Saturday, February 28, 2009

Incredible but True: Nkunda brandishes his Rwandan citizenship to delay his expected extradition to the DRC

By Le Parmares

February 23, 2009

Kinshasa-There is a new and dramatic rebound with regard to Nkunda’s extradition process. This sinister terrorist and war criminal is now claiming the Rwandan citizenship to obstruct and/or delay his expected extradition to the Congolese justice.

Nkunda, from his prison of Kigali, is making every effort to avoid being handed over to the Congolese authorities. However, nothing should stop the ongoing extradition process because we all know that Nkunda is the author or co-author of several war crimes against the DRC and the Congolese people. The butcher of the CNDP has no illusions about his fate.

Thus, in a very cleaver way, he just came up with a magic ticket to prevent Kagame from extraditing him.

In fact, from now on, Nkunda presents himself as a Rwandan. No kidding! To prove his Rwandan citizenship, Nkunda exhibited his old Rwandan identity card that he received when he joined the Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA) in 1991, as a sergeant.

Moreover, the former chairman of the CNDP movement is also waving his identity card as a member of the intelligence services during the liberation of Kigali in July 1994. In this last capacity, Nkunda stresses that he played a leading role for the current regime in Kigali, because he was instrumental in ousting Habyarimana.

We all know that such arguments are likely to please very well the Tutsi regime in Kigali. Thus, some RPF generals are now openly pressuring Kagame to not deliver “their country mate” (Nkunda) to the Congolese authorities.

However, the Congolese people are entitled to ask the following question: How Nkunda who fought hard in Jomba (DRC) as a truly thoroughbred Congolese at the point of aspiring to the highest office in DRC may overnight become Rwandan?

By the way, the most unfortunate man in this case is Paul Kagame who seems caught between the hammer and the anvil. On the one hand, he is pressured by his pro-Nkunda generals mostly owing to the legendary Tutsi solidarity. On the other hand, he is also pressured by the international community more determined than ever before to see Kagame respect the commitments made under the agreement with Kinshasa.

In both case scenarios, the pan seems very risky for the Rwandan dictator. Is it the end of Paul Kagame in offing?



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