuye imbere ya sitade, niho hagandagaje ababyeyi na rubanda rwose. Naho nyamujenerali n'izo arongooye bashinze ibirindiro ahitaruye. Nguyu rero Gatimatare afashe iya mbere aratungutse, aserutse ashagawe nk'urwimo mu nzuki, asanganijwe urwunge rw'impundu n'imyato y'abahizi. Uko bapfupfunyuka muli sitade, niko ku mbuga bihinda basubira inyuma, dore ko sitade ivubutsemo umuvumba w'abantu !
Nibwo rero agahungu-kadahungana-umuheto abwiye bagenzi be ati : "... turagenda mu bwitonzi n'ubutwari. Ntitwiba ntitwububa turagenda twemye. Abatwigimba birabareba, turababyimbana bananuke tubarora ! Ntitugura inzira tuli rubanda, tuli inyabutatu nyarwanda, tuli u Rwanda ahubwo. Rubanda iteranye nticunaguzwa, ntibuzwa uburyo ngo icishwe aha na hariya, nta n'uba akiyihaye itegeko ukundi. Rubanda iteranye iraremera igaca umurongo ikiha itegeko, igatanga amategeko yubahirizwa yose uko ari. Ntidutemba turatambuka tugana imbere, ntidutseta ibirenge turateraguza... Nitugera iyo tujya kandi rero bahungu mwe, ntacyo twishinja turashinjagira gitware nituvuga ryijyane. Kuko ubutegetsi ari ubwa rubanda."


Amagambo yaba meza, aliko rero bagabo ba mama muramenye : igihe cyose amagambo adaherekejwe n'ibikorwa, aba umuyaga uyu wo ku mpeshyi akayoyoka. Amagambo masa asubira mu nda ya nyirayo akazamuherekeza ikuzimu kwa Nyamuzinda, ntube wamenya rwose ko hari n'ikigeze kivugwa. Bagenzi muvuga neza ijoro n'umutaga, muragowe kuko mufitiye ideni u Rwanda n'Abakurambere, ideni riremereye ry'ibikorwa. Karabaye rero amagambo ashize ivuga ku mbuga ya sitade ahubwo amashiraniro araje. Aliko intambwe ya mbere ikaba ingorabahizi !

Dore iza wa mujenerali zeguye umuheto zirafoye, zitegereje amabwiriza y'umugaba zigakora ibara. Umwami Pahulo nawe aho yicaye mu ndaki akikijwe n'abidishyi, arakulikira ibibera ku mbuga ya sitade Amahoro nk'uko akulikira umupira w'ikipe ye Arisonali dore ko asuzugura amavubi ! Uyu mwami rukarabankaba yazindutse ahena ahenura yambaza Imana yugumbira na shitani, yiringiye cyane ko ngo mu rwego rwo kwigura wa mujenerali afata mpili Gatimatare-ka-Kanyarwanda akamumuzanira akanuye cyangwa asinziriye ga ye ! Dore ga umwami w'Abasajya yatangiye kurabya indimi amira amalitiro nk'umugeni ugeze ku rutara, ararota uko aza kwinovora Gatimatare-akatsi-karura-ka-Mararo. Yariye benshi yavovoye imihore, yarashyekewe, umenya uyu we ari indya-nkurye...


Avuganye mu marenga n'inkoramutima ze rero akambali-k'intwali, dore arebanye ikijisho gikaze na Songa, Tam-tam na Biraguma-bya-Nkingiye. Bibukiranyije igihango, barahiriranye ko batazacogora uko byagenda kose kandi ko batazahemukirana. Umukambwe Nzungize nawe yahashinze ibirindiro, aliko kubera ikivunge cy'abantu yananiwe kwegera ahahagaze Gatimatare. Yakomeje kwatanya mu muvundo utoroshye, none ku bw'amahirwe amugezeho amugwa mu nda. Barebanye ukuntu, babwiranye akantu, Nzungize asa n'umuhaye umugisha !

