Thursday, April 28, 2011

The American public no longer buys lies from RPF apologists

By Mamadou Kouyate
April 28, 2011

On February 15-16, 2011, Liberty University School of Law and American Association of Christian Counselors jointly sponsored a symposium titled, “Genocide and Religious Persecution Around the World”. All sessions  were held at the School of Law Supreme Courtroom.

A diverse pool of representatives from academia, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations will examine the causes and impact of genocide and religious persecution.

Among the invited and confirmed speakers was Jean De Dieu Mucyo who desperately tried to deny genocide of Rwandans in Congo but was overwhelmed by evidence provided by anti-genocide activists, scholars, and veterans of the anti-apartheid movement at the Liberty University Genocide Symposium.

They chose to tell the truth about what happened in Congo and Mucyo did his best to deny genocide but failed in his sick attempt. This debate was broadcast worldwide and I am sure the New Times saw it but was as ashamed as Mucyo that they chose not to report anything about it.

On April 8th, 2011, the Rwandan Embassy in USA sponsored an event at the National Press Club titled: “GENOCIDE DENIAL AND ITS IMPACT ON RECONCILIATION IN RWANDA”.

Surprisingly, the audience at this event was less than 10 people, mostly Rwandan embassy staff. There were no members of the media at this event that cost thousands of dollars to put on.

One may recall that university students in Rwanda live in deplorable conditions on campus due to government’s decision to suspend scholarships to several Rwandan students since the beginning of this academic year 2011 while Kagame lives in luxury with two Bombardier Global Express Jets that cost US$100,000,000.00, not including the jets daily maintenance!

In fact, when one takes the panelists (James Kimonyo, Dr. Linda Melvern, , Tom Ndahiro, and Ms. Claudine Delucco) and the audience put together, the people in the conference room were still less than 15.

This event clearly highlighted how far the American public has caught on to the lies told by the RPF and Kagame’s government.

Related Story:
Rwanda: Youth in the U.S. Vow to Fight the Genocide Ideology
By Ivan R. Mugisha
April 28, 2011
Ambassador James Kimonyo (L) and Jane Gehlhausen, Director of International and Cultural Affairs Office of Mayor Gregory A. Ballard, City of Indianapolis (Coutsey Photo).                  

Rwandan youth in the U.S vowed to resist negative ideologies which may come from their lecturers and relatives and instead focus on contributing to the development of their nation.

They made the resolve during an event organised last week in Indianapolis, Indiana, to mark the 17th commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsis.
In an interactive panel, under the theme, "The Future of Rwanda", the youth assured the audience of their commitment to participate in the transformation of Rwanda.

"The youth promised to lead the way, in challenging the Genocide ideology, divisive thinking and prejudice," a statement from the Rwanda Embassy reads.
"They see themselves as the pillar for a brighter Rwanda, free of hatred and divisionism."
In his address, Ambassador Kimonyo commended the youth for their resilience in national building.

"The youth must resist the distortion of Rwanda's history by selfish individuals whose intentions are to undermine the achievements registered by the current leadership," Kimonyo said.

Answering questions about the party allegedly formed by fugitives Patrick Karegeya and Kayumba Nyamwasa, Kimonyo said that the founders were playing the ethnic card to divide Rwandans.

"These politicians should explain to Rwandans about the cases levelled against them on corruption and public fund embezzlement," the ambassador said.

Mucyo called upon the international community to put more efforts in fighting Genocide ideologies.

"There are scholars in Europe and the United States who work with the same people who orchestrated it to deny the Genocide against the Tutsis and they must be stopped," Mucyo said.


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