Saturday, February 14, 2009

Letters on Rwanda: Peter erlinder's response to the article “Rwanda: Perpetrators of genocide jailed”

By Prof Peter Erlinder
February 13, 2009

On “Rwanda: Perpetrators of genocide jailed”

My dear colleagues,

Yes, it is true that the Rwandan Tragedy ... some call genocide ... was a product of Imperialism. However, Ms. Slattery failed to speak with the anti-imperialist lawyers of the ICTR [International War Crimes Tribunal for Rwanda] defence who have established that it was US/UK neo-colonialism that was behind events in Rwanda in 1994 ... and US/UK displacement of the French and other continental neo-colonial interest for some 30 years.

Had she read the trial transcript, or familiarized herself with the thousands of pages of declassified US and UN documents put into evidence ... she would understand why the ICTR found all of accused in the Military-1 case ... including Bagosora, not guilty of conspiracy or planning to commit genocide.

Unfortunately, Ms. Mulvaney a former assistant US attorney has continued the “cover-up” of US/UK interests in Central Africa and in the Rwanda genocide. If you will google my name, you will see that the alternative story, which properly places the violence in Africa in its proper neo-colonial and imperialist context is available ... and increasingly so.

I would be please to provide details to fellow anti-imperialists who may not have been following the ICTR closely enough to understand the evidence that is in the record, or its significance. I could not rest, if I did not attempt to prevent misleading of the many socialists, who I consider friends and comrades.....

Best regards,

Prof. Peter Erlinder
Wm. Mitchell College of Law
St. Paul, Minnesota
ICTR Defence Lawyers Assn,
Arusha DC

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