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The Legacy of The Crematoriums of Rwanda

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By Ron Rioux
September 04, 2006

In April of 1996, a British reporter, Nick Gordon, revealed that the Tutsi dominated regime in Rwanda, which took power by force in 1994, operates petroleum-fueled crematoriums at several locations. Their victims are Hutu, men, women and children of all ages.

In the same year, UDC Newsletter amplified the existence of this gross crime to no avail.

A highly placed official in Kigali reached by phone last month who requested for anonymity, confirmed the existence of those Nazi-like crematoriums where over 2000 Hutus are incinerated daily and their ashes scattered in fields! When asked whether U.S. officials in Kigali know of this? She answered, "absolutely YES."

Surprisingly, U.S. military stationed near and working with the Tutsi "gestapo" know of these crematoriums but none has yet expressed any concern! U.S. officials in the White House, Pentagon, State Dept. and the CIA who pamper the Tutsi regime in Kigali have maintained total silence and often engage in cover ups to criminal activities and transgressions of civilized conduct by the Kigali regime.

According to sources in Rwanda, the crematorium at Nyungwe forest is run by a garrison who are under training by U.S. military officials. The sources implicate Americans as having built the crematorium at Byumba which is disguised as a "Water Supply and Rehabilitation of Refugees Project". The one at Gabiro is also attributed to America construction.

UDC has learnt that the population in areas surrounding those crematoriums have been complaining about the stench of burning flesh. In response, RPF Gestapo imported machines which grind the bodies and dump the remains in acid solution.

On Nov. 6, 1995, US Defense Secretary, W. Perry wrote to Kagame praising their joint military activities as having provided U.S. soldiers "invaluable experience in working with armies of our friends". "I am confident that Rwandan officers and soldiers will enjoy the fruits of formal training alongside American soldiers at U.S. military schools next year" (meaning 1996), Perry said.

Mr. Perry, Congressman Harry Johnston (D-Fla) and Secretary M. Albright strongly advocated dismantling of refugee camps in Zaire because they posed a threat to the political survival of their "friend's regime" in Kigali. It is highly unlikely that US officials did not know that Kagame was slaughtering returned refugees.

The Kibeho incidence whereby refugees returned by force from Burundi were massacred instantly almost exposed this heinous scheme but it was squashed thoroughly with the help of UN officials as well.

In spite of the fact U.S. officials knew what was being done to the Hutu refugees (men, women and children) who where returned by force from Burundi and Zaire, Mr. Perry used illusive language to his friend Kagame, a confessed mass murderer, "I call upon you to take urgent steps to reduce the prison population by taking tough actions necessary to begin trials and release the young, the elderly, and the infirm on humanitarian grounds."

Mr. Perry recommended luring them back with food drops leading to the Rwanda boarder. Congressman H. Johnston during a visit to Rwanda in Sept. 96 prior to the invasion of Zaire in Oct. advocated "not feeding them and using the military to force them back into Rwanda".

On March 30, 1996 the Pentagon dispatched Mr. Tim Connolly, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict. [When the Pentagon offers "humanitarian assistance" they send a specialist in "special operations and low-intensity conflict" instead of nurses, teachers or social workers.] By Oct. The Rwanda army was in position to invade Zaire and slaughtered thousands of refugees!

On Aug. 7, 1995, Secretary Perry wrote to Kagame assuring him of U.S. military training of the Rwandese army in "intelligence, counterinsurgency, leadership development, logistics, management and administration" U.S. soldiers conducted joint military exercises in Rwanda, resumed the IMET program and provided training for Rwandese soldiers at several U.S. bases including Newport. In the same letter Mr. Perry proudly admitted as having worked hard within the U.S. government to lift arms embargo which had been applied onto Rwanda.

As more US weapons were handed over and better training of their soldiers conducted, Rwanda and Uganda invaded Zaire in Oct. of 1996.

Congressman Ben A. Gilman, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee asked the Pentagon to explain whether U.S. military was providing to the Rwanda army training in such areas as "counterinsurgency".

