Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rwanda: Don't think for a minute that power concedes without a fight

[The same old formula of scare tactics that stirred hatred among Rwandans prior to Rwandan genocide in the 1990s by dividing Rwanda's political landscape are once again being implemented by Rwanda's ruling party RPF with help from its Local Defense militia and its Department of Military Intelligence, DMI.

The fight has just begun but there is no doubt that RPF will soon be relegated to the opposition for an indefinite period of time if it doesn't change its way of doing politics.

It is going to be a battle of wits, tenacity, steadfastness and the inherent belief that Rwanda is a country for all, the political space belongs to all those who have ideas to share and that we owe ourselves the courage to bring the democratic change we wish for our country.

According to Deo Mushayidi, they (RPF allies) will try to intimidate us (opponents) by all means. They will threaten us with death and perhaps they will implement their threats. They are able to crush our bodies but none of their weapons although sophisticated, can attain our consciousness. They will go on to attack our family members in an attempt to silence all of us so that they can undermine our determination.

Please give them the following message:

Nothing can paralyze our action. Do not waste your time. Your plans are now exposed and we have enough to fear you. We are determined to confront you. Not necessarily with your own weapons which, by the way, have largely shown their limits.

We will confront you using a weapon far more formidable because vaccinated against your lie propagandas that we'll soon be brought to an end. Our weapon, as you may have guessed, is The Truth, The Whole Truth, Nothing But The Truth. They will attempt, you may know, to buy our consciences with dollars.

They will try to corrupt us and in case of our refusal (this is guaranteed) they will try to demonize us. But please rest assured, such tactics will never work ===/MK-HTPJ].

Rwanda: Wrangles Hit PS-Imberakuri Party
By Eugene Mutara
The New Times-Kigali
November 6, 2009

Kigali — The newly established Political Party (Partie Sociale IMBERAKURI) is reportedly embroiled in wrangles after its Secretary General Noel Hakizimfura broke away with few other senior party members protesting the leadership of the current party head, Bernard Ntaganda.

In a press release, Hakizimfura, accused Ntaganda of divisionism and changing the party's strategy towards his own interest.

"Since July 22 when the party was accepted by government, I have been having this urge to reveal anomalies in this party, particularly the leader, Ntaganda," Hakizimfura said in a press release.

"Ntaganda has divisionism bent on tribal, religious and regional grounds," Hakizimfura, who has since been expelled from the party, is quoted in the release as saying.

He alleges that Ntaganda's character changed when he came back from abroad where he reportedly met Victoire Ingabire, Deo Mushayidi and Boniface Hitimana, all known for their hate campaign against the Rwandan Government.

Ntaganda reportedly signed an agreement with the above individuals to prepare for the 2010 presidential elections.

Several other threats and administrative irregularities were also highlighted in the press release which caused Hakizimfura and colleagues to break away from the party.

However, when contacted, Ntaganda said that Hakizimfura was suspended from their party on accusations of poor administration and spreading malicious propaganda aimed at destroying the party.

He however declined to reveal details of the accusations.

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