Nibwo rero agahwa-gahanda-abahizi aranguruye ijwi ati : "Abanjye muranyegera, natirimuka tukajyana, navuga mukantiza amajwi." Ni uko yegera burende iri aho ahagarara neza neza imbere y'ikinwa cyayo avugira muli megafone ati : "rubanda ntihondwa ngo inoge ! Twagiye !" Nibwo afashe iya mbere n'abandi barashyiguka bamwoma mu nyuma, bose bishakira inzira mu ngamba z'ingabo zirunze aho. Mu gihe bamwe mu ngabo basa n'abijujuta ko umugaba atatanze itegeko ryo kurekura urusoro ngo bacubye serwakira ibimburiwe na Gatimatare, Jenerali avugira muli mikoro ati : amabwiriza avuye i bukuru ni uko tubungabunga umutekano wa rubanda iyi, nta mwanzi uturimo." Ngurwo urwamo rw'ibyishimo ! Ngiki igihiriri cy'abantu baragenda bafatanye urunana kandi bariyongera ubutitsa. Bakijijwe n'ingabo imbere, inyuma, hirya no hino...


Uruvunganzoka rw'abantu rero ruribaraje, baragenda intambwe ku yindi kandi i gahogo bari yo : "Twanze akazu k'Abasajya", "Twanze ubuhotozi", "Twanze ubujura n'urugomo byahekuye abavandimwe b'abanyekongo", "Twanze Ndi Umunyarwanda ishishiriye irondakoko", "Twanze ingando zoza ubwonko", "Twanze ubusumbane mu banyarwanda", "Twanze kwitwa ibigoryi turi intyoza", "Twanze gucuzwa agataka twashyinguyemo Ababyeyi", "Twanze ikiboko n'iyicwarubozo", "Turashaka abahanuzi bacu n'impirimbanyi ziboreye mu gihome", "Turashaka intwali Victoire Ingabire akunga Abanyarwanda", Turashaka intwali Mushayidi akatubwira imihigo ye", "Turashaka intwali Kizito Mihigo akadusengesha..."

Umwami Pahulo we yarunguriwe yabishe, yahindurije nk'uruvu rwakaburiwe ubuvunderi. Reka si ukuvuga aratontoma inkuta zikanyeganyega, si uguhekenya aragogora inkingi zigata imyashi. Yaguhweho n'ijuru aho aboneye jenerali aha rugali imbaga yigaragambya, akibonera neza ko ibisumizi yohereje kumurasanira bimuhindukiranye ! Nibwo afashe motorola atanga itegeko ati : "Izo ku butaka no mu kirere nimwitoremo abashakamba mutabare bwangu mwivune umwanzi. Nibibananira ndimanukira mbace hejuru ncura inkumbi." Nibwo mu kanya inkuba zikubise, aho rukomeye ni kwa Lando...


Kaligura-akamasa-k'indwanyi-kadatana-n'imisare niko yabaye ! Si ugusuzugura abanyarwanda arusha imbwa iryana. Ni aha kajugujugu koko ? Izi numa za shitani zihinda nk'inkuba zikavundereza umuliro nizo ashumurije abanyeshuli ! Koko n'utagera ntagereranya ? Ubu se ko nduzi aba ari abana bashorewe n'ababyeyi, ejo abasore n'inkumi b'i Rwanda nibahagurukira limwe bagafata umuheto bakamusumbiriza azitabaza iki ? Dore nk'aho yakwakiriye mu mutuzo uru Rwanda rw'ejo ngo aruhumurize n'ijambo ryiza, ahisemo induru ndende n'imiborogo !

Koko rero, abo ku isonga ry'umwiyereko bagitirimuka kwa Lando, batunguwe no kubona kajugujugu zibaturutse mu nyuma zibacaho inkungugu ntibikanga, zigeze imbere zirakimirana zibasanga zegera ubutaka. Nibwo wa mujenerali akebuye ize : "Ntimukangwe n'izo nyoni za shitani bahungu mwe ! Umwambi uzihashya dore uri mu ruge kandi uratyaye mba ndoga data, nibatsa umuliro mubakosore." Nibwo kajugujugu zibaciyeho inkubirane zasa ikirere byo gukangaranya ngo rubanda ikwirwe imishwaro. Karabaye n'izo ku butaka zaje rwombo, dore zisakiranye na Jenerali aho mu itaba rigana icyicaro cy'Inteko...


