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Rwanda: News, publications, documentary film project

Dear friend: 

I know there's a lot happening in the world, but I hope you can please take a few minutes to check out the important new publication I recently released and the documentary film project I am involved in.  

Please check it out and please help if you can: please support my work, please pass this information, my web site and web links, to others.  I thank you in advance for your time. 

Below you will find two links:  The first is the link to my most recent publication: Special Report: U.S. Agents of Low-Intensity War in Africa.  This serious expose' was provoked by a major mainstream corporate 'news' deception that appeared July 11, 2012.  This story includes three video interview segments from my Politics of Genocide project.  The second link is to my newly completed promotional video of Selected Interviews from my Politics of Genocide project 

A major print magazine in Belarus carries an interview with me about human rights in its August 15th edition.  The documentary film Samsara is out and I am told that the producers have generously given me a "nice screen credit" for my consulting on African locations.  Also, the new Clarity Press book edited by former U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) is out, with my chapter on the NATO invasion, in The Ilegal War on Libya. 

Feedback from a professor in New York recently: "I am visiting Africa from next week but I was just reading your recent testimony on the Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda before a Spanish Court and article to the Salem [Oregon] paper and I almost broke down. Your work for so many millions of dead Congolese and Hutu is so brilliant that I would like to draw attention to it in Ghana when I get there." 

This is truly independent journalism & human rights work.  There are so many lies and distortions in the public mind, planted by the corporate mass media.  Our water, our air, our earth and all its beings are dependent on change, and change can only occur through increased awareness and higher consciousness.   

Please consider supporting my work, according to your means, immediately.  Without your support it will be impossible for me to continue.  I am temporarily disabled, due to a knee injury, and cannot support myself by other means, as I always have, when necessary.  I'm doing everything I can to support this, bringing awareness to the roots of violence and social injustice against the earth and all its beings.  Of course, I am very appreciative of people's past and present support always. 

Remember Henry David Thoreau, in Letters to a Spiritual Seeker (1853): "Do not read newspapers." 

As always, blessings & love, 

keith harmon snow 

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The "Policy Wonks" Behind Covert Warfare & Humanitarian Fascism
This special report includes three unpublished video clips of interviewees from the Politics of Genocide documentary film project: Ugandan dignitary Remigius Kintu, former Rwandan prime minister Fautisn Twagiramungu, and Nobel peace prize nominee Juan Carrero Saralegui.
Published: 8 August 2012 

Keith Harmon Snow
9 July 2012 

A documentary film & book project.  

Who are the Witch doctors? Where is Watutsiland?  The violence in the Great Lakes region of Africa has not subsided.  At present, UNHCR counts over 500,000 refugees and some 1.8 million displaced persons in the region. 

Please watch this 28-minute video of selected interviews and support this documentary film and book project.  Help me make this film and change the horrible situation in Central Africa and bring awareness to the problems of the US media.  



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