Assistant Secretary of Defense, Mr. Walter B. Slocombe, denied categorically that they have not done so. Instead he claimed that they are providing only "humanitarian assistance". Weapons and military equipment they ship to Rwanda are apparently named "HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE or EQUIPMENT".

This is a language which the Soviets used frequently during the Vietnam and Afghanistan crisis. Social workers, nurses and doctors could be obsolete when defining "humanitarian assistance" if the Pentagon had its way.

There are eyewitness reports claiming that American soldiers took part in the fighting alongside invading Tutsi troops from Uganda and Rwanda. A European source confirmed that US soldiers took part in the fighting.

Angolan troops are quoted to have picked up two dead Americans (one was a Lt. Col.) and delivered them to U.S. officials. An American soldier currently stationed in Rwanda told his girl friend in Texas that, they are under strict orders not to reveal their location.

However, he confirmed that some of his colleagues were killed in action inside Zaire but their families were told that the soldiers died in accidents during military exercises at American bases in Italy.

Congressman Chris H. Smith (R-NJ) wrote to President Clinton, on Aug. 28, 1997, demanding explanation of the relationship between the U.S. military and Rwandese Army which has committed mass murders of Hutu refugees in eastern Zaire. He demanded answers on the following issues: U.S. response to reports of massacres by Rwandese Tutsi-dominated army of Hutu refugees in eastern Zaire; U.S. military training of Rwandan forces; Rwandan military
activities in Zaire; "Psy-Ops" activities directed at refugees; and The U.S. diplomatic relationship with Rwanda.

UN attempt to investigate reports of mass murders of Hutu refugees in eastern Congo have been resisted by self-proclaimed President Kabila. U.N. Secretary General, Kofi Anan, begged the world to be lenient to Kabila's rejection of a U.N. inspection team in Congo.

U.S. officials likewise concurred, giving Kabila a second round of victory in his barbaric practices of mass murder. Yet when Saddam Hussein took a similar position against a U.N. inspection team in Iraq, President Clinton is calling for military action against Iraq for defying a UN order.

An American NGO worker views Kabila's refusal as being instigated by the U.S. because they do not want U.N. people to uncover the presence of American troops in Congo. Fighting is still going on in many areas, especially the eastern part, where US troops are reportedly taking part, providing sophisticated logistics (roads, bridges), intelligence, communication and other vital services to Tutsi troops.

It is a shameful part of history that western countries knew of Hitler's program to exterminate Jews as early as 1932, but turned a blind eye. The existence of crematoriums in Nazi Germany was one strong evidence against the Nazis at the Nuremberg trial. Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, whose personal history as a Jew is marred with Nazi brutality, is a strong supporter of the Tutsi regime since her days at the UN.

In spite of their shortcoming, the allied nations protected and defended refugee camps. Had they permitted military raids of those camps by any group, many of the Jews who survived the Nazis, including Madeleine Albright, would not be alive today. For such a people, and indeed the world community, to turn a blind eye on present day Nazism in Rwanda and Congo evokes an old cry:
"where is the just God when the innocents are suffering?"

Some "African-Americans" in the Clinton Administrationare active participants in an American clique that= supports this modern day Nazi-like crime in Africa. Africans are increasingly concerned about the usage of "Africa" by some Black Americans either to win social recognition, government jobs or contracts.

Americans of African ancestry should honor and promote the integrity of Africa and her people. Participation in or acquiescing with schemes aimed at exploiting Africa or exterminating Africans, whether at Tuskegee or Rwanda or Congo must be condemned and opposed by all people - particularly Americans of African ancestry.

The silence, not to mention participation, so far displayed by some black Americans in the Clinton Administration when African children, women and men are being massacred with US military support is not only despicable but also unfit of a people who purport to be proud of their African ancestry.

Congressmen Gilman and Smith deserve all the support from their Congressional colleagues and the American people in their efforts to uphold the honor of America.

