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Rwanda: Rudasingwa's resignation letter to Kagame

Kigali, 4th April 2005

His Excellency the President
The Republic of Rwanda
Village Urugwiro
P.O Box 15

Your Excellency,

Fourteen years ago, when our country was at dangerous crossroads, I made a voluntary and deliberate choice to join the ranks of young men and women who dedicated their lives to create a new Rwanda. A just cause was adequate to make one stake one's life, at a time when the future looked uncertain and yet the hope of victory prevailed.

The birth of a new nation has come at a big price: of dead heroes and living patriots, and over a million innocent lives who perished in the last days of an evil regime. Through God's will and their sacrifice, not our bravery and wisdom, we were spared to serve the struggling nation. Healing and building a nation is an endless and noble task, an undertaking in which every generation is called upon to offer its contribution. Indeed, as the saying goes, every generation must discover and execute its mission. Hopefully, one day history will be kind enough and look upon us as nation builders.

Sir, I should take this opportunity to thank you for the opportunity that you have given me to serve this country. It was an honor and privilege to work with you in various capacities. The challenge was enriching, for every morning I thought about Rwanda and its citizens, and how best I could help Your Excellency fulfill our promise to the people.

My lifetime pledge is that never through me would this country come to harm. My commitment to the Rwandan people is total, to the very last moment of my life.

Mr. President, I have no doubt, that in more ways than one, I might have fallen short of your expectations. Wholeheartedly, I would like to apologise if I have unknowingly offended you in any way. Yet, I would urge that were such moments to exist, and they must in a long working relationship, they should not cloud the otherwise good work we have done together. Error is the nature of every born and living human being; from creation to the very end. In a way, the marathon of the last fourteen years has been such that we have had to learn as we run, and to master the daily intricacies of survival and statecraft under fire. Occasionally, therefore, even with the best of intentions, errors are made.

Your Excellency, I have come to personal crossroads again, when I have to redefine the content and form of my contribution to Rwanda and the world. My new found calling and passion is in serving God, academic pursuits, and playing an advocacy role on global concerns of peace and prosperity. Once again, voluntarily, deliberately and for the above personal reasons, this is what I have chosen to do from now on. Besides, I would like to pay more attention to the needs of my young family.

In this regard, I do not intend to undertake, now or in the future, any political or government responsibilities. Furthermore I would like to request Your Excellency to discharge me from military obligations as a Major in the Rwanda Defence Forces.

I could not possibly ask for something that is not in your powers to give; nor seek a right that is over and above what citizens of Rwanda are entitled to. To be a free private citizen of Rwanda is all I humbly ask for, as I wait for Your Excellency favorable response.

I wish you and your family all the best in the years ahead.

May the Almighty God bless You.


Source: DHR


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