Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kagame The Manipulator Outshines French Judges: But Not For Long?


African Dictators 

January 11, 2012

AD, I am writing from the National University of Rwanda (NUR). I follow the African Dictator but have not dared write a comment or an article. I have a compelling reason now. I have followed the events around the new French Technical Report on the killing of the late dictator Habyarimana.I am amazed how “our” regime has managed to confuse the entire world on the Technical Report and its investigations
The Kigali PR Machine would have us believe that the Technical Report vindicates our dictator Kagame.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Technical Report, which is by the way, the work of ballistic experts indicate mainly two things, one of which will I believe will lead us to the killer:

Firstly, the missiles that shot down the Habyarimana aircraft came from six areas, including from around the Kanombe area, an area largely controlled by the Rwandan military and their French advisors. This finding is what Kagame and his sycophants are clutching on – that it supposedly exonerates our dictator and his forces who were not in the area. This reminds me of how Kagame regime rushed to claim that the shooting of General Kayumba in Johannesbourg could not be blamed on the Kigali regime – the regime “was too far from scene” while the crime-infested South Africa had plenty of likely culprits.” We know from this that distance or location is totally irrelevant.

Secondly, according to the Technical Report, the missiles were made in the former Soviet Union. This is the bit that may prove most valuable. Who would have had this type of military hardware? The Rwandan military with their French minders, or the Kagame fighters who were using stolen and given Ugandan supplies?

This is as far the Technical Report takes us. It does NOT reveal anything about the guilty party, which is still “unknown.”

In other words the Technical Report has not exonerated anyone, least of all the Rwandan butcher.

This is the time for people to give credible testimony to Judge Trevidic and his team. This is the time that people like Rudasingwa, Nyamwasa, Gahima and others to go and tell all they know. As noted, the question of who had Soviet-made missiles becomes critical.

Meanwhile, let us not lose the bigger picture. Rwanda remains an open prison for all 11 million of us. Kagame has turned us into deaf and dumb zombies with fear, as he himself puts it. His rampage in the region, assassination and looting won’t change an iota because of what the French say or do.

We Rwandans have to save ourselves. The struggle continues.

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