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During the 1994 Rwandan genocide, Kagame massacred both Hutu and Tutsi

By Radio Katwe
"la kweli nitakwambia"
July 27, 2007

Recently the Rwandan Patriotic Front regime of General Paul Kagame marked 13 years in power. The Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPF) claims that it stormed Kigali and took power to prevent a genocide against "Tutsi and moderate Hutu" by remnants of the Habyarimana regime.

That is only the part which the RPF want you to hear. The whole of Rwanda was thrown into bloody chaos soon after the Falcon 50 presidential jet carrying Habyarimana and other leaders was shot down. We have told you earlier that within a few hours after that event, Kagames Rwandese Patritic Army (RPA) launched big attacks on the capital. Government soldiers (FAR) and militias also started killing innocent people. But up to now, only a few people know the oher fact that the Rwandan Patriotic Army also massacred both Tutsi and Hutu civilians.

We are slowly gathering evidence and the picture is not yet complete. This is why we were asking Radio Katwe readers to send us any info on Jackson Rwahama, William Bagire, and Fred Ibingira. These are the men whom Kagame gave orders to conduct the massacre and to make sure that they do it in such a way that the world puts all the blame on the "Hutu extremists".

There were other RPA commanders involved in indicriminately killing their own countrymen, both Tutsi and also Hutu, but we are sure of these three because evidence on them is there.

After Habyarimana's plane was shot down by the RPA with the blessing of the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, the killing spree which the NRA carried out in Luwero Triangle, in northern Uganda, in eastern Uganda, even Congo was once again seen in Rwanda. Ask yourself that why whenever there are massacres, some people who are now powerful in Rwanda and Uganda are always involved?

The RPA force that killed innocent civilians was the 7th Mobile Battalion commanded by Colonel William Bagire. This Brigade committed the worst of its massacres in Kibungo, to the east of Rwanda.

They hit their victims with hammers on the head and then dumped them into the Nayabarongo River. Among the bodies that floated down the River Kagera and ended up in Lake Victoria were the victims of 7th Mobile Brigade at Kibungo.

So, not all the bodies which Ugandans and the world saw floating down the River Kagera were Tutsi killed by Hutus as people in the whole world have believed. They were a lot of Tutsis but also Hutu. And the RPA is equally as guilty of what happened.

Ugandans as well as also our Rwandan brothers need to know something else which is very important. In February 1994 or late January, Lt. Col. Jackson Rwahama the vice commander of the Directorate of Military Intelligence in the Rwandan Patriotic Army went to Uganda on a very secret mission. The RPA had not yet captured power in Kigali.

A Tata truck with Ugandan number plates was driving to the Uganda-Rwanda border. It had a secret consignment of goods which could not be checked and it had been driven under tight Uganda army (NRA) military escort.

When it was about to cross into Rwandan territory, Jackson Gerard Rwahama entered his Toyota pickup and he escorted the Tata lorry to the RPA headquarters at Mulundi. RPA boys were told to go and offload the cargo. They found that the cargo was brand new machetes (or pangas) wrapped in black polyethene paper. The RPA boys were told that the machetes were going to be used to clear the bushy area around the RPA headquarters camp.

The machetes were distributed to different RPA battalions. Also, the RPA had been allowed to move some soldiers into Kigali as part of the peace negotiations with then president Habyarimana. But in late March 1994 the senior RPA commanders started moving their families out of Kigali and Rwanda into Uganda.

When Habyarimana's plane was shot down, men in both army uniform and civilian clothes came suddenly and started killing Hutus and Tutsis with machetes. All over the country, innocent people were attacked, hunted down and cut to death with machetes. Some killers used clubs, stones, hoes and other weapons but we want to tell you about the brand new machetes.

Radio Katwe can reveals to the world that these are the machetes which had been brought into Rwanda from Uganda by the RPA and in full knowledge of President Yoweri Museveni and RPA commander in chief Major General Paul Kagame.

We hope the UN Tribunal in Arusha which is busy hunting down innocent Hutus can be sent this Radio Katwe report. They can use their power to gather more evidence from these hints to investigate Rwahama and his cousin Kagame.

Many Tutsis in Rwanda have been bitter with Hutus, kumbe the man who is most responsible for the deaths of both HUTUS and TUTSIS was all along Kagame! He had the power to stop the killing in a few days. But he didn't, instead he even used his army to take part in spilling innocent blood. That is how the 1994 genocide was hatched and the Hutus were blamed as if it was only them.

After RPF took power in 1994, the killing did not end. You see fellow citizens, these men are deadly. They really believe in killing as the best solution in politics. Even their Ugandan counterparts are the same. So they started abducting ordinary people in operations called "sniping", and took them off to be killed.

Also, they used to dress up soldiers as policemen and they used abandoned UN containers to hold prisoners who knew too much about the RPA/RPF. These prisoners were either strangled or hit on the head with a hammer.

2nd Lt. Viki Akiri arrested and locked up 11 Local government officials in one of the UN containers in 1994. They were killed with hammers to the head. One of these LC officials (called in French Responsable Seru Gishuro) was called Karegyeya.

The photographs which the New Times paper ran late last year showing French troops helping the interahamwe to kill Tutsi were forgeries. Anybody can see that. These days anybody with a computer using photoshop can change a picture until you can believe it yourself! If the Kagame regime has such powerful evidence, can they make a court case against the French soldiers? Let us see it openly then we shall decide by ourselves if it is real. Rwandan intelligence, they thought the world would buy the forgery of photos, but we know these things.

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