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Rwandan Green Party fear oppression from the undemocratic Rwandan government as mysterious "leaked" report appears

By David Baruski
World News Journal
December 23, 2009                                    Last week, the Rwandan newspaper Umuseso published a storywith the names of 2 senior people alleged to be behind the Rwandan Democratic Green Party: Patrick Mazimpaka (former Deputy Chairperson of the African Union's African Commission, and former Special political Advisor to President Kagame) and Col. Joesph Karemera (former Rwandan Minster of Health and Minister of Education). This information reportedly came from a "leaked" intelligence report submitted to Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

Last weekend, the Rwandan newspaper Umuvugizipublished more details and names. Below is the original article Umuvugizi and its translation from Kinyarwandan and the 256 News article. WNJ did not translate the document and therefore cannot take responsiblity for any errors contained therein. There is also another article below that originated from Uganda's 256 News Agency carrying the same information.

This is potentialy very bad news for the Greens because RPF party and RDF army officials are on the list. Many of these individuals have had a falling out with the RPF/RDF and some are considered dissidents and have been illegally detained in the past. According to Green Party sources, none of the names listed are members/supporters and they never have been. They fear the state will use this information as a political weapon to stigmatize them through the fallacy of assocation with RPF supporters who consider those listed as dissidents and also members of the general public who do not support the RPF. Green Party members also fear arbitrary detentions, torture, and oppression of their right to peacful assembly, as well as freedom of speech and press as they have experienced in the past during their peaceful assemblies.

The Green Party plans to hold its National Committee meeting on December 24th to discuss how to respond to these false allegations. They plan to hold a press conference and provide a press release before the end of the week to refute these allegations.

List of RPF-Inkotanyi heveaweights suspected in a plan to overthrow Kagame's government.
By John Bosco Gasasira
Umuvugizi Newspaper
Volume 66, page 4
December 18-27, 2009

Note: Translated from orignal kinyarwanda. Items in brackets are our additions.

A few days ago, Umuvugizi received an intelligence report submitted to the President indicating that some of historical members and children of RPF-INKOTANYI are planning to overthrow it and are hiding behind new political parties.

This is a result of an investigation. This rumor started in the former Umutara province, where those who made the report came out with a new term, “RPF Moderate’’, that was created in the region.

Those who follow very closely what happens in Umutara Province say that former Governor MUTSINDASHYAKA had people who considered him their best ally since they were always together. They reported there are some members who trusted him more than the RPF Elders and those members were suspected to be in “RPF Moderates”.

Very soon after that rumor spread the Rwandan Green Party was born, led by a young man born in Uganda together with the former first President of RPF-INKOTANYI, Charles KABANDA. He has fallen out with RPF for a long time and is very angry with it because he is prevented from sharing its success though he contributed to its achievements.

Before giving you the list of those members who are alleged to be behind the Green Party, we would like to give some clarifications of how this started.

Charles KABANDA, as the first President of RPF - INKOTANYI, is known as someone who has a big heart and always stands by his word and never breaks his commitments. Even before 1990, he led a group of soldiers to attack Rwanda but without permission from General Fred RWIGEMA. Among them was the Commissioner General of Police, GASANA, Col. Tom, Captain RUSHEMA, and others. During that time, it was said that the group was mislead by the late Dr. BAYINGANA, who denied it. Charles KABANDA was put in prison for it, but later was released by General Paul KAGAME, at the time leader of the Ugandan Military Intelligence Department.

Information received by the newspaper “UMUVUGIZI” confirmed that Charles KABANDA’s relatives, mother and father’s side, called a meeting in which the participants were mostly from RPF – INKOTANYI.

The information we received confirmed that the meeting was led by the General Commissioner Police, GASANA, Ambassador GATETE, Dr. Major Ben KARENZI, Colonel KAREMERA, Colonel KAMIRI and others whose names were not given.

There is also another group suspected to be in close contact with the Senior Adviser to President MUSEVENI whose name is NTAGENDA (Nagenda), who is known as the one who paid the school fees of Green Party President Frank HABINEZA. It is said that NAGENDA could be the uncle of Frank HABINEZA. NAGENDA is from Gahini by origin.

The reason why those who made this report talked about him is because they link him with another politician from Gahini, Patrick MAZIMPAKA, who may be related to him.

Something else is that, up to now, since Patrick MAZIMPAKA came back to the country, he has avoided appearing in any political capacity. Those who meet with him are only his family, professional colleagues, or fellow businessmen. His strange actions are one of the reasons for suspecting him to be behind the Green Party, as they don’t know exactly what he is thinking.

When you analyze that report, you will find out that it is talking about two categories of people. The first category does not have a common understanding with General NZIZA or relatives and friends of Charles KABANDA. Another category is Patrick MAZIMPAKA’s friends. The report has a clause showing that some of Charles KABANDA’s relatives have some connections with General KAYUMBA-NYAMWASA. Because of this reason, he cannot escape from being associated as part of group behind the formation of the Green Party.

