Friday, April 1, 2011

USA problem is RPF/A not RNC or any other opposition leader

By John Kagabo
Umusoto Yahoo Group
March 30, 2011

[The following is an article from Umusoto yahoo group ( signed by John Kagabo in response to Makara Jean's comment
on Rwanda National Congress (RNC) leadership].


US has very serious problems with RPF/A. The only difference is that RPF/A is still in power. Think about:

1. A court in US has formally accepted that RPF/A killed the American tourists.
RPF/A cheated President Bush that it was the Hutu rebels in Congo that had killed the innocent Americans. To attract US sympathy, RPF/A, contrary to Rwanda's Constitution, but good for the truth, sent the so-called "Hutu rebel" killers to US for trial. The court found that all was pure lies. The court recommended that FBI intervene to collect information about the killers. FBI later found out that it was Kagame's men. The "Hutu rebels" that were tried for the American's death, were set free and the court ordered that they cannot be taken back to Rwanda because PRF/A would kill them!!! They are, up to now, free men in US. As soon as Kagame goes the Ghadafi way, this case will be heard anew!!! Kagame will be in the dock in US!!!

2. The former ICTR prosecutor, Madam Carl DePonte resubmitted to the US Secretary of State, her detailed investigation report for the purpose of prosecuting RPF/A led by Kagame. It is this investigation that led to her exit from ICTR. Bush had thought Kagame was like any other normal human being. He did not know he was dealing with a Killer!! Now they have all discovered Kagame. Remember that now Republicans more than Democrats hate Kagame because of the mistreatment he gave to their own strong lawyer Peter Enlinder!!! Kagame has also disadvantaged US companies in Congo to favour Eastern companies!!!

3. US is, undercover, working on a court that will try Kagame and his men for the crimes committed in Congo in accordance to the Congo Mapping report. You know that US pushed for the release of the same document!!!

4. US has encouraged Canada to maintain RPA/F as a terrorist group.

5. A US court, in Kajeguhakwa's case, denied Kajeguhakwa assylum on ground that Kajeguhakwa sponsored RPA/F which is a terrorist group and RPA/F is accused of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. You can read the case or consult with Mzee Kajeguhakwa!!!

RNC is perceived of as a possible substitute for Kagame. US had thought that without Kagame, there would be a power vacuum in Rwanda. RNC has brought Rwandans from all walks of life together.

US was wondering whether anybody would be able to bring FDLR aboard so that FDLR may leave Congo peacefully. If RNC is able to link up with FDLR, and actually RPF is doing the propaganda for them, US will officially recognize RNC and other opposition groups. At that time, Kagame will be ready for trial(s). Remember, Spain wants him tried in Spain. France wants Kagame to be tried in France. US wants Kagame tried in US. RWANDANS, certainly, want him tried in Rwanda!!!!

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