Monday, July 23, 2012

USA stops it’s Defence aid on Rwanda

By Amiel Nkuliza
July 23, 2012 is confirming that USA has stopped it’s Defence aid to Rwanda, which supports M23, a rebel faction in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  M23 enjoys full support of Rwanda military, under direct president Kagame’s supervision.

USA spokesperson, Darby Holladay announced this news this Saturday.  He also said that, the aid that Rwanda military has enjoyed almost two decades would benefit another country not mentioned during the briefing.
The spokesperson continued stating that USA was concerned about Rwanda military involvement inside DRC, and its ongoing supports of various rebel groups, especially M23.  These rebel groups will continue to destabilize DRC, instead of bringing long-lasting peace, very well needed in DRC.
Human rights Watch and United Nations reports have been upfront in denouncing Rwanda military support to M23.  Two Rwanda military generals have direct involvement in daily management of M23: General James Kabarebe and General Charles Kayonga.  Rwanda continues, as usual, to deny these allegations.
M23 rebels are from National Congress for the Defense of the People (CNDP), an old rebel group under Laurent Nkunda. The group enjoyed also Rwanda military support.  On September 23, 2009, both countries, Rwanda and DRC agreed to integrate the rebel group in DRC army.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Rwanda did not like the USA announcement; and did not know how to respond to the news, only saying that all allegations were unfounded.

 Here is a summary of Rwanda official response to this news: “We do respect our friends who always come to our help, in developing our nation; but we regret that our friends in Washington and elsewhere are reacting to unfounded allegations.  Rwanda never has been a source of destabilization of any neighbor countries, including DRC”.


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