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By Malik Azaad
African Dictator
July 14, 2011

Dear Pen Fighters, as of today, Thursday, July 14, 2011, African Dictator is dedicating our “Say What” window to our regular bloggers, especially those who offer creative solutions to confronting and removing African dictators.

The first blogger chosen to post in this window is Kamakazi, a prolific Rwandan blogger on Kamikazi not only analyses what the Butcher of Rwanda is suffering from, and the treatment that could help him, but more importantly, what Rwandans need to do to remove him from power. As a beginning of this task, she proposes what she calls “an elders’ council” without a political baggage that “must be able to reach out to all the opposition groups – call it alliance for peace/change.”

Here is Kamikazi’s contribution that first appeared as a response in


Tyrant Kagame Suffers from Sociopath

I have done some research on Sociopath order and have concluded that President Kagame is a sociopath.  This is antisocial personality disorder. Individuals with this disorder have little regard for the feeling and welfare of others. This disorder begins in adolescence through adulthood.

Symptoms of this disorder:

Not learning from experience
Inability to form meaningful relationship
Inability to control impulse
Lack of moral sense
No change in behavior after punishment
Emotional immaturity
Lack of guilt

People with this disorder exhibit criminal behavior. They don’t consider other peoples wishes, welfare, or rights. They can be manipulative and may lie to gain personal pleasure or profit. They exhibit impulsiveness, aggressiveness, irritability, and a reckless disregard for their own safety and the safety of others.

Causes of this disorder:

 Socioeconomic status
Genetic factors
Gender (males more likely to suffer from this disorder)
Family history of this disorder puts one at higher risk
Experiencing neglectful parenting as a child
Belief that antisocial behavior is justified because of difficult circumstance

Treatment of the disorder:

Group therapy
Family therapy

Unfortunately, most people with this sociopath reject treatment and therefore recovery rates are low. My analysis is that Dictator Kagame has some of the symptoms of sociopath. He has no empathy towards others; he is devoid of ethical and moral standards.

For Kagame, it is normal to lie, cheat, steal, kill, torture, and violate the rights of others. In the same vein, most rulers with this disorder tend to be dictators and Kagame manifests 3 basic traits of a dictator:

Denial of reality: He has difficulty accepting; he sees only what he wants to see and avoids what he doesn’t want to see.

He’s a narcissistic because he believes he is the center of the universe and everything else resolves around him. Because he is a narcissistic, he is limited in thinking, selective in his views, narrow in his vision, intolerant of dissent, solicitous of praise and adulation, often surround himself with yes men, distrustful of everyone ( except his  close henchmen who feed him only the information he wants to hear.  He is rigid and inflexible and his approach and attitude towards opposition is never to compromise or negotiate.

Kagame rules by fear. His cronies and henchmen live in state of fear as well. It’s true that those who are feared by the people in turn fear the people who fear them. He is afraid of his own shadow, he is afraid of criticism, and most of all he’s afraid of the truth.

Elders’ council to coordinate removal of Kagame

We have got to know the enemy, his strength and weaknesses. You will find his weaknesses and exploit it. Kagame is operating by seizing the civil service, media, judiciary, security forces, election commission, and control of banks. Kagame packs these institutions with his cronies and subvert them to serve his interests. For a revolution to succeed we have to wrest control of one or more of these institutions. We have to get the sequence of reforms correct.

To begin to fight Kagame effectively, we need a small group of people- call them elders’ council to coordinate the activities, composed of imminent and respectable personalities who have no political baggage. They must be able to reach out to all the opposition groups – call it alliance for peace/change

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