Inkuru ibaye impamo erega iki gihugu cyinjiye mu ntambara birarangiye ! Ubukana bw’izi ntozo z'Agatsiko, ibikoresho by’akataraboneka zitwaje, amabwiriza acicikana mu mizindaro na za motorola, urupfu rwanutse ahantu hose, birerekana ko wa mwami w’umushumi Pahulo yaciye iteka ngo abone icyo ahora yifuza kikanamuhora ku mutima : intambara mu Rwanda, nk’aho urugamba ari umukino w’amavubi, nk’aho abazahasiga ubuzima bo atari abana b’uru Rwanda, nk’aho amaraso yamenetse adahagije ga ye ! Kugeza kuli uyu munota iza wa mujenerali wacu zabashije gusesa igitero, na za numa za shitani zakomeje kurasa mu kirere byo gukanga gusa.

Aliko abari ku isonga ry'umwiyereko barimo Gatimatare na Biraguma-bya-Nkingiye bageze hafi y’Inteko hacuze ubwira-kabili : inuma ya shitani isutse umuliro ku mbaga ngo hoye kugira uhirahira yegera inyubakwa y’Inteko. Mu gihe amasasu agwa nk’imvura y’amahindu n’abantu bagatemba nk'utwatsi two ku mpeshyi, jenerali wacu atinye ko Gatimatare yagirirwa nabi amukurura amushyira muli burende. Aliko agateme-kadatengurwa-n’umutingito amubereye ibamba ati : "Niba rwaje, ubwo rwaje nyine. Ntwalira ahubwo umukambwe Nzungize dore intege zamutaye hatagira umuhutaza..."


Inyamamare y'amanyakuli Nzungize ga yanze guhunga ! Kwihisha muli burende inkuba zesa n'urupfu rwateye, imfura-y'i-Rwanda arasanga atari ubugwari gusa ahubwo ari ubutati bwa nyuma. Niyo mpamvu arahiye ati : "Mba ndoga Nshimyabo-wa-Mwatangabo sinatererana abatabazi !" Aliko gusaza ni ugusahurwa, kandi gitare y'incike ntishokera mu isibo y'amashashi. Gatimatare aje akikijwe n'ingabo amufata akaboko amusindagiza amukomeza : "Sigaho manzi utaribwa n'imbwa, urugamba rwawe ntiruri aha ruri ahandi." Aho rero Nzungize ntiyumvise icyo umusore-usembuye amubwiye, aliko aragitahura bidatinze !

Dore rero umukambwe yihinnye muli burende, atangajwe no kuhasanga cya cyamamare cy'umugore Clewopatra ! Uyu ntiyicaye yambaza iz'iwabo ngo ahonoke intambara, yemwe nta n'ubwo avugaguzwa kuli mombayiro nk'injajwa y'umugore. Clewopatra yashanyaraje mu rugamba rw'amagambo rusopanya kandi ruyaza ubwonko abambari b'Agatsiko. Dore ku mpuzaminara za gisilikare na mombayiro ari muli aya : "Basajya twavanye mu Bugande, mwaba mu gisilikare, mu nzego cyangwa mu byashara, nimwitandukanye bwangu n'umubisha Pahulo wiyemeje kutumarira ku icumu. Dore abazimu ba Karegeya na Rwigara bamushajije, none gifaru zamuculitse ngo aho bukera ingoma-hima iramumira kuko natica igikomangoma Kainerugaba Muhoozi niwe uzamwica, ngo kandi Ayabatwa Rujugiro na Kayumba Nyamwasa barategura igitero simusiga hariya mu mashyamba ya Kijuru..."
Urugamba rugeze habi, ubukana bw'iz'umwami Pahulo busanze umujenerali wacu atari insina ngufi, dore aberetse icy'amaso ko ingufu bicara barata ari baringa. Koko rero, n'ubwo hari abantu bapfuye abandi bagakomereka, ubutumwa Gatimatare yagiye atambutsa muli megafone bwakomeje imbaga y'abanyeshuli barashikama. Ubuhanga n'ubutwari bw'iza wa mujenerali nabwo bwatumye abantu baguma imbumbe n'utembye abandi bakamwegura bagana imbere. Dore rero inkorokoro zirabanda urugi rw'Inteko, karabaye zisakiranye n'intozo zirinda umwami Pahulo. Abahungu bakoze mu nkaba baragwiriranye barasakirana inzogera zirirenga, ahubwo igikora si imbunda ni imbugita ! Aliko Mana watabaye u Rwanda ukohereza kuryama uyu mubisha uturyanishije, ko aya maraso atemba ari ay'abana barwo kandi bawe !


