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Rwanda/USA: The exact nature of the relationship between Paul Kagame and Rick Warren

By Sharangabo Rufagari
Posted on DHR/Yahoo Group
May 2, 2009

"It is true that there are some people like Pastor Warren in the USA who are doing the Publicity for him [Kamgame] 'voluntarily' ! But we need to remember that Pastor Warren is now a contraversial figure in world politics. He is associated with a number of companies in the oil industry. He is said to own a number of shares in a military hardware industry in Utah!!! Most of these companies are doing business with Kagame Junta. Do they pay taxes? Do they go through the ordinary rules of tendering? The answer is no. So when we price shadow all these, then Pastor Warren is doing the publicity for Kagame at a certain price!!!
We [also] need to know that some news reporters in the New Times in New York are like employees of the Kagame Junta. They are paid for 'image building'. Even a few days ago, a friend told me that he was standing at 42 Street by the Metro Marche and he was surprised to see a big governmnet official coming out ot the main entry of the New Times with a group of news news reporters from this company, taking them 'out'. These personalities are known". In any case, you rights put it, time will come to see off this guy exit!!!!It might be soon!!! "
By Lusoke, DHR, May 2, 2009.

Thanks [to Lusoke] for bringing about this subject....Actually this type of relationship is much different with the one Mobutu had with some American Conservative pastors during the Reagan and Bush era.

Those pastors were actually helping Mobutu in exchange of some zairian richness those days.
For instance, Pat ROBERTSON received a whole GOLD mine as a part of his lobbying.

The KILO MOTO mines had been promised to Robertson had Mobutu remained in power after the 1990s turmoil... And many others were exchanging their favors against Zaire minerals wealth...such as Jerry FALWELL, etc.

For Rick Warren it is entirely different. First of all, KAGAME does not have anything material to give.. If someone should give something it will be Warren himself as he is far richer than Kagame and maybe than the entire country.

On this relationship, Kagame has the best hand...and he knows how to play it.

Rick WARREN is also a little bit different from the old Republican Conservative folks.
He capitalized on a book he wrote called PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE, which became a best seller in the USA. It is a book that supposedly will help someone attain success spirtually and materially.
In order to get closer to Warren, Kagame pretended that he already read the book and found that it will be very helpful to get Rwanda move beyond the genocide.

He proceeded on inviting Warren to visit his small country which was rising from the ashes of Genocide, receiving the pastor like a good personal friend, I understand, even making him his guest in his own house...Kagame knew who was Warren and probably what he will get out of him and his powerful networks in the USA.

Anyway, things worked right. The Rwandan peoples are in our days very much BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS so it was worth bringing Warren in the right place to test what he had put in his books.

Even now, Warren classifies Rwanda as a test country. One of the first thing which ought to be done was to translate the book in plain KINYARWANDA language.

When Warren is in Rwanda his church services are conducted in the national stadium in the presence of Kagame. Warren has got involved himself in many activities (schools, clinics, orphanages and many more). He is actualy the closest friend to Kagame, a kind of CO-PRESIDENT if you want.

Whatever he wants to done in Rwanda it is done quickly and very well.

I personally had the opportunity to be in the presence of WARREN and KAGAME at the same time. I talked to Warren and believe me or not this man has Rwanda in his heart. Maybe even more than he has the USA.

Keep in mind though that KAGAME himself is not yet a BORN AGAIN christian. He knows what he wants.

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