Monday, April 21, 2014

Rwanda: Evode Uwizeyimana is advising Kagame about how his regime should handle the Kizito Mihigo’s arrest and imprisonment

By Mugisha Alex and Rwema Francis

Evode Uwizeyimana told the regime that it was absolutely wrong to accuse Kizito Mihigo in local newspapers and in front of journalists or to interrogate him while he is in handcuffs and in absence of his lawyers is wrong.

He also added that these are some of the reasons why NGOs and the international community continue to claim that there is no fair justice in Rwanda.

Evode Uwizeyimana told this to General Jack Nziza who laughed at him saying that Rwanda doesn’t care about what foreigners say.

However, when Kagame heard about such a good advice he ordered everyone in his administration to be careful about such malpractices because he apparently is tired of constantly having to explain himself each time he travels abroad.

That’s why one of the RPF mouthpiece IGIHE.COM immediately published an article titled “Minister Mitali was finger pointed for publicly labeling suspects as criminals despite the fact that they all are presumed innocent until proven guilty”
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In that article it is written that “researchers, law experts and Rwanda’s judiciary request anybody to abstain from accusing anyone as long as no court decision has been made.

Among the people who have been blamed there is the minister of Sports and Culture, Protais Mitali, who labeled one of the people who have recently been arrested as a criminal in all aspects”.

In that article it also is written that Mr. Emmanuel Mazimpaka, the Director of the Law Branch at the Independent Institute of Lay Adventists of Kigali ( ) told Radio Flash FM that “It is only the court that can determine whether someone is guilty or not. Nobody has the right to label any given individual as a criminal or not.”

Several local radio stations and local newspapers published a statement from Prosecutor Alain Mukuralinda which explained that nobody should be labeled as a criminal as long as no trial has been held.

Evode Uwizeyimana, a proude law expert from Rwanda, told some of his friends that by issuing such as a public statement, Alain Mukuralinda was strictly following his boss orders who instructed him to seek advice from Evode Uwizeyimana about what he should specifically say in public.

That’s why Evode Uwizeyimana is currently boasting about how his ongoing consultancy in Rwanda’s ministry of justice is highly needed.

This article was translated by Nzitunga Ninkurankora (also known by the alias Nzinink) from its orginal version in Kinyarwanda. Only the Kinyarwanda version shall prevail.


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