Amagara aryana akara, mwene muntu ntakwiye gusogota undi nk'intungwa cyangwa ngo amwice urubozo nk'ujomba igiti. Ubwicanyi bwatwokamye kuva aho duterewe muli 90 bukaba noneho bugeze ahantu hiyubashye nk'aha mu marembo y’Inteko ishinga amategeko burenze ukwemera. Kuva yabaho Gatimatare yumvaga ibivugwa aliko nibwo bwa mbere yiboneye n'amaso ye ubunyamaswa bwa muntu, ahubwo azanabubwira abandi maze bose babumenye. Yiboneye neza ko urupfu ari ikintu kirenze mwene muntu kuko n'umurwanyi wacanye uruti agira ubwoba agasuherwa iyo agiye kwica cyangwa kwicwa.
Dore rero ku bw'uyu muvu w'amaraso Gatimatare akantu kamwirimyemo agerwayo cyane, nibwo agakwerere-ka-Mararo yivugishije ari nako yinginga Imana : "Mana nyir'ingabo urambabalire kandi ku bw'impuhwe zawe uranyuhagire unyeze ibicumuro kuko iyi nkundura ari jyewe wayitangije ku bw'icyubahiro cyawe ngo hacike burundu muli uru Rwanda umuco w'ubwibone, ubuhonyozi n'ubusumbane mu bantu byimakajwe n'umunyagitugu wagaruje umuheto abanyarwanda. Ngaho rero erekana ukuboko kwawe gutagatifu utange ituze mbere y'uko umwanzi shitani adutwara burundu." Hagati aho Nzungize byamwanze mu nda asohoka muli burende...


Intikanga-rusibana afashe indangururamajwi avuza iya Bahanda : "Bana b'Imana kandi bana banjye mwimarana mwese mwabyawe n'ababyeyi... Nsabye iz'umwami Pahulo gufasha intwaro hasi. Nimurekere aho mwishyire mu maboko ya rubanda, urugamba murwana ntirugishobotse. Iyi ngoro ni iya rubanda kandi ngiyi irateranye ngo yisubize icyubahiro yavukijwe na shobuja... Nimuhumure kandi ntawabahutaza ndabarahiye." Gatimatare nawe ntako atagize ngo yihutishe imbaga yasizoye ngo bose banyure mu muryango kandi nta muvundo.

Nibwo umugaba w'izirinze Inteko atanze itegeko ryo gushyira intwaro hasi kandi we ubwe ahereza intwaro ze na motorola ye wa mujenerali wacu. Abe bose baryamye hasi bubitse inda n'amaboko ku mugongo barabohwa by'umwanya muto mbere y'uko bakusanyirizwa ahantu hamwe kandi harinzwe bihagije. Wa mugaba w'iza rubanda rero aba yohereje ize kujagajaga inyubakwa n'inkengero zayo ngo hataba hihishemo ingwe ndende ziryamiye amajanja. Abahanga b'umuheto barinze bikomeye amayira yose, burende zibyagiye ku miryango... Nibwo Gatimatare ahaye ikaze imbaga mu nyubako y’Inteko, ababyeyi bakajya mu byicaro by'intumwa za rubanda...


