Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ghadafi, Bashir, Kagame: birds of same feathers fail to pitch at AU Summit


Birds of same feathers: Ghaddafi, Kagame & Bashir

The Equatorial Guinea’s dictator Obiang has gone to extra-ordinary length to host the AU Summit in Malabo.
  • He “cleansed” the streets of the Capital by banning any demonstrations by students, opposition leaders, and civil society.
  • He built a posh villa to host African heads of state in order to outdo previous summit, and in order to reinvent himself as an African statesman from the dictator he is.
  • Heads of multi lateral and bilateral agencies are also hosted in hastily polished up accommodation in the Capital city.
  • All in all, the EGuinea dictator is basking in glory – all eyes are on him as Chair and Host of AU Summit.
The ruthless trio opt out of Malabo

There is a ruthless trio – ultra dictators missing the party in Malabo.
  • Libyan dictator Ghadafi is not attending this year – his crumbling regime is on its last stage of collapse as his brave compatriots and NATO forces shrink the territory that remains under his control. His freshly drawn arrest warrant adds to his woes.
  • Sudanese dictator Bashir would rather be in China selling Sudan than risk an arrest warrant for his crimes against humanity ruthlessly perpetuated against his own people. He even recently invaded and occupied a border zone with South Sudan against the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.
  • Rwandan dictator Kagame has many troubles – he has made enemies with almost everyone among his peers. He has alienated fellow East African heads of state. He is literally on trial in South Africa where his killing squads shot his former chief of staff during FIFA world cup. The leaked telephone conversations directly link hired killers in Johannesburg and a Kagame top general. Kagame would rather not mingle with his counterparts for this and other forms of unbecoming behaviour – including terrorising his compatriots world-over.
Two stories in one

What do we see here? A host dictator that is attempting to reinvest himself as an African statesman. On the contrary this predator should never have headed the continent’s premier body, the African Union. This is another shameful historical moment for our continent – as pathetic as when the butcher of Uganda Idi Amin chaired OAU in the 1970s.

Then there is the case of the trio drop-outs – Ghadafi, Bashir and Kagame.

These are birds of the same feathers that nearing their entry into the garbage dump of history. They are literally criminals. They should not be at the AU Summit in the first place.
The trio belongs to the Hague prisons alongside Charles Taylor, the former butcher of Liberia and his fellow travellers.


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