Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rwanda: Kagame’s Legal Tsunami in South Africa

By Guest Writer
African Dictator
Saturday, March 24, 2012

AD, Kagame’s decisions and actions have led to death of millions, including possible genocide in DRC according to the UN. Not least of these crimes against humanity are the Rwandan dictator’s assassination of dozens of his political and media opponents.
In the news once again is the botched assassination of General Kayumba Nyamwasa, and the trial that followed which AD covered sometime back in a feature story “Rwandan Dictator in SA Dock.”
The trial of butcher Kagame via Pascal Kanyandekwe and his five co-accused of this crime resumed Monday 19 March 2012 after a lengthy series of hearings.
To say that the June 2010 attempted shooting continues to expose a web of financial and political intrigue involving the regime of Butcher Kagame would an understatement. Take the case of the main character, one Pascal Kanyandekwe.
Who is Kanyandekwe?
  • Aged 30, he claims that he was setting up aviation businesses in South Africa.
  • He is a citizen of two countries – Belgium and Rwanda.
  • He came to South Africa for the first time just before the attempted shooting, and re-entered the country twice after the shooting.
  • On the day of his arrest, he flew from Rwanda to Johannesburg.
  • He attempted to bribe police with $1 million to free him.
  • Photographs of his alleged accomplices in his luggage showed they were printed by a digital photo store in Bujumbura in Burundi.
  • Kayandekwe, appears in the Johannesburg court dressed in impeccable business suits.
  • He has hired top South African attorneys but has twice been refused bail.
  • His co-accused, two Rwandans and three Tanzanians appear in T-shirts and cotton smocks and have not applied to be freed on bail since their arrests.
The pathetic characters and their testimonies in the SA trial bring to light Kagame’s world. It is a world of shadowy figures determined to kill people, and a world awash with intrigues and large amounts of cash to draw in conspirators. Who can for example be so gullible to believe the story of Kanyandekwe, at  the age 30, and millionaire, who supposedly owns an aviation company in Rwanda?
Kagame’s trail of mass murder and assassination of his political and media opponents has been widely reported. Butcher Kagame continues his misadventures abroad including in countries that bankroll him such as the UK and Sweden. Police in Britain last year warned some Rwandans living there that their lives were in danger after they criticised the Rwandan dictator.
Earlier this year, fears were raised in Sweden for the safety of a small community of Rwandans, including Bosco Gasasira whose online newspaper Umuvugizi is critical of Kagame. Sweden went a step further and expelled a “diplomat” in Rwandan embassy for “refugee espionage.”
But the South African case is different – it has raised the stakes to a much higher level. Indeed the count-down to Kagame’s worst nightmare – confirmation that he is a killer by a court of law – has now begun.
Kagame fully knows that he can’t subvert this forthcoming South African legal tsunami. Last year, he desperately tried to use fellow dictator Kaguta Museveni to persuade South Africa to abandon legal and instead pursue political solutions. In a further desperate measure, Kagame sought to appease South Africa by attending the ANC celebrations.
Mr Butcher, forget it. South Africa is a country of democratic values, rules, and laws – and you embarrassed the Madiba Nation when it was on the world stage hosting for Africa global football. Let South Africa give you what you routinely deny Rwandans  - your day in a court of law!
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