Inkubili y'uko Gatimatare n'imbaga imushagaye bigaruriye Inteko, bakaba ngo bivuganye n'abari bayirinze bose, itashye ku mwami Pahulo. Ijuru rimuguyeho agize uburakari butavugwa, azinutswe Imana n'abantu cyane cyane ko umwamikazi amujomba igikwasi ngo : "Burya si buno, nta gahora gahanze ! Iyo uvaho ku neza wenda wari kuzisazira, none reka n'isi itubane nto !" Nguyu rero Ndayumujinya ahamagaje abidishyi bakuriye igisilikare, icyama n'inzego z'ubutasi, abahaye isaha imwe gusa bakaba babonye umuti w'ikibazo cy'uwitwa Gatimatare-ka-Kanyarwanda. Avuze ko nyuma y'isaha agaruka bakamubwira igikwiye ngo ibya Gatimatare bibe impitagihe.

Nibwo asubiye mu ndaki ye ahamagara amashumi ye Tony Blair na Bill Clinton, burya nta murozi wabuze umukarabya ga ye ! Abaganyiye ko ingoma ye igeze ahalindimuka, ababeshye ibyo ababeshya, abasabye inama n'inkunga... Reka rero ya saha ishire agaruke yariye karungu ! Akoze ku mugaba w'ingabo aragarama : "Nyagasani, ntitubyumva kimwe. Bamwe ngo tugabe igitero simusiga ku cyicaro cy'Inteko abandi ngo ashwi harimo abantu b'uruvange hatikira imbaga kandi ikibazo ntigikemuke. Urundi ruhande ngo dusabe imishyikirano na Gatimatare nitumuca iryera duhite tumuskya aliko jye ndasanga tutakira abazungu..." Umwami Pahulo araruza ikintu cy'umutalimba kiri aho akimwasa mu mutwe ! Niko gutontoma ngo : "Gatimatare ni umuteroriste mwa bigoryi mwe ! Mvuze ko Gatimatare n'abamushagaye ari Abashebabu ! Intambara iratangiye !"


Intambara ziba nyinshi, mwana wanjye ibyo niba utari ubizi byandike. Habaho intambara y'imyambi, amacumu n'amasasu iyo ikaba mbi, ibyo uwabishidikanya ni uko nta kintu yaba azi rwose. Hakabaho kandi intambara y'amafaranga, kuko umutsi wavubutsemo ingufu zirwana intambara, zaba iz'abubu cyangwa iz'abo hambere ni amahanya, ni ya mazirantoki ya shitani. Aliko rero kuli ubu intambara-rurangiza ni iy'amagambo. Iyongiyo ikaba mbi, ku buryo uyizobereye kurusha uwo bahanganye aba yamutsinze uruhenu. Ngiryo ibanga Gatimatare-akanyamanza-k'amanyama yasobanukiwe rimucengera kugera no mu musokoro.

Niyo mpamvu abantu bamushagaye bakimara kwinjira mu Nteko, Gatimatare yihutiye kurya akara inkoramutima ze Sasabugari, Songa na Tam-tam bajya ku ruhande bajya akanama bigabagabanya inshingano. Nibwo rero Gatimatare amaze kwumva bose, amaze no gutekereza ashushanyije imikorere iteye itya : etamajoro y'urugamba rw'amasasu izayoborwa na wa mujenerali wacu yungirijwe na Biraguma-bya-Nkingiye, etamajoro y'urugamba rw'amafaranga iyoborwe na Sasabugari uzakorana bya hafi na Padiri Rutura. Naho etamajoro y'urugamba rw'amagambo izayoborwe n'umukambwe Nzungize yungirijwe na Clewopatra. Gatimatare we azafasha etamajoro zose.

Indi nkuru bijyanye:

Rwanda: Gatimatare--Igice cya 1 kugeza ku cya 70