Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rwanda-Spain: International Arrest Warrants Against 40 RPF Members

The Following is a PRESS RELEASE about international arrest warrants against 40 RPF members published by the International Forum for Truth and Justice in Africa of the Great Lakes region.


The investigative proceedings ordered by Judge Mr. Fernando Andreu have confirmed and even broadened, with great detail, the scope of the criminal acts disclosed by the International Forum for Truth and Justice in Africa of the Great Lakes region in its lawsuit filed on February 22, 2005.

Marking the end of the first investigative phase of the case, the Spanish judge has passed a resolution on 06/02/2008 which issues international arrest warrants against 40 people who belonged or continue to belong to the highest ranking political-military helm of the Rwandan Patriotic Army/Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPA/RPF) which has held power in Rwanda since 1994.

The arrest warrants charge them with the crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and terrorism, among others.

Read the whole press release here:
Three blocks of international crimes with high economic stakes ...

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At September 23, 2009 at 11:16 PM , Blogger lpcyusa said...

Irrefutable Proof ICTY Is Corrupt Court/Irrefutable Proof the Hague Court Cannot Legitimately Prosecute Karadzic Case

This legal technicality indicates the Hague must dismiss charges against Dr karadzic and others awaiting trials in the Hague jail; like it or not.

Unfortunately for the The Signatures Of the Rome Statute United Nations member states instituting the ICC housed at the Hague, in Karadzic and other Hague case, there is no other international court capable; even if there was, the same
United Nations member states that spoke about trading judicial appointments and verdicts for funding when I attended the 2001 ICC Preparatory Meetings at the UN in Manhattan would be morally incapable of constructing another court to hear cases.

My suggestion is to transfer immediately Dr Karadzic and others awaiting trial at the Hague back to Serbia and their respective countries to decide how to proceed next.

And how is it, Richard Holbrook (Lying Moralist), the present Obama administration of my own country, the United States, and/or any other UN member state can stand anyone being tried at the Hague (ICC) court at all, which I testify to, is an institution at its very conception stages was based upon trading bribery for judicial appointments and verdicts (?)

I witnessed with my own eyes and ears when attending the 2001 Preparatory Meetings to establish an newly emergent International Criminal Court, the exact caliber of criminal corruption running so very deeply at the Hague, that it was a perfectly viable topic of legitimate conversation in those meetings I attended to debate trading verdicts AND judicial appointments, for monetary funding.

Jilly wrote:*The rep from Spain became distraught and when her country’s proposal was not taken to well by the chair of the meeting , then Spain argued in a particularly loud and noticably strongly vocal manner, “Spain (my country) strongly
believes if we contribute most financial support to the Hague’s highest court, that ought to give us and other countries feeding it financially MORE direct power over its decisions.”

Instead of censoring the country representative from Spain for even bringing up this unjust, illegal and unfair judicial idea of bribery for international judicial verdicts and judicial appointments, all country representatives present in the meeting that day all treated the Spain proposition as a ”totally legitimate topic” discussed and debated it between each other for some time. I was quite shocked! The idea was "let's discuss it." "It's a great topic
to discuss."

Some countries agreed with Spain’s propositions while others did not. The point here is, bribery for judicial verdicts and judicial appointments was treated as a totally legitimate topic instead of an illegitimate toic which it is in the meeting that I
attended in 2001 that day to establish the ground work for a newly emergent international criminal court.

In particular., since "Spain" was so overtly unafraid in bringing up this topic of trading financial funding the ICC for influence over its future judicial appointments and verdicts in front of every other UN member state present that day at the UN, "Spain" must have already known by previous experience the topic of bribery was "socially acceptable" for conversation that day. They must have previously spoke about bribing the ICTY and ICC before in meetings; this is my
take an international sociological honor student.

Could anyone imagine the US Supreme Court having such a discussion about trading money for judicial verdicts and judicial appointments among the judges appointed and those funding it as an institution, and then say claim it was capable
of giving anyone or anything a "fair trial" as the ICTY and ICC claim?

The idea is utterly ridiculous and disgusting morally!




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