Thursday, March 26, 2009

Laurent Nkundabatware, his Rwandan Allies, and the ex-ANC Mutiny: Chronic Barriers to Lasting Peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

By David Barouski
February 13, 2007

The following is David Barouski's e-Book. Among other topics, here are the macrotopics of the book:

1. Who is General Laurent Nkundabatware (the most prominent 'rebel' in Congo-Zaire) and what his army has done.

2. A comprehensive examination of the situation in the Kivu provinces of the Congo following the Sun City Final Act to the present day.

3. How Rwanda continues to overtly and covertly infiltrate the Congo and is the cause of the region's instability.

4. The U.S. role in putting the current Rwanda regime in power, in backing the Rwandan army and Laurent Kabila to topple Mobutu for personal geopolitical gain, and how the U.S. directly contributes to the suffering in the Great Lakes region today.

5. The multitude of areas that must be addressed in order to secure peace for the region.

Download the book for free.

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