Monday, December 13, 2010

Rwanda: Victoire Ingabire may save Kagame's Rwandan Patritic Front

By Godtrust
Iwacu Online
July 10, 2010

"A woman with public charisma like Ingabire, could move Rwanda beyond revange, calling publicly for forgiveness for all crimes, including the assassination of Habyarimana. But Kagame, who beleives in assassinations, missed the Ingabire's opportunity to offer peace among Hutus and Tutsis of Rwanda".

They said Hutus and Tutsis are eternal enemies, they said genocide happened because Hutus and Tutsis do not like each others, they said Hutus will never vote for a Tutsi; but recent research has shown that this narrative was a political propaganda of extremists, sold to the World through International Media Corporations like CNN, Washington Post, BBC World and corrupt journalists like american Jim Clancy (CNN), Francois Soudan (Jeune Afrique) or belgian Collette Brackmann (Le Soir).

According to a recent survey conducted by American Universities and British researchers, there's a love attraction between Hutus and Tutsis.

Evidence is that the majority of Hutus killed in 1994 genocide were members of opposition parties, and many of them were killed because they were protecting Tutsis or hiding them in their houses away from the infamous Interahamwe.

In 1994, many Hutu politicians were killed because they were advocating for Tusis. Prime Minister Agathe Uwilingiyimana, Hutu, was killed because she opposed the massacres of Tutsis.

Rwanda President Juvenal Habyarimana, Hutu, was killed because he took unpopular decision to give more powers to the Tutsi RPF and when Tutsi Kagame killed Habyarimana, in Macchiaveli's way, in a terrorist shooting-down, it was very easy for Kagame to sell his lie to the World, blaming it on the Far Right Wing in Habyarimana's party.

Now look at these evidences:

Hutu politician Faustin Twagiramungu spent all his life defending Tutsi RPF rights, he lost more than 50 people in his family because of his stands for justice for the exiled Tutsis, but now he is living in exile in Belgium. Hutu hero Paul Rusesabagina, a man who saved more than 1200 people during the genocide, is living in exile in Europe since 1996.

But this kind of love between Hutus and Tutsis is also true among ordinary people.

Recently, I met a young woman, Hutu, in France and I experimented how she spent all her money to help her friend, Tutsi woman, who was in dangerous situation in Rwanda: she provided everything, including money, voyage ticket and assistance to help her to leave Rwanda for France, with 2 children, and when I met the two in Paris last month I couldn't even know who's who (hutu or tutsi). There are so many stories like this one.

But the case of Nyamwasa helps to undersatand more about Hutus and Tutsis love attraction. Nyamwasa was 2nd only to Kagame during the genocide.

Being Tutsi General, he will be obviously responsible of the massacres of 2 milions of Hutus killed in Byumba and Kibungo provinces by Tutsi RPF soldiers on their way to Kigali in 1994. But Hutus who knew him, including Hutu General Emmanuel Habyarimna, think Nyamwasa is a man of all seasons. He is one of few Tutsis, like Mushayidi, who understand that State must be based on Independent Justice. In 1998, when Kagame ordered his death squads to assassinate Hutu Politician Kanyarengwe, Nyamwasa intervened and the blood bath was avoided. In 2000, when Kagame ordered the assassination of Hutu President Pasteur Bizimungu, Nyamwasa intervened and the assassination was delayed.

For many years, Nyamwasa worked hard, against all odds, to include Hutus in Rwanda Army, and in 2001, when Kagame and Museveni were about to engage the two countries in an unprecedented war, Nyamwasa intervened and the catastrophy was avided.

This year, when Nyamwasa raises voice in private debate against the use of genocide ideology laws as a political weapon to imprison innocent Hutu politicians, he was labelled as an enemy of State. Last month (June 2010), when he was shot in S. A by Kagame death squads, calls and tears of his beautifull wife attracted empathy in Hutu populations. And before his failed assassination, Nyamwasa told a BBC reporter that ?recent grenades in Kigali were meant for (hutu) Victoire Ingabire?.

So far, none else in Tutsi RPF has advocated for Hutus rights and justice. Even if Nyamwasa is a Tutsi, a recent survey shows that in case of face-off between him and Kagame, Nyamwasa could beat Kagame with 95% of Hutu votes.

But beyond that, probably Nyamwasa sees Ingabire as a Savior of Kagame RPF, in sens that a woman with public charisma like Ingabire, could move Rwanda beyond revange, calling publicly for forgiveness for all crimes, including the assassination of Habyarimana. But Kagame, who beleives in assassinations, missed the Ingabire's opportunity to offer peace among Hutus and Tutsis of Rwanda.


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