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Rwanda: The truth about the Mutsinzi Commission

By Popinfo ToutYeuxToutOreilles
Democracy Human Rights
January 16, 2010

[We all seem to easily forget. General Paul Kagame admitted many times-despite the patience of Stephen Sackur, journalist of the BBC Hard Talk Show- that he doesn’t care about the assassination of President Juvénal Habyarimana.

(Here is the link for the video:

Does anyone know why the Mutsinzi commission is solely composed of RPF members mostly from the Tutsi ethnic group? Is this a random coincidence? No. This is a fly in the face of historical evidence. Talking about the assassination of President Juvénal Habyarimana without mentioning his killer, Paul Kagame, is the same as talking about Christmas without mentioning Jesus!-JCT/DHR]

Below is a brief description of the seven members of the controversial “independent” commission appointed by one of the parties accused of responsibility in the terrorist attack that took away the lives of two Hutu presidents, their respective delegations and the French crew members.

TUTSI. Former President of the Supreme Court, Mutsinzi is currently Judge at the Supreme Court of Rwanda and Judge at the African Court on Human Rights (part-time since he is not yet in function due to lack of funds), Chairman of the Commission responsible not only for defending Paul Kagame who commissioned it but also draw legal conclusions in reply to the conclusions of the indictment from an independent judiciary (Judge Jean Louis Bruguiere).

2. BIZIMANA Jean Damascene:
TUTSI. Previously member of the controversial Commission Mucyo, Bizimana was reappointed as a member of the Mutsinzi Commission so that he can help writing in good French the conclusions of the defense in a case involving Paul Kagame and his collaborators in a terrorist act that killed French citizens.

3. MBABAZI Judith:
TUTSI from Uganda, Mbabazi is family member of actual Justice Minister Tharcisse Karugarama and Busingye Johnston of the High Court of Kigali. Currently, she is Judge at the Court of First Instance of Kigali.

4. MUKAMA Augustine:
TUTSI from Burundi, Mukamana is the State Attorney, Lawyer of the Government of Rwanda. Formerly, she was Counselor at the Embassy of Rwanda in Canada.

5. MUGENZI Peter:
TUTSI from Uganda, Mugenzi is currently public officer at the Authority of Airports in Rwanda.

6 and 7. MVANO Jean-Baptiste and RUGIRA Alice:
These are two HUTU of service. They have been included in the Mutsinzi Commission in order to camouflage the controversial nature of the commission.

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At January 17, 2010 at 9:32 AM , Anonymous Rwandan Tribune said...

Dr Mutsinzi biggest dilemma

Dr Mutsinzi was the head of the controversial commission that recently produced a report of the shooting down of Habyarimana's presidential plane.

According to his closest friends and member of his family, Dr Mutsinzi is now well. He has severe depression and he has not been talking to any one for the past 5 days.

On Friday, he told a friend that, he is regretting to have accepted to be part of that commission.

He privately said: ” Soon or later the truth about who shoot the presidential plane will be known, and I will become an element of laughter and my career will be ruined”.

He also added: ” I was used and now I will go down with ”them” despite that I am not like” them”.

Obviously, Dr Mutsinzi knows that Kagame will go down one day and that report reviewed.

His friend tried to give him hope by telling him that once Kagame is gone Dr Mutsinzi should just tell the truth about how he was used, any Kagame replacement different from him will understand.

Unfortunately, that advice has not been effective.

Dr Mutsinzi, all our prayers are with you and do not worry, we all ”understand”.


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