Saturday, August 25, 2012

African Heads of state order Kagame “to cease immediately” interfering in DRC and SADC

By Guest Writer
African Dictator

August 19, 2012

On Saturday 18 August, Southern African Development Community (SADC) dropped a bombshell on the Rwandan autocrat Paul Kagame. In its final Communique, SADC stated the following:

“On DRC, Summit noted with great concern that the security situation in the Eastern part of DRC has deteriorated in the last three (3) months, causing displacement of people and loss of lives and property. Summit also noted that this is being perpetrated by rebel groups with assistance of Rwanda, and urged the latter to cease immediately its interference that constitutes a threat to peace and stability, not only of the DRC, but also of the SADC Region.”

Rarely do African heads of state publicly denounce one of their own – Kagame is so bad that it has come to this. The Rwandan autocrat’s isolation is bound to reach the African Union itself. South African Home Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma will shortly become the chairwoman of the African Union (AU) Commission. Paul Kagame was one of the most ferocious opponents of Dlamini-Zuma’s candidacy. Now her SADC region has fingered Kagame as a trouble-causer.

Kagame’s nightmare was not limited to SADC last week. On Friday 17 August 2012, opponentsof Rwanda’s dictator and their Congolese counterparts formally requested the International Criminal Court (ICC) to pursue him over war crimes committed in the DRC and in Rwanda since 1994. On the same day of Friday 17th August, a group of about 200 brave Rwandans matched to Kigali Central Prison to visit and draw attention to imprisoned political prisoners in Kagame jails, a remarkable event time to coincide with presentation of the request to indict the Rwandan president in The Hague.

Kagame police arrested 12 matchers but these were arrested have been freed. These are indeedchanging times. The Rwandan dictator is increasingly getting scared when Rwandans agitate and the international community asks questions as to why people are arrested.USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Britain, and Sweden have cut or suspended aid to the Rwandan dictator. The former donor darling is now an embarrassment to them.

 Now African heads of state have denounced him too. The Rwandan autocrat is more vulnerable for removal than at any time in his 18 year career in brutality.


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