Friday, April 3, 2009

Mbandaka Terminus: The Path of Rwandan Refugee Mass Graves in Congo

[Translated from original French by Mamadou Kouyate. Only the French version shall prevail==MK/HTPJ]

By Theophile Ruhorahoza
Editions Sources du Nil
ISBN: 2-9521712-3-8
Mars 2009
Collection "Mémoires collectives"
Price: 15 euros


About the author:Theophile Ruhorahoza was born in Kinyamakara (1969) in the former prefecture of Gikongoro, Rwanda. He did his High School studies at the Petit Séminaire de Butare and continued his training in philosophy at the Grand Seminaire du Rwanda (Kabgayi). In 1994, he was a student at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the National University of Rwanda. He currently lives in Europe.

About the book:Upon reading the book one may wonder whether NGOs and the International Community were complicit in the massacres of Rwandan refugees by RPF soldiers since 1994.

That is the question that arises after reading the poignant story of Theophile Ruhorahoza, a survivor of Rwandan refugees massacres after massacres during his journey on foot from Rwanda to the extreme west of DR Congo at Mbandaka, the last place of the massacres before crossing the boarder into Congo-Brazzaville.

This mass of Rwandan refugees in DR Congo estimated at two millions in the beginning was being hunted down by soldiers of the army of General Kagame who wanted to exterminate them in connivance with some international humanitarian organizations including the United Nations-High Commissioner for Refugees (UN-HCR).

Instead of providing healthcare and foods, the UN-HCR tries each time to forcibly repatriate survivors. Even though Madam Emma Bonino, the then European Commissioner for Humanitarian Actions, shed tears at Tingi Tingi and managed to alert the International Community, Madam Sadako Ogata, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, largely beyond her apolitical and neutral role in conflicts, condemned Rwandan refugees in DR-Congo to extermination by labeling these women, children, elderly, and sick men, as "genocidaires."

Upon her visit to Tingi Tingi Rwandan refugee camp in DR Congo, this camp was immediately destroyed by heavy weapons by the army of General Kagame making more several thousands of victims. After the shelling of this refugee camp some of the refugees were forcibly repatriated to Rwanda while the remaining resumed their endless journey in the equatorial rainforest.

During this odyssey estimated at more than 2,000 kilometers in the rainforest, Rwandan refugees suffered untold violences and massacres organized by the army of General Kagame with help from renowned humanitarian organizations, which not only provided technical support (information technology) but also baits constituted by zones of food distribution for Rwandan refugees.

No instruments of mass destruction were spared: Rwandan refugees were tortured, raped, and massacred using firearms or knives, hunger, and diseases due to non-delivery of humanitarian aid yet available.

In the end, thousands of corpses strewed over the roadsides of Mbandaka while other corpses were thrown into mass graves throughout DR Congo from eastern side to western side.

To further conceal evidence of these mass murders, thousands of corpses were burned with gasoline especially in the locality of Wendji Secli, Mbandaka.

This story clearly shows us to what extent may end the human folly.

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