Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rwanda: Kagame’s Milk Costs $2 – Which Most Rwandans Don’t Earn in a Day!

By Louis Ngarambe
African Dictator

Kigali, March 8, 2011

Someone must tell President to tell Kagame the Milkman to stop Milking Rwandans! AD and readers will remember that Kagame the president recently sold the state-owned Nyagatare milk plant to Kagame the milkman. This move gave Kagame the milkman a total monopoly of milk business in Rwanda. Kagame the milkman’s Inyange Industries now control the entire Rwanda milk market.

Here the economics of Kagame the president and Kagame monopoly milk industrialist clash badly. The economics of Kagame the milkman is simple but ruthless.

  • Buy milk from farmers real cheap.
  • Raise steeply wholesale prices to supermarkets.
  • Retail prices rise spectacularly.
  • Laugh all the way to the bank – and transfer the profits to overseas account for safe-keeping.
As a result a liter of milk in Rwanda has hit the price of a Rwf1,200 mark! This means that a liter of Kagame milk costs $2 which most Rwandans don’t earn in a day. Remember that Kagame the milkman buys from farmers a of milk liter for only Rwf130.

Which raises a problem for Kagame the president.

It does not bother Kagame the president that something that cost Kagame the milkman Rwf130 retails for Rwf1,200?
But remember Kagame the president is Mr I don’t care.

No wonder even his usual sycophant newspaper, The NewTimes, has exposed this sham. 

Shame on you Kagame the president. You always accuse foreign multinationals of robbing coffee and tea farmers by taking the lion’s share of the money when in fact they (multinationals) don’t grow the stuff. In your capacity as a self-appointed spokesman for Africa, you decry how this unfair trade traps Africans into poverty.

Kagame the President, please inform Kagame the milkman that he is likewise ruthlessly milking fellow Rwandans. At least the multinationals do bring in foreign currency. All Kagame the milkman brings is sheer greed and pain.

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