Is this an era of aberrance and decadence similar to that which preceded the fall of Rome? A European scholar observed with sadness the existence of an evil clique within the U.S. bureaucracy which is insensitive to public opinion, void of ethical and moral values, excreting mass murder, cover ups and deceit while hiding in the clout of the respectable "American Government"

Across Africa

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The truth behind the Rwanda tragedy
In April of 1996, a British investigative journalist and author of "Murders in the Mist" , Nick Gordon, revealed that the RPF regime of Paul Kagame was operating petroleum-fueled crematoriums at several locations in Rwanda.


"The three primitive one-story barrack blocks, one with its roof being repaired, are basic shelters for the [RPF] men at the Gabiro army camp," wrote British journalist Nick Gordon....

"Scratch the surface, the red earth of Rwanda, and you will, it appears, find one vast cemetery," wrote British journalist Nick Gordon in a shocking 1996 expose....

[53] Nick Gordon, "Return to Hell," Sunday Express, April 21, 1996, ....

[183] Nick Gordon, "Return to Hell," Sunday Express, April 21, 1996, .

The RPFemployed state-of-the-art information control and psychological operationstactics practiced by the US military: international reporters were embedded; accessto battle zones was restricted; evidence of RPF massacres was erased, ormassacres were blamed on Hutu extremists, Interahamwe militias or the government ForcesArmee Rwandaise.British journalist Nick Gordon reported crematoriums where the RPF incineratedbodies.

Toward Freedom - The Grinding Machine: Terror and Genocide in Rwanda
Keith Harmon Snow: Did you ever hear about what the British journalist Nick Gordon reported about crematoriums in Rwanda...

Paul Rusesabagina: No, that one I haven't heard. But we know it.

38. Nicholas Gordon: author of Murders in the Mist: Who Killed Dian Fossey?, Hodder and Stoughton

Nick Gordon, a BBC reporter investigated and reported that the Kigali regime has built crematorium in at Bugasira, Ruhengeri, Byumba, Kibungo, Inyungwe and other locations where thousands of Hutus and Congolese deportees are killed daily and their bodies are incinerated under the program called "MANPOWER DUTIES" while US officials are looking the other way.The Tutsi regime is conducting genocide in Rwanda to reduce the Hutu population to "manageable level". At Gabiro, one of those Auschwitz-like crematorium, Gordon reported, between 1,000 and 2,000 Hutus and Congolese deportees are incinerated daily and their ashes spread in the fields by a tractor.It is also reported that American troops have established a base adjacent to the crematorium at Bugasira."It impossible for American Generals not to hear the daily loud and groaning coming from across the fence; neither can they fail to smell the stench of burning flesh," Gordon reported.

CirqueMinime/Paris :: Civil Wars in Congo -- by...
Sources in the region consistently report the existence of a large US military base near Cyangugu, Rwanda, near the border with Congo, used in training RPF forces and providing logistical support for their operations in Congo, as well as a US base in the Bugusera region, reported on by BBC journalist Nick Gordon.

CirqueMinime/Paris :: HOTEL RWANDA -- Hollywood and...
British journalist Nick Gordon reported crematoriums where the RPF incinerated bodies.

Expo Times
The BBC reporter, Nick Gordon, after intense investigation into the matter and upon returning from the Great Lakes Region, revealed that 1,500 Rwandan Hutus and captured Congolese were burned alive in the Rwandan district of Bugesera, curiously near a military camp occupied by the Americans.

"It is impossible to say that the Americans in that base can neither hear the cries of distress of the victims, nor get to know what is happening," Gordon said.

Under the same "Manpower Operation", a group of Rwandan commandos, surrounded a church on the night of 29/30 November last year in Kala (north of Katanga), set it on fire and burned 31 people alive.

They repeated the barbaric act in Kasala and Ngoya, killing 30 more people on New Year's day.

Congo is suffering and bleeding.

But for how long can it continue?This is why the National Consultation held in March called for a review of the Lusaka Peace Accord.


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NO COMMENT BUT I KNOW ALL IS TRUE.I am one of victims,I will not give my name.


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