The truth about this report is that many people confirm this report is an action aimed at chopping off the heads of some of the RPF – INKOTANYI members. Some people are on that list because of political disagreements with the group of “Abahigi”.

There are also others like Ambassador RWAMASIRABO. It was expected that President KAGAME was going to make him the Secretary General of the RPF – INKOTANYI. This is to the reasons behind the political marginalization of Protais MUSONI, who is currently politically weak. Also, we cannot forget Théoneste MUTSINDASHYAKA, who worked with the “Abahigi” during the period of land distribution in Umutara province. The reason for his departure is that he was not protected when he was one of people who was trusted and had power in RPF – INKOTANYI.

The list is composed of the following individuals:

1. MAZIMPAKA Patrick (former Minister of Presidency and Deputy Chairman of the African Union Commission)

2. Ambassador RWAMASIRABO (former Vice Chancellor of the National University of Rwanda and former Ambassador to Japan)

3. Senator Joseph KAREMERA (former Minister of Education and ambassador to South Africa)

4. Colonel MUDENGE (Director of Rwanda Regulatory Agency)

5. Sam NKUSI (former Minister of Energy)

6. Commissioner General GASANA (current police chief)

7. Commissioner RWIGAMBA Andrew (former police chief)

8. Ambassador NGOGA Pascal (former Ambassador to Ehiopia)

9. Dr. Major Ben KARENZI (former Secretary of Health)

10. Senator INYUMBA Aloysie (former minister)

11. General Ambassador KAYUMBA-NYAMWASA (former Army Chief of Staff, now Rwandan Ambassador to India)

12. General RUTATINA (Security Advisor for President Kagame)

13. Colonel ZIGIRA (fomer commissioner  in charge of disharging soldiers)

14. Dr. BIHOZAGARA (former Ambassador to Belgium and former minister of Rehabilitation)

15. NKONGORI John (former Chief of Civil Aviation Authority)

Our dear readers, this received information confirms that this report may be not real given that the people it reveals were among the first ones to condemn Charles KABANDA for leaving the RPF and the report from that meeting was submitted to their superiors.

It is said that others are in confusion because they don’t know anything about the report, suspected to be made by NTAZINDA, RUSHEMA, RUTAGENGWA, and others not yet known. We wanted to talk to the people who appeared in this report, but we were not successful. As soon as we get further information, we will let you know in the future we are still alive.

Rwandese Behind Green Party Named
By Godwin Agaba
256 News
December 22, 2009

It has emerged, following a leak by Rwandan security sources, there is a team of RPF/Inkotanyi historicals who have fallen out with the party over the years that formed a new Rwandan political party, the Rwandan Green Party.

According to a leaked security brief, a copy of which some Media Houses including 256 News has seen, has some of the named men and women behind the Green Party of Rwanda and have been coordinating clandestinely through emails and phone calls to politically wrestle President Kagame out of power in the 2010 elections.

According to a leaked security brief addressed to Rwanda President Gen. Paul Kagame by intelligence officers, it lists John Nagenda, a senior adviser to President Museveni of Uganda, to be related to some of the big names behind the Green Party's formation.

According to the brief, Nagenda is a maternal uncle to interim Green Party President Frank Habineza, and it was Nagenda who paid Habineza’s school fees during his school days.

Another fact is that Nagenda is a long time close friend to Charles Kabanda, who is the Green Party's Secretary General, and Gen. Kayumba-Nyamwasa who is currently the Rwandan ambassador to India and former RDF Chief of Staff, who is also on the list.

Kabanda, who hails from the present Ugandan district of Ntungamo, was the first president of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) in the 1990’s but he was later dropped by RPF.

According to the leaked security brief, some of the other names listed who all have served the RPF in various portfolios include; Patrick Mazimpaka, Ambassador Rwamasirabo, Senator Joseph Karemera, Col. Mudenge, Sam Nkunsi, Brig. Gen. Charles Gasana, Ambasador Pascal Ngonga, Dr. Maj. Ben Karenzi, Senator Aloysia Inyumba, Gen Kayumba-Nyamwasa, Gen. Rutatina, Col. Zigira, Dr. Bihozagara, and John Nkongori.

According to the brief, the argument of these people is that President Kagame has ruined their chances.

When contacted over the matter, Frank Habineza the interim president of the Green Party, refuted the report.

“None of the mentioned people are Green Party members or are funding us, these are false allegations,” Habineza told 256 News today over the phone.

According to military sources, top security officials are investigating strongly the addressed matter.

One RDF senior officer who is a historical who spoke to 256 News over the matter but preferred anonymity said, “I have absolutely no knowledge about any coup plot against our government, defections in the RPF, or any rift within the RPF but if there is we have the capacity to crush it.”

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda is in the midst of controversy surrounding its quest to register as a political party in Rwanda.

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