Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Coup plot to oust Kagame failed, Rwanda’s independent newspaper “Umuseso” reports

Kigali, Rwanda-Eleven RDF soldiers including three officers are detained on the charge of Coup attempt, independent newspaper Umuseso reports.

Mbarushimana, Nzayisenga John Bosco, Ngomanziza, Sewindekwe, Rutashamukindi and others are accused of treason and attempt against State security, Umuseso details in its last edition.

According to the newspaper citing RDF in-circle anonymous sources, other officers were investigated on the same accusations.

Interestingly, Brig. Gen. John Bosco Kazura, former security advisor and close relative to President Kagame was fired while Col Kamili Karege, Commandant of Gako Military Academy and Col Mulisa, acting 402 Brigade Commanding Officer were suspended by the RDF High Command, RDF spokesperson Maj Jill Rutaremara confirmed last Tuesday observing a total black-out on the reasons behind those decisions.

The alleged eleven coup plotters appeared before the Supreme Court on January 7th, 2009, Umuseso further reports. In a ‘closed doors’ session, “the Prosecutor said one of the evidences his office was able to produce to ascertain its accusations was a truck shipment full of fire arms that was introduced in tiny Rwanda from a neighboring country that the plotters were planning to use”, one Umuseso reporter present in court details.

He adds that “the Prosecution explained to the Court that the accused were operating in several regions of the country including former Butare and Gitarama prefectures, in the Southern Province and in some districts in the Eastern Province”.

Last December 30th, unknown assailants threw grenades in a bar at Muhima, Kigali City, killing and injuring several people. Police didn’t clarify the matter so far. “It was not possible to establish whether there’s any connection with the alleged coup attempt”, Umuseso concludes.

Rwanda is set to hold Presidential elections by August 2010. Observers say that all those stories could be engineered by RPF government security organs and be meant to create a climate of insecurity that could give room to accusations that exiled opposition groups could be involved.

UDF-Inkingi announced in September 2008 its decision to take part in the planned presidential race.

Last November 2008, “Umusanzu” newspaper published false stories accusing alleged UDF-Inkingi members of “spying” and preparing offensive operations against the RPF government. Two months later, hundreds of civilians were arrested in Gitarama, on concocted similar accusations.

Observers add that UDF-Inkingi participation, if confirmed, could be the first serious challenge to Kagame’s RPF rule since 1994. The current unsafe environment could be part of a broader campaign aimed at deterring UDF-Inkingi leaders to proceed with their participation in the forthcoming presidential race.

Asked whether such tactics could have any chance to succeed, one of UDF-Inkingi insiders said that it should be a waste of time.

UMUSESO Issue n° 327
January 12-18, 2009


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