Monday, April 30, 2012

Call for Action: Tell William Penn University about Paul Kagame

Dear All,

Please contact William Penn University's leadership and tell them about the real nature of Paul Kagame.


Ms. Ann M. Fields, Ph.D.,
President, William Penn University
Tel: 641-673-1076
Fax: 641-673-1390

Mr. Steven Noah, Vice President for Advancement,
William Penn University 

William Penn University, Marketing Media Director 

Indicative script
My name is ____
Purpose for calling: 
-To protest President Kagame’s invitation to speak and to receive a Doctoral Honorary Degree in Humane Letters.
Why I am calling:

-President Paul Kagame is a human rights outcast and a mass murderer.
-Here is my personal story:

Full script:

Hi, my name is __________.
I’m calling to protest President Kagame’s invitation to speak at William Penn University 2012 Commencement, where he will receive a Doctoral Honoris Causa in Humane Letters.
Kagame is a notorious human rights outcast and a mass murderer. 
He governs his people by terror and has committed war crimes, crimes against humanity against his own people and in the neighboring Congo.
According to UN Mapping Report these crimes could amount to genocide if brought in court of law.
President Paul Kagame should not be awarded degrees at William Penn University.
Rather, he should be arrested and handed over to international justice.



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