Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rwanda: RPF government policemen beat prisoners, kill three in Kigali Central Prison

By UDF-Inkingi/Rwanda
Information Desk

Beaten and injured, former Justice minister Agnes Ntamabyariro.

On last Easter, RPF policemen rushed in Kigali Central Prison, beat prisoners and killed at least three of them, an eye witness reports to UDF-Inkingi Rwanda Information Desk.

According to an eye witness who asked not to be named for security reasons, it was heavily raining when policemen entered Kigali Central Prison on last Easter and found prisoners cooking.

For unknown reasons, they pretended they were plotting and planning a riot inside the terrible detention facility called “1930”, a nickname reminding the year that prison was inaugurated by Belgian colonialists.

Prisoners protested but the policemen reiterated their accusations and ended up beating them to death. Among the assaulted and seriously injured is former Justice Minister Agnes NTAMABYARIRO. Three prisoners were left dead. Efforts to know the identity of the assaulting police squads as well as that of the three reported dead were fruitless. There is no report indicating whether injured prisoners are receiving any appropriate treatment or visit from independent Human Rights observers.

According to the witness, prisoners are no more allowed to receive food from their relatives, a decision that’s putting their lives at risk. Only sick prisoners on special diet can receive food from relatives, the witness adds.

The general situation prevailing in detention facilities in Rwanda has been under serious criticism from independent Human Rights bodies for many years. Ten of thousands are waiting for a trial since 1994 while others are detained without any file case.

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