Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rwanda: Is Paul Kagame the New Hitler?

By Peter Schneider,
Journalist, Poet, and Author
Quebec , Canada
April 15, 2009

I was very disturbed by the very substantial document I received from Bernard Desgagné accusing Radio Canada of complicity with Paul Kagame, "the greatest killer on Earth since Hitler." He accuses our state television to perpetuate the universal theory of the Rwandan genocide which, according to my correspondent, might not be as simple as the way it has been explained on the airwaves.

In his article, Mr Desgagné attests that the story conveyed by Radio-Canada about the Rwandan tragedy is fairly simple: for many years, Hutus extremists planned the genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda and put this plan into action between April and July 1994. According to the official version, Paul Kagame, then head of Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) drove out the Hutu extremists and halted the genocide, thereby becoming a great hero. This new status allowed Kagame to obtain billions dollars from international aid. Most of these funds have been used to fuel the Kigali "grinding machine" i.e. the Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA).

"To believe in this story 15 years ago was normal because of misinformation backed by the UK and the USA. However, we now have strong evidence that contradicts such a theory but strangely maintains in power a psychopath killer, accomplice to several massacres of innocent civilians, massacres that in fact began in 1990 when the RPF invaded Rwanda from Uganda , and continue to this very day."

On December 18, 2008 , the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) rejected the forty elements of conviction that a prosecutor had presented to demonstrate that there was conspiracy to commit genocide.

The lack of evidence for prior planning by the so-called extremists from the Habyarimana’s regime and the more likely responsibility of the RPA in targeted political assassinations come to reinforce compiling new information that contradicts the official version relayed by Radio-Canada.

The testimonies collected by Peter Verlinden about the massacres of April 1994 are very important. Indeed, eye witnesses that are neither Hutus nor Tutsis affirmed to have seen RPA soldiers committing massacres of tens of thousands of innocent civilians in one area! According to this information, "the bodies that were floating in the Kagera river were victimes of the RPA,".

The truth about the Rwandan tragedy is that there has been indeed genocide but it was not planned and executed as they tried to make us believe. As Willy Claes, the former Belgian Foreign Minister and former Nato secretary, pointed it out, Paul Kagame is at least partially responsible for the Rwandan genocide: "I say to you, and I choose my words carefully: I consider Kagame coresponsable for the genocide. I could even formulate it much stronger, because I am convinced that he had a hand in the tragedy that took place at the time".

On its website, Radio-Canada alleges that "on April 6, 1994 the airplane carrying the Rwandan President Juvénal Habyarimana was shot down by Hutu extremists "and affirms that the RPF stopped the genocide. However, such statements have been contradicted by the investigations of the French and Spanish justice systems, which are aware of the evidences accumulated against Kagame by the Australian investigator Michael Hourigan.

According to the Hourigan report, these massacres, which resulted in 7 million deaths, have been committed by the APR soldiers who might have planned the Rwandan genocide and committed several other massacres, including the elimination of many Tutsis, but managed to put the blame on the Hutus.

I cannot go into all the details, some of which shudder of horror, but if it is true that such crimes against humanity have remained unpunished because of the Anglo-American complicity, it is necessary not only to ask questions, but also to demand an impartial investigation at the international level in order to indict the man we compare to Hitler, Pol Pot and others notorious war criminals the World has ever had.

I therefore strongly urge you to read more about such explosive documents before concluding anything.

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