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By Rwandaonline
May 04, 2009

They should not have gone to stay in uganda if they had good hutu politicians. but now they are going to be taken to slaughter houses again where all young people are going to be butchered the same way people were chased in TANZANIA AND THOUSANDS OF THEM WERE KILLED ON THEIR WAY BACK TO RWANDA AND others were chased out of GABON but up to now no body knows their fate. UNHCR has always been an enemy of Hutus so they should not expect any thing good from UNHCR.

Rwandese refugees in Uganda have up to the end of July this year to voluntarily return home, a spokesperson of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) office said on Friday.

UNHCR External Relations Officer Vanessa Akello told Xinhua by telephone that available funds for the voluntary repatriation of Rwandese refugees can only last up to July 31 and thereafter the refugees will return home without any UNHCR assistance.

Ugandan and Rwandese top government officials this week also signed an agreement setting July 31 as the deadline for Rwandese refugees to return home.

The two governments at a meeting held in western Uganda on Wednesday agreed to identify and isolate people who intimidated the refugees from returning home and called upon immigration officials to be more vigilant on irregular movement across borders.

“I am sure when we next meet, the mission would have been accomplished,” state owned New Vision daily on Friday quoted Protais Musoni, Rwanda’s local government minister as saying just after meeting Tarsis Kabwegyere, Uganda’s minister in charge of refugees.

A total of 20,000 Rwandese refugees are in several refugees camps in western Uganda.

Rwandese President Paul Kagame while on a one-day state visit to Uganda this week said many refugees are reluctant to go back home because of the crimes they committed during the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

He said the two governments were in talks to convince the refugees to go back home.

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