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By Louise Uwacu
Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today is November 4th 2010... Just yesterday it was november 5th 2008... we had Hope in Obama, we had given America another chance. Today... He is still talking and we are still hoping that one of these days, the real Obama would escape from Guantanamo or wherever else he has moved to... and come back to keep all that peace in the world he had promised !

In the meantime... Life continues... the Future is in our hands (not in the white house). And it requires no elections to be lived as imagined. All we have to do is conceive it, then bring it to life !

The Words below were published as a column in THE CITIZEN, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa. Pick up the November 1st issue and get in touch with so many more vibrant voices from MOTHERLAND AFRIKA.


When I was young, I dreamed of leaving Afrika and traveling the Universe. I wanted to become an American woman. Mostly because their hair was always flowing on television and impressing me, the “poor” Afrikan kid that could never get a Visa to anywhere.

So when I became a refugee, I had an even bigger excuse to leave Afrika and finally head to Beverly Hills for real. So I got a fake passport. And before you scream corruption in Kenya, let me remind you that it is not an Afrikan thing to use fake papers. Just ask the jews how they got to America when Hitler was trying that extermination trick on them.

And even if faking papers was a Nigerian thing, well at least we fake papers and go in peace. What about those Europeans who keep migrating to Afrika with real guns and their own fake tricks of extermination of Afrikan people ?! Wouldn't you rather they faked their passports and claimed refugee status instead?! So yes... I got a fake passport and left the Motherland to experience what so many only dream about.

To all my Afrikan sisters still dreaming of the Black American hair...Am so sorry to inform you that it is all fake and mostly Indian hair ! To all my brothers who think they will make a fortune in America... Am so sorry to inform you that their money is fake, it is based on Gold and they make their fortunes in Afrika !

But you only find out about these things when you Read. Just going to America and hustling isn't enough. Because when you happen to let Television educate you in America, all you see is Afrika dying. So much so that I was shocked to land in DAR es Salaam and find so many Black people alive !

But then again I may be judging you as the West judges you as just one block “Afrika” without ever taking into consideration that Afrika is indeed the most diverse continent on this planet. The continent that can contain China, plus Western Europe and the USA and still have space for little islands.

Is this set for our own good ? Is this so all Afrikans can finally wake up to the reality that when the Congo dies we all die. Is this so we may ask who will deal with the American pirates once Tanzania has dealt with the Somalian pirates? Is this so we may question the absence of justice for the European international criminals because the ICC based in Europe is so busy judging Afrikan dramas and little of their own. Is this so all of Afrika can ask what is “Freedom” for the People without Economic empowerment for the people? South Afrika?

What is independence, when the European Union still needs to supervise elections in Afrika? We know they never supervise the ones they have conquered (USA, Canada and Australia). How can they turn to supervising those who have declared independence from them ? Unless of course they are still trying to rule or lure Afrika ?!

I am telling you, traveling this world has raised so many questions and contradictions. I am tired of only hearing the Western view of Afrika’s real and fake problems. After a dozen years out of East Afrika, I am back to see if we are truly dying or if we are finally independent.

I want to know if democracy has sinked in yet. But then again the United Kingdom still has a Monarch, while they preach power of the people by the people for the people around the globe (by the gun). So who would blame you for not following such hypocrisy ?!

I seriously never knew that some people on television could lie to the whole planet. So much so that the cradle of Civilization, would start thinking that they are poor when they are actually the ones feeding the “developed” world. So much so that those who send “humanitarian” aid to Afrika are also the same who send us the guns !

So I am now looking forward to watching Afrikan television, hoping to catch the Reality about this side of the world (not to be confused with reality television). Until then, am simply sharing on the blessings I have encountered through my journeys.

I am happy to be back traveling on a real Canadian passport. My plan is to live the Truth that Afrika is actually the Future...if only we could all agree to stop rejoicing that South Afrika got a deserved seat at the fake United Nations in New York. And instead continue to rebuild the Real United Nations of Afrika. And that would be my new Afrikan dream. Since I have now accomplished my childhood American dream.

Louise Uwacu is the author of “The Nightmare of a POSITIVISION: Yes We are Dying. But we are still Breathing”. Click here for more information about her autobiography.

"There are three kinds of people in this world: those who make things happen; those who see things happen; and far too many who say-"what happened?"


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