Friday, December 3, 2010

WIKILEAKS: Closer U.S. Ties with Rwanda Would Be a Mistake

Cable from American Ambassador to France.

In one of the leaked US Embassy cables published by the website Wikileaks, US Ambassador to France reports back to Washington on terrorism, global security and France’s counterterrorism operations with Rwanda and other two countries on a cable referenced 07PARIS322.

Among other things, the Ambassador’s cable comments about arrest warrants issued by Judge Burguiere “one of the leading players in the French fight against terrorism, and a leading world expert in terrorism”.

The France’s chief counterterrorism Judge is said to have consulted with French officials, including President Chirac, in the cases brought against nine of President Kagame’s top aides for assassination of President Habyarimana and three French aircraft crew.

According to the cable, the American Ambassador was warned by the French Judge “that closer U.S. tie with Rwanda would be a mistake” and that the international community had a certain moral responsibility in pursuing justice.

The French Judge “was not surprised by Rwanda’s official reaction, and said that the GoF [Government of France] had prepared for what it thought would be a violent response against French nationals”

Read the entire cable on Wikileaks here or see its copy on The Proxy Lake blog here.

Watch CongoTV Video on International arrest warrants and General Kagame’s visit in Bruxelles 4th to 7th December 2010: GENERAL KAGAME A BRUXELLES

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