Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rwanda: Opposition calls for a transitional government

By the PCC
August 31, 2010

The Permanent Consultative Council of Opposition Parties in Rwanda-PCC, which brings together the United Democratic Forces, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda and the Social Party Imberakuri, is calling for a Transitional Government of National Unity involving all stakeholders which will organize free and fair elections. We once again urgently call for the release of all political prisoners, opening up of political space and an International Inquiry into the death of the Green Party’s Vice President, Andre KAGWA RWISEREKA.

All the three opposition parties were blocked from participating in the past concluded presidential elections which the incumbent rigged with over 93% after running with stooge candidates. General Paul KAGAME refused to register the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda after a whole year of risky peaceful struggle that was started on 14th August 2009. He also refused to register the United Democratic Forces-FDU Inkingi and imprisoned its leader Ms. Victoire Ingabire in April 2010, she was later released on bail but still under an extended house arrest.

The ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front used all strategies to block the opposition from registering and participating in the elections. Some of which were very violent, like the sabotage of the Green Party congress of 30th October 2009, where the party delegates from all over the country were beaten up by armed state operatives and the meeting banned by police on grounds of trumped up security reasons. Similar events also happened to Ms.Victoire Ingabire Leader of FDU-Inkingi, she was beaten up in a Government office early in the year and has been charged on politically motivated crimes, such as harboring the genocide ideology and collaboration with a terrorist group.

The Social Party Imberakuri had managed to get registered in July 2009, but was later broken up into several factions, one of them now in the Government’s Political Parties Forum. Its Founding President, Maitre Bernard NTAGANDA is in prison since 24th June 2010.

On 11th August 2010, the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda was much alarmed and shocked by the statements from the Rwandan Minister of Education, Dr. Charles MURIGANDE, that the Green Party’ Vice President had died in a car accident.

In the same statement the Minister said that if opposition colleague Victoire Ingabire died in a car accident, that this should not be blamed on the Government of Rwanda. The same day, 11th August, Victoire survived a car accident on her way back home.

Frank Habineza, faced both physical and indirect threats this year, he also received death threats, this was also published in UMUSESO Newspaper late February 2010 that he was going to be killed within 60 days. Although, this did not happen, his Vice President was decapitated.


We urgently call for urgent direct talks between the ruling block and the genuine opposition parties for a Transitional Government of National Unity involving all stakeholders which will organize free and fair elections. We believe that this will be the only solution to achieve sustainable peace in Rwanda.

We demand an immediate release from Prison of Mr. Bernard NTAGANDA, who was detained on 24th June 2010

We demand an immediate release and drop of all charges against Ms. Victoire INGABIRE, she is under extended house arrest since April 2010

We demand immediate release of Ms. Seraphine MUKAMANA a suffering mother in Kigali Maximum prison, since November 2009, she is the Green Party’s Kigali City Coordinator.

We demand immediate release of Mr. Martin NTAVUKA, FDU INKINGI District leader in KIGALI capital City.

We demand an immediate trial of the killers of Mr.Andre KAGWA RWISEREKA (Vice President of the Green Democratic Party of Rwanda) and we still call for an international independent inquiry into the death of Mr. RWISEREKA and an independent autopsy as Human Rights Watch has already requested.

We call for the release of all political prisoners, these include Mr. Charles NTAKIRUTINKA (since 2001, the former minister in the Rwandan government, is serving a 10-year sentence, he was charged for helping launch the Democratic Party for Renewal (PDR-Ubuyanja, Parti Démocratique du Renouveau) in collaboration with the Former President Pasteur BIZIMUNGU), Dr. Théoneste NIYITEGEKA (former presidential aspirant in the 2003 elections), Mr. Deogratias MUSHAYIDI (PDP IMANZI leader.

We call for the opening up of political space and registration of all opposition parties.
Considering the whole dimension of the leaked UN report accusing Rwanda of possible genocide in Congo, we encourage the United Nations and the International Community to move forward and to bring to book the responsible of wholesale war crimes and crimes against humanity. The impunity is one of the key factor of the unrest in the African great Lakes region.

We call for the use of non-violent means to solve Rwandan problems and request all Rwandans not to use violence.

Issued at Kigali, 31st August 2010

Chairperson, United Democratic Forces, FDU-INKINGI

Founding President, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda

Secretary General, PS-Imberakuri


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