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By Paul Rusesabagina
The Coordination of the Highly Inclusive Inter-Rwandan Dialogue Initiative (HIIRD)
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Brussels, November 25, 2010

On November 16, 2010, Rwanda's High Military Court announced the formal criminal indictment of Lt Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa, Colonel Patrick Karegeya, Dr. Gerald Gahima and Dr. Théogène Rudasingwa on charges of endangering the security of thestate, treason, divisionism, establishment of a criminal enterprise and defamation of President Kagame as well as desertion from the Rwanda Defence Forces for Lt GenNyamwasa and Dr. Rudasingwa.

The Coordination of the Highly Inclusive Inter-Rwandan Dialogue Initiative (HIIRD) strongly condemns this indictment as yet another attempt by the Rwandan RPF regimeto demonize those opposed to its extremist policies of excessive greed, terror and repression, exclusion and discrimination. The accused, who have formally and categorically denied the charges against them, are former close collaborators of
President Kagame who have fallen out with him and are part of a growing list of former high ranking RPF officials and army officers who are abandoning Kagame's dictatorial regime as it nears its final collapse.

These High Military Court proceedings reek of high intrigue and vendetta as the Rwandan regime has waited 5 years after Rudasingwa and Gahima left the country, 3 years after Karegeya left the country, and almost a year after Nyamwasa left the country to file charges against them. More intriguing is the fact that all four are being court-martialed even when the official indictment lists two of them as civilians, betraying an obvious overkill intent. Additionally, from the day the four accused officials published a very critical memoir against the Rwandan government widely known as “Rwanda Briefing”, the regime has gone on an all-out reprisal brutalization campaign against their relatives inside Rwanda, evicting them from their homes and taking over all their properties, imprisoning Lt Col Rugigana Ngabo who is a younger brother to Nyamwasa, and killing John Rutayisire, a relative of Karegeya.

It must be noted that this court martial indictment follows a troubling trend in the regime's recent record that includes the hard-nosed rigging of the last presidential election this past August through the exclusion of political opposition parties from participation in the electoral process, the beheading of the vice-president of the Green Democratic Party of Rwanda, the jailing of Deo Mushayidi of the PDP-Imanzi party,Victoire Ingabire of the FDU-Inkingi party, and Bernard Ntaganda of the PS-Imberakuri party, and the demonization of Paul Rusesabagina on bogus terrorism charges. Ironically, all of this is happening in the year immediately following Rwanda's highly publicizedadmission to the British Commonwealth amid fanfare and glowing reports of Kagame's supposed great leadership and good governance.

After the painful legacy of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, and of the crimes of war and against humanity, and possibly of genocide in DRC by Kagame's army as officially documented and made public recently by the UN Mapping report, the biggest need for the people of the Great Lakes region of Africa in general and the people of Rwanda inparticular lies in strong and positive policies that promote peace, justice, harmony and reconciliation. Surprisingly, President Kagame continues to pursue negative policies that create more prisoners and refugees, setting the stage for another cycle of inevitable violence and bloodshed in a not too distant future.

The Coordination of the Highly Inclusive Inter-Rwandan Dialogue Initiative (HIIRD) is extremely concerned about the deepening political crisis in Rwanda, and urges the international community to pressure the Rwandan RPF regime of President Paul Kagame to put an end to its current campaign of persecution and demonization ofpolitical opponents, and to demand the immediate release from prison of Deo Mushayidi, Victoire Ingabire, Bernard Ntaganda, Charles Ntakirutinka, and others.

The Coordination of HIIRD also calls upon the same international community to imperatively force President Kagame to sit down around a negotiation table with all members of Rwandan opposition and civil society to spare our country another round of violence and forge together a future of peace, justice, democracy, and reconciliation.

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At November 28, 2010 at 11:10 AM , Blogger John said...

Rusesabagina should come out and respond about western union he sent to FDLR through Texas, Dar es salaam and Burundi. FDLR is a terrorist group and the international community should try him as a terrorist financier like it happens to other people with marriage to terrorists. Rusesabagina foundation should also be investigated. His foundation doesn't save any orphans - he can also come out to explain which orphans does he sponsor !

At November 28, 2010 at 2:51 PM , Blogger Mamadou Kouyate said...

About the terrorist charges against Ms Ingabire/Mr Rusesabagina:

The Rwandan Government through Martin Ngoga (the prsecutor General) and Kimonyo (Rwanda's ambassador to USA) should stop misleading the public opinion.

These offocials surely know that in the USA if someone is sending less than 1000$ he/or she does not need to show any type of picture ID.

Any sender may fill out the Western Union form with fake name, fake home address, fake home phone and even a fake receiver.

The money will be easily sent worldwide.

But what they all seem to ignore is that in the US western union is required to keep hand written copies (of the form that was filled out before the money was sent) for at least 5 years.

So, Ngoga and Kimonyo should get back to work and try to also fabricate those forms and be ready to confront their fake signatures to the original ones as evidence to Ms Ingabire or Mr Rusesabagina support to the FDLR.

Ambassador Kimonyo and Ngoga should also stop such a shameful childish game.

The last time Martin Ngoga and Louise Mushikiwabo was in Washington DC, Mr Ngoga got humiliated badly when he brandished to the audience three Western Union receipts totaling 900$ (all combined) and shamefully claimed that these receipts represented his so-called "irrefutable" evidence against Rusesabagina!

An American friend of mine who was sitting next to leaned and told me:

"Your wars are so cheap! That money cannot even buy a bike here!"...

Here is my advice to Ngoga and Kimonyo:

In order for their cases against Ms Ingabire/Mr Rusesabagina to be receivable by the FBI investigation team you need to find the original hand written application that was allegedly filled out by Ingabire/Rusesabagina.

Additionally, they need to ask the receivers (which you claim to have in your custody) to specify what they did with the money they allegedly received.

Specifically, they need to be able to show which military equipments have been purchased, from where and when, with original receipts, clearly showing the name of the vender, the amount of money spent, date of purchase, delivery/pick up date, etc.

Unless they have all this information handy they should shut it up and keep busy fabricating more evidence and/or witnesses as usual.

At November 28, 2010 at 3:22 PM , Blogger Mamadou Kouyate said...

On the Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation (HRRF) mission:

The Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation, established in 2005, has provided educational assistance for the helpless orphans of Africa’s civil wars, genocide and AIDS epidemic.

For many years, founder Paul Rusesabagina, whose efforts provided refuge for 1,268 people during the Rwandan genocide, has been speaking out about the genocide in Rwanda and other African nations.

What started as a personal mission of education on the lessons of Rwanda has become an international movement to educate the world’s people and our leaders about the steps necessary to avoid future genocides.

This noble mission has been strongly opposed by the RPF regime in Kigali.

At several occasions, the regime has threatened recipients of money transfer by any Rwandan opponents in diaspora.

In Kagame’s views, all his political opponents are “terrorists” at the same level as Bin Laden.

When any opponent, upon earning a few euros or dollars by their hard work, sends a couple of dollars to their relatives currently living in Africa to help them pay for tuition fees for their children or to support them in a small commercial project, the Kigali regime sees it as supporting terrorism.

This is why the Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation (HRRF) advocates for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) for Rwanda and the region. In order to insure Rwanda’s recovery and stability after the horrors of the 1994 genocide, and assist the stability of others in the region, a TRC is essential to bring out the truth in a way that will allow the people of Rwanda and the region to heal.

By focusing on issues of injustice worldwide, the HRRF advances the idea that it is through truth, justice and reconciliation that those silenced voices can finally be heard, and only then can a nation be truly healed from the long-term effects of genocide.


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