Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rwanda: Is Kagame on Holiday From Butchering?

It has been quiet lately on Kagame’s killing fields. Since Ingabire killing in Kampala, Kagame trail of murder is quiet.
Here at the National University of Rwanda, we have been debating what might explain why Kagame killing machine has temporarily stopped.
We have come up with the following possibilities:
1) When the British government played to Kagame the tape of Jack Nziza discussing how to kill Kayumba Nyamwasa, the Butcher realised the British could cut their £83 mil annual aid.
2) Museveni as a new found friend to the Butcher advised to beat and maim opponents and not to kill them.
3) The speech by Susan Rice shocked and scared the Butcher – the American Ambassador to the UN publicly told Kagame that Rwandans even disappear besides being silence and jailed.
AD, just as a reminder, we attach the graphic illustrating Kagame trail of murders. May be the man has seen the light, and stopped from spilling Rwandan blood.
Source: African Dictator


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