Wednesday, April 8, 2009

THE RWANDA GENOCIDE FABRICATIONS: Human Rights Watch, Alison Des Forges & Disinformation on Central Africa

By Keith Harmon Snow
April 6, 2009


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Why is this important to you?Because corporations are trying to rule the world and their lawyers are threatening my existence as a journalist.

Because most readers of this email will have seen a story about "genocide" in Rwanda somewhere, in some form, and the same story has unfolded around Darfur, Sudan. It is intertwined with the information systems and Hollywood, and most everything out there is dishonest, disinformation, meant to deceive, confuse, and disempower us. More than that, propaganda is meant to insure our participation in systems of exploitation.

Because genocide is widespread. It is happening to native Americans, Hawai'ians, indigenous people everywhere. There is a long history of mass murder, and consciousness comes in understanding our role in it. Most important, it is critical to understand the U.S. government's relationship to dictatorships, atrocities, and plunder in Central Africa, Columbia, Canada -- everywhere and anywhere it is happening.

Innocent people are being hurt, and some of them are people I know. They are good people, deserving of your consciousness.

This story is about Human Rights Watch and Alison Des Forges, the HRW researcher on Rwanda killed in the Continental Airlines plane crash in Buffalo, NY.

Please support this work with a donation. This is independent thought, independent action, the power of one.



The following article was published by keith harmon snow on April 6th, 2009 to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of the Kagame Dictatorship's War Crimes Victory in Rwanda.

PDF includes photographs; html does not.

On 12 February 2009, Human Rights Watch Rwanda expert Alison Des Forges was killed. Des Forges was widely cited as a staunch critic of the Rwandan military government, but there is much more to this story than the western propaganda system has revealed.

Meanwhile, Paul Kagame’s ruthless Directorate of Military Intelligence has reportedly dispatched some 300 agents to Europe to kill RPF opponents; some of these agents are operating under cover as bogus asylum seekers in Europe and North America, and U.S. Homeland Security is getting involved.

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All things pass so too will I


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